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Struggle to start Sherco when it is warm


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It usually happens going downhill, a misjudgement and I stall the bike. If I can kick it within about 3 seconds it has a good chance of starting, but often I am not in a good position to kick it immediately. If it is getting to ten seconds I might have to wait for it to cool off before I can start it. 

I know part of the problem is my kick, which is improving, but the amount of muscle in my leg is not what it was.

If the bike is cold I put on the choke, push the kick start gently a couple of times to suck some fuel in, then give it a kick to start it. This works for the first start of the day, and will work if I let the bike get cold after stalling while out riding.

The gap at the plug is 0.5mm.

Anything mechanical I can do to make it start after a stall?

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I found my Sherco difficult to start because it was running a bit lean.

Give the carb a clean with particular reference to the pilot circuit.

Make sure the mixture screw is set OK and see if this helps.

Can also run lean if the crank seal on the flywheel side is leaking.

If you take the flywheel cover off there should be no up and down movement on the crank.  If there is the bearings are shot and the seal will leak.  If the bearings are OK it is possible to replace the seal without splitting the engine.

I would try the carb first though.

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Once started it is good.

Idles OK

Crank seal new.

Bearings new.

Havent tried with the throttle fully open, tried with choke, which is usually how it gets going.

I have only tried bump starting it once, the ground was dry enough, it went.

Others in the crew can kick it, they have a more powerful kick than me.

Cleaning the carb would that mean the fuel is not getting through? 

If the floats were wrong what would that do?

Gonna adjust the carb screws.


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Adjusted the fuel screw, and today I can mostly kick it.

Last night went up a hill no problem in that i did not stall, today the flipping clutch was sticking so there were a few stalls caused by having to react to the clutch.

Managed to start without any help from the crew today


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