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Txt 270 Wont Start Till After 30 Kicks?

renegade master

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Hi Guys,



My 1998 txt 270 is puzzling me when it takes over 30 kicks to start it! it never used to be like that! but once its runng is fine and will start frist kick after that!

The bike is a quick bike, it has slow action throttle on it and makes no difference what so ever.


I cleaned airbox and filter, pulled carb off and cleaned it, only thing i noticed was on the chock jet, the rubber O-ring was a bit perrished on one side, so im not sure if that would stop it starting?


I replaced the plug in it, for a new one too.


any suggestions?
















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Check you're applying the choke, the lever has some resistance and goes near vertical when on, the easy movement is just taking up the slack ..........done that myself.


Otherwise I'd replace that O-ring before looking at any of the other things that can cause poor starting.

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Hell! you guys think the top end could be gone or starting to go? dam! i will do a compression test on it Monday evening if i get a chance, I have an old compression tester some where n the bike shed, I will probably have to cross refrance it with a test on the other TX270 are there both same year of bikes and engine size, my fuel mix is about 80:1 i think! when i do get the bike fried up it goes like hell,


fuel tap is not working propraly as when you shut it off and pull the pipe petrol still comes out!

I will try your plug test as well, last time i pulled the plug a few days go it was dry light brown color with build up on the inside of plug


The bike was a slightly hard starter when I got it, i mean you could start it on frist kick if you gave it a belter, but if you missed it on the frist kick it would take about 10 after that!


Ok thanks for all the ideas, I will check them soon and post up results





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Possibly you have just unearthed your problem!

If your fuel tap is not closing properly your bike could be gathering fuel in the sump while your bike is parked up over night or during the week, then when you try to start it it will not start until you have jettisoned that fuel out of the engine.

Try disconnecting the fuel line after you have had it running and then try to restart it the next day.

Good luck.

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Ok got to work on the bike for a shoet time today,

So I changed the fuel tap for a working one off a txt pro i had spare, I done the compression test too, now not sure if i tested it right or if the tester was working right eather so this was how i done it,  took out plug and screwed in tester, then got TDC and kicked and got reading, then repeted 3 times to see if i got the same readings, heres what i got




(TXT270 1998) compression test


so while I had the plug out i gave it a few kicks to see, and yeah think there was slight petrol mist comming from head, so after that put plug back in and it started eazy!


So guys i havent a clue about what it says on the compression gauge? but I tested some of my other bikes too, so it would give me a idea so here is the others i tested


This is the TX270 (1998)




This is the TXT pro (2004)




This is the JTX270 (1997)



The compression tests kinda seem all the same or close as, wonder if the tester is working right?




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