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Getting bike fit??


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I completely understand that there is no replacement for getting out on your bike and riding.

but what are the best exercises, you can do in the gym through the week to help your fitness for riding at the weekend ?

cardio? Strength training? Interval training? Combo?

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2 minutes ago, faussy said:

Rowing, simulates pulling on the bars and also builds the legs

In the gym? :lol:

Seriously though, if you have access to it swimming is good. Over time things like trials, motocross and running give the body joints a lot of hammer. Swimming gives a good workout with minimal stress.

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16 hours ago, dadof2 said:

In the gym? :lol:

Yeah, they have these rowing machines that work on dry land you know :o

Gonna go against the flow here and say swimming isnt the best. Ok at building all round fitness, but doesnt work any real specific muscle group that you also use on a bike (and im a keen swimmer).

Squating seems to be the in thing at the moment, across all sports. You only have to look at tonis and dabills legs to notice they work their thighs out a lot!

What do you find you stuggle with during a trial? Arms, legs, out of breath? Focus on wherever you think youre lacking

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Cardio as trials can be an endurance sport. As you get tired your concentration and skills can suffer. Bike and as above rowing as it works the upper half. Weights to build all round strength. My gym has a machine that is like cycling with the arms good for the upper half. I'm going to add some plyometrics....so I can kick the bike over better:lol: and strength training to pick it up again:D:D

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Quite a few posters seem to have forgotten the original question about what he can do in a gym (Effing big gym needed for mountain biking) that is why I made the joke about rowing. I used to have a rowing machine - mainly bought it as a calorie burner but it was too noisy to watch telly at the same time so I binned it.

Instead of training on your own why not try something like Canoe Polo, there are clubs at Middlesbrough and Durham and I think they both do winter evening practice is swimming pools. Very good training for balance, general fitness and arm strength.

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