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Queueing etiquette


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Interesting to see in the Kia round final instructions for this coming weekends trial that sections are to be 'ridden in order, no doubling up and no crossing to other sections'

Big entry multiple start points and I imagine this queueing problem has occurred at previous rounds for it to now be reiterated in the riders instructions.

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Despite all the above I have to say I seldom see queue jumping these days.  The only mildly irritating time was at a Yorkshire event last year when the entire Oset entry would pitch up at a section and expect to just immediately go through as a group.  Clearly that was the way the organisers ran things so that "minders" could work as a team, so not queue jumping as such.

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can't stand people pushing in.

Worse than that is when i have said things in the past , people have looked at me as though i was saying something wrong.

If they're in a rush then they should p*** off to moto cross or road racing where the object is -----getting to the front !

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Let me say from the start I'm an inveterate 'pusher in' and see nothing wrong with the practice.
I use all the above techniques and more.
I'm always willing to take advantage of other peoples good nature and good manners.
I merely assert my status as someone who had their name in TMX in 1993.

The build up begins on the Wednesday or Thursday before the event.
At work the boss will ask a colleague a question, but I will answer quick as a flash. Well, it gets me noticed and on the way to that increment.

In the pub, Friday night someone's giving their opinion but there's a hesitation mid sentence with a bit of verbal dexterity I leap in and finish the sentence and more, thus superimposing my opinions.

Sunday morning now, on the way to the event and a complete idiot in front is driving at just below the legal maximum. The 3 and 3/4 inches between bumpers cofirm he or she is completely at odds with world progress before he finally moves over.

In the signing on queue now and it's all bon-hommie and no dash cams. I'm just warming up and 'slide' down the door side, not making eye contact of course, thus cutting in front of 5 or 6 'rabbits' before offering my £50 note.

Section 3 and I'm approaching a queue with 3 or 4 riders in loose formation at the back and quickly assess the situation and no, compared with my ability on a trials bike they are complete duffers and fit only to clean my boots. So I complete the loose formation by joining from the front as my status befits.
That is, unless  my good friend Mick Andrews is there, in which case I only progress up the line as far as MA and proceed to chat in a fawning, starry eyed manner although MA hardly knows me from Adam. That's the advantage of having 'good friends'.

Section 5 and I'm into the steady routine of parking the bike at the front of the queue, inspecting and then re-joining the queue from the front, all the standard stuff.

In fact it's all become more a way of life, that is until it happens to me when I become a snarling fist waving beast.
The satisfaction gained from pulling out of the parking area and homeward bound when the others are just loading up the muddy bike just has to be experienced. Yes, I've been in trials a long time.

Life's all about getting to the front ........... and staying in front.

For rocky trials I use all of the above techniques but in reverse, so end up way, way, way behind everything.
This gives the opportunity for the lesser lights to steamroller the rocks into submission and I can then motor round in 2nd gear without hinderance.
When the others are loading up the muddy bike I'm still only half way round on my first lap.
As long as I finish before it's completely dark what does it matter?


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an extra pearl of wisdom
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