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What Van Would You Choose ?


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Dabster, what are the Fiat vans called there? Seems as though we are supposed to get what is referred to as Ducato later this year, looks like a Sprinter sorts. They will be called Pro-master here.

Bring back the Multipla! Had one before I even had a drivers license,Biotch had "Stow and Go" seating way before it's time!

Maybe had 13 horsepower though...


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I have a Fiat Doblo. Brilliant little van and i can fit my bike in easily on the diagonal. Mine has the bulk head but i had one previously which didnt and can easily fit 2 bikes in. I haven't tried 2 with the bulk head yet but i reckon you could get them in. Enduro bike fits in too. A bit snug but perfect fit.

I don't take much notice of the MPG but i can get close to between 550-600miles out of a tank full (don't take much notice of how much is in a tank either!) I use it all the time, to and from work and everything in between. It is a turbo 1.6 i think. Would recommend one to anyone.

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Just had this issue myself.

Transporter or Vito. I chose a Vito Sport Dualiner

For me it came down to what it's going to be used for

90% of the time for me it will be my family car 10% have bikes etc in.

comparing the Vito to a Transporter in that situation a 100% no brainer - Vito ALL day long.

In the Transporter you know you are driving a van,in the Vito it is a lot more civilised and comfortable.

From a bike carrying perspective the Transporter wins as the bikes go straight in no problems whereas in the Vito I need to roll the rear seats forward (10 second job)

MPG wise I couldn't tell much difference between the Vito Sport or Transporter Sportline when I drove them but the Vito was showing 40mpg on drive home from collecting it.

Only had Vito a couple of days but love it.

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Vw caddy maxi, can fit 2 bikes and a single rear seat (can revert it back to a 7 seater in about 10 minutes) 2.0 140 tdi DSG, pretty quick and averages 50 mpg and when I had nowhere to go fast, 63.9 mpg :0).

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