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Fuel mixture

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On 2/6/2017 at 4:02 AM, sniper said:

I 'think' the 4 is the plug coming the newer ones are coming with (maybe UK?), at least that is what Nick said on Saturday! I asked specifically because i had to run a slightly hotter plug in my evo.


How do you like yours?

My (just purchased last week) Brand New 17 Ice Hell 300 plug also sooted up and stopped the bike from running today after only around 6 hours on a New bike!

Lewisport said to change the plug to a 4 plug. Pulled the existing plug, a 6. Black and sooted big time.

So perhaps they'll swap to a 4 on the 18s?

BTW - Lewisport recommends 130:1. I am running 93 Octane ethanol free fuel. 


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You need to adjust the air bleed screw. I'm going to bet your idle is pretty low, and you'll find if you get the bike in sixth gear and give it a handful it'll bog and or stall entirely. You need to back the air bleed screw out until the idle comes up. You'll know when it's right because it'll pull sixth gear cleanly.

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I had mine back to vertigo as I couldnt get the tick over as I liked it

one minute it was ok the next it was racing, they found that my airscrew

wasnt where it should have been. but I'd never messed with it I only 

alter the tick over by the throttle stop on the kick start side so i dont 

know if they can work loose  


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One point not mentioned in the previous oil discussion, is flashpoint of the oil.  Yes the oil, however much or little is mixed with the fuel is headed somewhere.  Most likely out the exhaust.  High flashpoint oils seem better for and recommended for high rpm, higher output engines.  Lower flashpoint oils tend to burn cleaner, and are oftened recommended to run a lower premix ratio, the higher the intended rpm.

Oils that do burn, may produce carbon over time, while high flashpoint oils tend to remain wet.  Synthetics of high flashpoints tend to leave a strong but easily cleaned oil layer, while castor oils tend to gum up unless run hot and often.

With current technolgy, coatings, and exotic materials, plus some very high quality oils, the time may be near for mix ratios even higher tha 200:1.  Sometimes though, our comfort level and instilled experienceholds us back.  Admitting, I even consider oil inexpensive vs engine repairs, provided the engine performs correctly.

Not debating anything, just sharing info.

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