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So Why Do I Always Put My Inside Foot Down?


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Just been out for a quick pootle about in my woods...very lucky in the that respect.


Been practicing very slow/stopping/start tight turns and when (it's never 'if' with me :blush:) we go off balance, its always the inside foot that goes down. I've even tried to force myself to over balance on outside foot but my head just can't do it.


....I know the bike wants to fall 'into' the inside due to the physics, but then I should be allowing for this with my balance, but, I never over balance to the outside.


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Some great points there guys.

Been watching some vids this afternoon.....theres a lot of guys with their feet on the very outside of the outside footpeg and rolling there ankle out too......theres a LOT more to these turns than meets the eye!

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Try practising this for a few minutes before going out on the bike to practice slow tight turns and you will probably find them an absolute doddle after the guitar work .Regards.

No good for me sir as I play bass....I'll slap a few Mark Adams choons out and then jump on Speedy 'n see if the funk helps.

May the funk be with you.

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Try lifting your inside foot of the footrest when practising your turns.  This is almost how you need to be with all the weight on the outside footrest and your body and bike balanced.

Weight transfer on the footrest is good to practice as can be used to stand the bike up even in a straight line if it starts to slide. 

I found it easier and more balanced to lift a foot off the inside rather than pushing down on the outside but either works.

Try and keep your shoulders parallel to the bars when you turn rather than just lengthening and shortening you arms with elbow movement. If you sty parallel it helps push your weight out on a corner. 

Good luck

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