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2020 model Gasgas 300 TXT starting issue


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23 hours ago, TAYFIX said:

That’s great news your getting to grips with it, I now put it in third gear and roll it backwards slightly when starting, different technique again,   it’s even easier to start with low comp head.  After rolling back literally just rest your foot on the kickstart (no weight of foot or boot) then quick stroke down with the leg, starts first kick every single time when bike is warm. Feels completely different this way as there seems to be no compression when using this method. I’m really enjoying my 300 now especially knowing I can start the rascal when ever I want.

happy Christmas to all,  I hope we can all find the allusive Christmas spirit this year, maybe after this pandemic the word will realise how fragile all living things are, and we can all enjoy world peace and plenty of bike riding. ?

Thanks Greg, your help and advice really helped me, thank you very much for that.

I am slowly getting to grips with the bike, practicing in the garden or riding at the local club when we're allowed. Clubs here are very different to those I've ridden with in the UK. The idea here is to try to help each other improve, rather than just ride and have fun. I am always getting help, advice and being gently challenged to improve my riding, which is probably pushing me more than I would on my own with this bike. I could never understand how most riders here seem to be at a higher standard when they start competing at the few trials we have. With the amount of help and advice any new rider receives, it now makes sense.

I'll try the third gear thing, do you start it in gear?  Some of the guys at the club (all using 280s) like to start their bikes whilst they are rolling, they swear it's easier like that. My french isn't good enough to truly quiz them however.

Happy Christmas to you too and I echo your thoughts, wouldn't it be great if that came true.

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Yes Jon bike remains in gear with clutch in for starting, one of my friends that rides regularly with me has exceptionally short legs, he was always looking for something to lean against to start his 2012 250 gasser. He has now adapted this technique and loves it, no longer needs to worry about will he be able to start his bike or find something to lean against.  I did try this before changing the head but wanted a little less power, not sure I really notice that part. ?

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Some related thoughts on the various matters gleaned from my experience with my - albeit older - 2008 GG TXT 300 PRO:

- The "put it in gear (2nd), roll back to find compression, pull in the clutch, press lightly on the kick starter until resistance is felt, and then kick solidly" is the required starting procedure.

- I just added the S3 head and low compression insert and it feels very nice. Oddly enough the inserts and head required a minor modification in order to get them to fit; you had to pull/grind the alignment pin in the insert otherwise the two pieces WON'T align.

- Use some grease to hold the head o-rings in place when reassembling; the grease prevents them from dropping out and becoming pinched.

- I also fitted a flywheel weight to my bike (to further smooth it).

- Some people fit the throttle with the black tube for a slower/longer response (but I prefer the faster white tube).


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Seems some of them are bad starters and some aren't.Weve had 4 300s.and they've all been 3 kick max starters.Never had to muck about pulling them back on compression or anything.If any of them became difficult to start a meticulous carb clean fixed it.They definitely didn't like a weak idle mixture,used to set them up very slightly rich and never open the throttle when starting 

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On 12/25/2020 at 2:09 PM, mercuryrev said:

Yes it was the S3 head and insert and yes I did it myself. It isn't a particularly difficult job, unless you catch one of the head o rings and then fill the cylinder with coolant (don't ask how I know). So just be careful with that.

I'm not sure on years but the later bikes need a new head and insert, early bikes could just have an insert fitted I believe. Mine is an '17 Racing. ....

Hope all that helps.

Yes, thanks.  I misread the year on your, and since I found a workshop manual, sounds, like I too would have to get a separate head to also install a low comp insert.


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2 hours ago, Gibsonsg61 said:

I have purchased a 2020 gas gas 300txt, I am the only owner I've tried everything to kick start this thing like a normal trials it takes me way too many times when I'm in the field, would a low compression head help?

I don't know if you have had a pro gasser motor before, as mentioned above I have set my pilot circuit a touch rich (mine is Keihin) I cursed mine when I first upgraded to it but quickly learned. It rarely takes more than 2 kicks to start hot or cold. You need to get the kickstart to a point that you know it will engage and not slip, then it is a very fast sharp kick, *fast sharp kick* Not a hop up and weight transfer to the kicker. I was ready to change to a different head, and a different carb, then I learned the technique, up sized the pilot 2 #s and I'm happy!

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