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How Do You Get Oil Into Your Gas Gas ?


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I use 60 ml oral syringe with 50mm of fuel pipe on the end of it and just do 50ml at a time so it's easier to keep track of the 350ml level, i'm lucky i get them for free, i use them for toping up the rad as well, dead easy and no mess.

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I bought a few nitro fuel bottles for model cars a few years ago which come with a long thin and curved ali pipe on the top with a cap, ideal for filling for oils and coolant, and you can get them from 250cc to 1000cc.


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I found a clear plastic condiment squeeze bottle at the supermarket with a narrow spout, cost less than a dollar. It just happens to hold exactly 350 ml when absolutely full. The spout is small enough to fit inside the fill hole on the S3 clutch cover I bought which is actually smaller than the stock cover's fill hole.

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