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After market front wheel


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I'm looking to lighten the front end on my 2017 4RT - potentially with an after market front wheel.  The 300RR front end is much lighter - I have to believe that shaving weight there is worth the cost. Anyone have any recommendations on where I could get a spoked rim for it - in the US or in the UK?  Anyone have any thoughts about other worthwhile mods to make the front end lighter?


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 The 300 has lighter forks and more power. New front wheel is not going to do much. I just happened to ride both bikes back to back this week. The 300 does feel waay better. Or you could buy a pipe and new forks.

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If you really feel that the front needs to be lighter for performance reasons (though the results of others would suggest there is not a problem), a wheel is only tinkering round the edges of the issue.  Moving the footrests back would surely have a much greater effect on the liftability of the front end, if that is what you seek to address, but would have other effects also of course.

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I move the pegs back on every bike, as it achieves exactly what your trying to get, a lighter feeling front end.  I like the S3 steel pegs with the 10mm offset rearward.  I have found that on my 300rr with the rearward pegs my kickstart lever does snag annoyingly on the right peg. 

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