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yes, great photos - thanks

It's the Mickmar, I think.

Interestingly EJE 76D still survives on the DVLA computer but has not been taxed since 1981

CEN 288C does not survive on the DVLA computer.

CEN 288C is a Bury (Greater Manchester) number so the bike in all probability would have

been supplied by Jim Sandifords.

EJE 76D originates from the flatlands of Cambridgeshire, in fact the proud cathedral city of Ely

(not a million miles away from Lincoln).

Are the forks on CEN 288C REH or Ceriani ?



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Hi jc2 , I'm with Sparks , I believe it's a Mickmar but I will have a closer look at my photos after the weekend.

Thanks for the info Sparks, I'm glad the Anglian survives albeit in a barn somewhere.

The TFS belonged to Bernie Lilley at the time and had found its way down to Essex, it did have Cerianis fitted.

My Anglian came from Lincoln, a guy in the RAF brought it down to Essex for me as i was only 15 when i got it. I bought my Cerianis from a guy who had done the ISDT with them , they still had the paint markings all over them, will try to dig out a photo of them fitted to it. I did make some money back as I sold the original greeves forks to a sidecar scrambler to build a new m/c as they liked them.



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Hi jc2 , I'm with Sparks , I believe it's a Mickmar but I will have a closer look at my photos after the weekend.

The plate says its a Mick Mar Talon 1974.

Found an old photo of the Anglian with the Ceriani's fitted taken at a trial in 1970 at Poles Wood , Kelvedon Hatch , Essex.

Seems like i'm the only one posting pic's ! Do have another of a Scottish owned by a customer who comes into the shop, post that next.


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Just curious about that bike to the right of the TES in the 1st pic in SM museum. Is it the prototype D18 Bantam? Or a Mickmar?

I am interested in both the Mick Mar and the D18 too does anybody have any more info or pictures ? interesting bikes by the sound of it. Reminds me of the Scott trials bike. So sad none of these Great British Trials bikes ever made it to production :crying:
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Was the MickMar & D18 Bantam one and same or two different prototype bike engines? As I understand it the MickMar engine used many Bultaco components including piston, & gears.

I presume that BSA were developing the D18 to replace the D14/B175 Bantam and had they survived might the D18 have become their new competition engine, were they thinking of going 2 stroke following Dave Rowlands 2nd place Scottish finish.

Would that then have developed into a two-stroke moto-crosser to compete against the CZ bikes that won everything until Suzuki chucked loads of cash at the sport.

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A few Greeves shots from my archive. The first shows Bill Wilkinson in the 1969 British Experts, on his SSDT winning bike, WWC 169F. Photo by Alan Vines.

The second is another Alan Vines shot, on the same bike in the 1969 Mitchell trial, based on Merthyr Tydfil, climbing a rocky stream.




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Dads Anglians,

He rides one cross country and the other trials. 547A2E9B-7169-42E4-8D90-88A40D83E275_zpszescyipq.jpg87EA31B9-B294-4C06-A286-1EEAA3587E6D_zpswmeskuov.jpgB548C3A6-B065-4A8C-8055-FE9FFD96CDE5_zpsbpq7tmjh.jpg


Hey Biff,

You should bring your dad and ride the T.I. Vintage Cup series this coming year,It was massive fun last year,and I'm doing the Finals this year in Indiana.You have to qualify for the finals by riding two of the five preceding events,This will be my first time putting on a event but I've got big plans! It will be basically a Single line trials event,one class for all! Shut up and ride!

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