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Montesa 300RR


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"Last season, Montesa expanded its line up with a new trial model, the Montesa Cota 300RR, an exclusive race-oriented model designed to satisfy the brand’s most demanding fans.

This season, the brand will introduce some changes that make the model even more competitive.

New 2017 features:"


"Furthermore, the throttle body – ECU isn’t actually a sealed system, so the rider will be able to adjust the ignition and injection maps simply by connecting it to a Laptop."

From Honda press releases for the 2017 model published last year


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Adding to jimmyl's last post, the Honda News press release for the 2016 300RR includes this: ... and it has a programmable ECU that allows fine-tuning for varying weather and terrain conditions.

What still makes it vague for me is that no optional HRC FI tuning kit or parts of that kit are referenced in the 300RR Parts List or Owner's Manual. The HRC sites (World and Japan) list tuning kits for CRFs and the NSF250R, but they don't list one for the 300RR or RTL300R. And the Honda UK, US Honda, and Honda-Montesa Spain websites don't list the tuning kit under options and/or accessories.

The 2016 300RR Kit Parts List does show the standard 4ED model throttle body (THROTTLE BODY ASSY  16400-NN4-L72) that would be added to a street legal 2ED model which comes with a 16400-NN4-L62 that has mode 2 for restricted engine with O2 sensor & cat. But doesn't list the Serial-USB Wiring Unit or ECM Setting Tool (software) that's needed to program the system. The 2017 300RR Kit Parts List shows the same, standard 4ED model throttle body (THROTTLE BODY ASSY  16400-NN4-M71), but no Serial-USB Wiring Unit or ECM Setting Tool.

That said, Honda did put a 16400-NN4-H01 two-stage programmable TB/ECU on the Japanese 2010 RTL260F, and the parts list shows the optional Serial-USB Wiring Unit and ECM Setting Tool. So it's been done. And based on the information, it looks like the 300RR comes with a programmable unit rather than it being part of the optional kit. But it's still hazy to me because I haven't seen anything about the 300RR (or RTL300R) optional programming kit.

So I'm still interested in hearing from someone who's done it, and part numbers of the Serial-USB Wiring Unit and ECM Setting Tool that were used.

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Ok tried to talk to throttle body saturday.

I used bike to prrogram  a older twin map throttle body so knew  all was working .

The softawre went through its normal cycle when reading maps but at the end came up with an error - data of wrong type (or similar) this happens if trying to read twin map with single map software and vice versa.

Tried a couple of times but no luck. If ptb is a non program one normally says can’t shift Ecu into transmission mode. This didn’t come up.

So not sure if there is more modern software needed -I’m using 07 rtl program. Or  the throttle body is not able to be changed. 

The “full power “ map #2 as standard is pretty awesome so not sure there is much I want to change anyways but would be good to know.

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Thanks for the update. I've continued searching for information on an Optional Tuning Kit for the 2016/2017 300RR (or RTL300R) and 4RT260 bikes. But haven't found anything yet that's specific to the 300RR. Have seen some suggestions that the 2016 / 2017 4RT260 3ED/4ED TB/ECU (16400-NN4-L31) is also programmable, but no "I've done it and used this" reports.

Have found that Honda has unified the cable set (38880-N1C-770  UNIT ASSY, SERIAL-USB I/F), and it's used for every other programmable FI bike since MY 2012 that I've found information on -- CBR250R, NSF250R, MSX125, CBR1000RR, CRF450R, CRF250R, and probably more. I suspect this supersedes the 38880-NN4-H00 cable set (first came out for the 2010 Japanese RTL260F), which superseded the 38880-NN4-306 cable set. I have the 38880-NN4-H00 set (use it with the 2010 RTL260F software 38771-NN4-H00) and it appears to be the same as the newer 38880-N1C-770 down to all the connectors and lettering on the switch box.

I'll update with any new information I find. And hopefully Honda will get around to publishing something about the kit.

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My expierence is:

The throttle body 16400-NN4-L72 of the 300RR '16 (4ED) is programmable. It has a single map. I replaced the original TB of my 4Ride with the 16400-NN4-L72 to get a better performance (huge difference!).

For programming and map change I use the software 38771-NN4-H00 with unit 38880-NN4-H00 and a small 12V battery. A simple netbook with win7 works with the software. Have a look at the correct interface (COM1 etc.)!

The ominous "tuning kit" in some press releases is in my opinion only a pdf and it has no Honda item number. It is a list also called "full power kit" with several parts and a description you need to change the bike from 2ED to 4ED. In this list you can find (e.g. 2016) the 4ED TB 16400-NN4-L72 which is programmable.

So I suppose all 4ED TB's of the 300RR are also programmable. But I know that all other current TB's of 4Ride, 4RT, 4RT Repsol or 300RR are not programmable.




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