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Bike Rack / Weight


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Just about to fit a towbar so I can get the bike on a bike rack...the lad fitting it has said that including bike and rack, weight shouldnt be any more than 75KG...

Bike weighs about 65-70Kg and the rack I have is one that somebody made themselves, nice rack but on the heavy side...

In total reckon gonna be well over the 75KG...

Is this something I need to be concerned about or not???

Thanks for any input.

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The lad fitting it is correct - car dependent of course.

Vertical load (nose weight) on most average sized cars is a maximum of 75kg (think towing a caravan!), recommended for a trailer is 50kg.

Of course lots of people use racks, even on small cars, however they are imo overloaded, with too much load taken off the front wheels.

In the case of an accident - whether your fault or not - plod could ask some pretty awkward questions?

Have you considered a trailer? you really don't know they are on the back!

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we have just been away with our touring caravan, nose weight was about right and towed great but when the van pitches back and forth through bumps etc the cars suspension and tow ball get a lot more hammer than when i have my bike on the rack.

i also have rubber spring assisters on the rear car shocks.

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Why worry about the speed limit, I was cut up by a car and trailer moving into the outside lane on the M5 yesterday.....

On the subject of racks,I have done thousands of miles with my TY250 on a DC rack on the back of my Discovery,but my HT5 or AJS are just too bloody heavy to lift onto a rack.For them I have an Ifor Williams P7 trailer.I made a wooden rack that fits tight into the bottom of it that locates the tyres,its then very easy to strap it down.The trailer has been very useful for other jobs ,such as firewood etc - which is why I didnt buy a bike specific trailer.

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Just my tuppence worth but..... if you use one of these and its over the weight limit, remember that you might have no insurance at all, you crash you could lose everything and be prosecuted. However we've all broke the law at some point so its your choice.

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