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Dibs withdraws SSDT entry


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25 minutes ago, oni nou said:

When GasGas employed James Dabill as their N0 1 factory rider I think that they may have decided which events would be a priority as they are paying him and paying the costs of attending the events. Probably in the same way that the blokes on the shop floor do not decide what task that they are going to undertake and when they will undertake it.
I'm sure when Jame's entry was put forward, he was still a Factory Vertigo rider and the SSDT was a priority.   I'm sure GGUK will be well represented, but not Factory GG.  

SSDT is like the IOMTT, is to Moto GP... an iconic and well respected event, but of no consequence to the Trials GP Championship.   Just like the Repsol Honda Moto GP Team isn't going to show up at the IOMTT, the Repsol Honda Trials GP Team isn't coming to the SSDT. The SSDT Organizers might do well to invite some of the top Trials GP riders as guests for the weekend parade and such, as the IOMTT has invited Valentino Rossi and other Moto GP riders in the past, to spectate and take it all in.

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On 16-2-2017 at 11:33 PM, dadof2 said:

gizza5 I pretty well agree with all your sentiments in previous post. Getting a bit off topic here but condensing trials bike history into a sentence as follows. Trials started as a means of improving road bikes / every day use bikes whereas now they are single purpose WTC replicas. What is is, and I can't change that but i know trials bikes were more attractive to a larger number of people when they were more multi purpose. When I consider the group of people I now ride with the reason they have trials bikes is to ride trials or play on practice sections. In the 1970s / 80 the group I practiced with had them for many different reasons (farming, commuting, green laning etc) several never rode a single trial but some days or evenings we would do runs of even over 80 miles and comfortably get between filling stations. We also had reasonable working lights, legal speedos etc. I know of 2 major Northern trial where organisers have taken them entirely off road to avoid bike legality problems and although I have not spoken to the organisers of other trials who have done the same I am fairly sure bike legality / suitability has been a factor in their decision. If a manufacturers return to the SSDT gave us suitable bikes and restored some of the longer traditional trials. Before anyone posts an argumentative response please bear in mind I am not claiming I am right and others are wrong. The current sport is what it is. Its just my opinion based on the eras of the sport in which I have taken part.


On 17-2-2017 at 7:35 AM, johnnyboxer said:

As a schoolboy I rode a TY 175 from 13 onwards 

Then when I was 17 - I needed wheels to get to college, so put all lights back on and speedo, it was already registered and got it mot'd

Put some L plates on it and rode to college for 2 years, a daily round trip of 36 miles, winter & summer

Bike never missed a beat and never touched the engine, even on same rings from when brand new when sold at 10 years old 


TY 175 a real all rounder 


On 17-2-2017 at 9:32 AM, breagh said:

Used to go to work on a Suzuli RL don't really fancy doing the rounds on the Ossa.

Fact is things are worse now than they were 40 years ago from Mars Bars to Presidents.


Psst! You can still buy such bikes, they're called enduro's or Freeride or 4Ride now.

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