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Observer problem.


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Although not ideal, the ACU's 'restart' paperwork suggests that riders may self-observe in small groups. As I was already working on developing an 'Observer' app, I have adapted it for such use. At the moment, it has been tested and works successfully - although it has NOT been used in a 'real' trial.  The app wil run on Android smartphones and is fairly straightforward to use. Simply, one rider records scores on their phone and then, following the trial, clicks a button to either upload the scores to a scoring system or emails them to the scoring team. There's both a PDF showing screenshots of the app below and a link to the download. I would also welcome any feedback - my email is on page 2 of the PDF.

It is available for download through Google's Play Store - click here



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30 minutes ago, Bilko said:

Can find it on my pc with the link but not on my phone.


Not sure about this - I have just tried on my Android and all worked OK. I did it like this - 1) Go to this page in TC, 2) Click on link 3) which takes you to the correct Google Play download page. Not sure what the problem is. Alternatively, opening Play Store and doing a search for 'ScoreMonster Lite' will find it. Not sure what I can do if that doesn't work.

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