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How To Check If A Motorcycle Is Stolen

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Yes, I'm wondering this too. I'll be buying a trials bike for the first time soon. The last thing I want to do is buy a stolen one.


I assume that since it's an offroad bike without a number plate, that it won't be 'registered', and so I won't get a registration document.

What is there to prove that the guy selling it to me is the owner? Sure, if he comes across as Delboy, selling it from the back of his reliant robin, I'd be suspicous, but even if he appears to be genuine, the bike itself could be stolen.


After all, the bike I'll be buyting (as a first/learner-droper bike) will probably have passed through a number of hands. Even if the guy I buy it from is honest, the bike itself could have been knicked earlier in the chain of 'owners'.


I'm from Ireland by-the-way. I guess I could check the UK sites above to see if it was a bike stolen from the UK and brought into Ireland but I guess I'm more likely to run into a bike stolen closer to home.


So are there any tips for spotting a stolen trials bike?


Or to spot a genuine one? (I guess if he had the original manual, and other papers... anything else?)


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I have no idea about the UK, but in the US, all off-road motorcycles (bikes that can generally never be road registered) are sold with an MSO (manufacturers certificate of origin). It's roughly the equivalent of a title for a vehicle that would be road registered. It looks roughly like this: http://www.motorcycle-manufacturer-license.org/MCO-Sample-blank-front.jpeg


Because they're never used in the registration process, people tend to lose MSO's, but I wouldn't buy a used bike from anyone that didn't have it. It's pretty much the only semi-guarantee I have that it wasn't stolen.

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Wow b40rt, I didn't know about this !....... How long has this been available ?


         Good shout, Thanks. :icon_salut:



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