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Why Have You Got your Current Bike (s)


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TY80 back in the day amongst various other scrappers and death traps. 
Suzuki RL250 Beamish- my dads but has ended up with me after him moving house. I spent hours on this as a kid. 
Gasser Raga 300. Angry. Gear box broke so traded for a....

Beta Rev3 200. Perfect bike. Could not fault it. Sold this (big mistake) for an EXC 450 to do some rallies with. 
2012 Ossa TR280i. Another excellent bike. Sold this as parts were getting scarce and I wanted to ride it more. Really easy bike to ride though. 
Bought a very clean but mechanical tired 2012 Evo300. It was an animal. Parts from zero tlc kept failing/wearing out. Slowly got the chassis sorted and in lockdown did the whole motor. 1mm base gasket and now it’s great. 
Had plenty of other bikes for the road but my main passion is enduro. I have a TE150 small bore screamer. Brilliant fun and easy to ride. 
Like totty79 I’m looking to the future now. The epure bikes get my juices going, one of these opens up sooo many riding opportunities. I also love the Vertigo 200 so it’ll be a challenge to decide between a sparky or dino burner when the time comes. 

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I have an array of 1970s twinshock trials bikes because except for two, they are the bikes I wanted when I was a teenager but couldn't afford.

The exceptions are the TY175B which I did own at the time and a 250 Godden Majesty which is a bike I didn't even know existed until about 1995.

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Currently have a Bantam which i built from scratch, Beta rev 3 which i have nearly finished restoring, TY 250 twinshock work in progress and TY 250 mono also work in progress.

Basically i have these because i've accumulated them over 15 years bit by bit and they are all i can afford.

Since moving to Wales and discovering trials are much less popular and few and far between i keep myself amused by restoring the "projects" i've got.

Couldnt afford much else and i would'nt be able to ride it anyway. 

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Recently bought a '97 315r to improve my slow speed handling and spannering skills. Will be partly restoring/upgrading parts on this, and keeping it for the long term for fun in a mates field. Might possibly consider joining a trials club and getting a newer trially in the future if I want more of a challenge but we'll see.

After a few trips at 5 years old to go see King Kenny race speedway at the Shay in Halifax, before his sad death, I was hooked on motorbikes and especially the smell of two stroke smokers. 

Luckily as a young kid there was a sand quarry locally which some local kids used to rag their Fantics, KX's and TY's about on. I say luckily because parents being as they were meant I never owned a bike of my own until 17 y/o when I bought a Honda H100-a (approximately 12th hand) and travelled all over the North/NW and NE of England on that reliable old smoker in all weathers, before selling it for what I paid for it 2 years later.

First experience riding a motorbike was at said sand quarry, aged 6 y/o on a mint TY80. First fall was ten minutes after that from the tank of a beaten up old TY125 -as I couldn't reach the pegs and the bars at the same time - while trying to ride over an oil barrel table top. Glad to say that 40 years later I finally now own a Montesa. Which was a bit of a dream as a kid. "Kickstart" was a constant childhood inspiration. 

I also own a restored '82 TS125 which doesn't get out much but really should, a custom '98 XV535 cruiser for local fun in the sun, and a '19 DL650 as my go to, go anywhere, anytime in any weather bike. Plus the new old Monty that makes 4 currently but there are lots more bikes on my wanted list. Next year will hopefully be seeing me on either a DRZ400 or a CRF250L....or a Pan European, or an R6 lol ????

Have fun all x


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A couple of coworkers repeatedly told me that classic trials was more fun, and my other half doesn't like modern bikes because they "don't look like proper motorbikes" ... I have a soft spot for the second bike I owned as a kid, which was a DT100, so I figured the TY was a good choice when it felt time to move on from my 125 TXT Pro.  Much effort and huge wads of cash later and I have a bike that handles nearly as good as a modern bike for my riding abilities, doesn't look like a "proper motorbike" anyway, and is nothing like a DT100 either.

Still, I love it.

The Cota, meanwhile, was literally the cheapest road registered classic trials bike on ebay at the time.  I don't plan on keeping it since it's neither terribly good for competitions nor trail riding around here.

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