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Stolen Betas


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False wall. Sounds ridiculous but a blown up photo of the back of your shed, garage mounted on a simple frame will confuse the hell out of pond life thieving scum. Especially if you take the photo with the bike out the way. I get worried when the delivery van drivers are lurking about, no disrespect to the good guys? I get even more worried when I haven’t had chance to cover the bike up. Actually it’s not just bikes they are after but easily disposed of equipment.

A bike delivery firm that I use offer a store your bike for a few days/ weeks service in their secure warehouse all fully insured. The driver told me that they have 24/7 security but not how much it cost. So if you are going on holiday, away for whatever reason you might consider moving your bike/s elsewhere.

Club members, forum members could get together with one person offering to be custodian of two or three bikes being kept at their location. Just an idea but there may be some worth in the concept.??

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19 hours ago, turbofurball said:

Absolutely, outside of the EU nothing at all illegal moves through borders - it's the perfect fix!

i apoligize for what might have seemed like a flippant response to the situation, knowing brexit means different outcomes to different folks.

The UK is a small place in the scheme of things, with few areas to ride offroad vehicles and most of these stolen bikes seem to dissapear to never be seen again.

 The suggestion of Lojack, where a Company looks for the item of theft, may be the only reliable course of action.

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I'm sure a lot of them do end up overseas (the high end or large thefts, like the containers of Ossets), but also a lot just get thrashed to death as field bikes and then scrapped here in the UK.  My Dad ran a motorbike breakers in the '80s and '90s, and turned away large numbers of obviously stolen bikes (and did return some not so obvious ones after handing over good money for them); there's a lot of people out there with bikes they bought in good faith which have been stolen at some point in the past, without any coordinated system for checking VINs at all trials venues that probably won't change.

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I’m afraid the internet auction sites make it all to easy to sell the parts stripped off a stolen bike. Anything that can be identified such as engine cases and frames get destroyed or doctored. A few years back a road bike I owned and was never going to part with got stolen from outside my office with security staff watching what they thought was me ( bloke in a crash helmet) fiddling with the chain and lock which went through the back wheel and up and over the seat. He then overcame the ignition/steering lock ( screwdriver I assume) and rode off. The bike an early 1988 Honda XL600V Transalp was worth far more in parts than it’s assembled whole, with just 15000 kilometres showing ( German Impor). Never heard hide nor hare after the event, insurance paid out but it’s not the same, where do you find another like that?☹️

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On 16/12/2017 at 10:06 PM, turbofurball said:

without any coordinated system for checking VINs at all trials venues that probably won't change.

Doesn't sound like you have much faith in the police ? 

What database will the VIN's be checked against ?

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On 12/19/2017 at 8:43 AM, turbofurball said:

Do the police not have a database of known vins of stolen bikes?  How else are they going to identify them?

The police probably have a haphazard system I have no doubt, but trials organisers have no access to it, so how would they check vins ?

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Not on for the organisers to check for stolen bikes even if they could.maybe if the register of stolen bikes was available to all bikes could be checked at the point of sale.I don't know anyone who would knowingly buy a stolen one,I think the expensive ones mostly are generally taken by professional thieves and go abroad very quickly,others by local scum and end up being ridden illegally and quickly thrashed to death 

Its not just trials bikes,all bikes are at risk,wish the authorities pursued these scum much more,but there's not enough police to target these people 

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