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  1. Elnonio

    Premix Oil

    I for one prefer the relative safety of non castor oils. No worries about deposits, settling, shaking the can or bike. Just pour and go
  2. Well, getting a hitch receiver in the States from Alfa for a Giulia is impossible, but I hear in Europe they can be found. UHaul has their own models though. That car can tow a small, unenclosed utility trailer with a trials bike, no issues. It's been said the 2017 Giulia towing capacity was 1700kg, but I don't think I would want to tow that heavy a load, and I certainly would not want to tow anything with a any significant frontal area. (2019 AR Giulia here too)
  3. 월, 굳 륵 타이핑 인 어 벌 엔 란그치...
  4. Covid. If it's anything like over here, bike sales are high, inventories are low, interest is high.
  5. Anyong! Talk to my buddy Chico in Seoul, he can help you out. Call him at 010 5231 9107. Motocool has same ASTM D3306 rating.
  6. Elnonio

    Premix Oil

    Interesting read. My txt300 2020 had a sticker that says to premix 2%, the manual says 1:67 (which is what, 1.5%) Far cry from my KDX that call for 1:32!
  7. Yes, thanks. I misread the year on your, and since I found a workshop manual, sounds, like I too would have to get a separate head to also install a low comp insert.
  8. Did you do the work yourself, and I presume those were S3 head and insert? If so, can you confirm whether the S3 low comp insert would actually fit the original head? I'm reading and getting conflicting info. Since we have the same bike (2020 TXT 300) your experience should be dispositive
  9. Seems to me the GG TXT300 need some high velocity kick to start. Mine does. 6 hours on it only. A half hearted attempt will not do it. Speed does it. So yeah, I'm with you, but I am hoping that it will get better with time.
  10. Go big or go home, eh?! Somehow doesn't sound very "trials-like"
  11. No, not Nova Scotia.... Northern Virginia :) Check out my super-advanced obstacle. (yeah yeah, keep laughing, but you gotta start somewhere, and you gotta know your limitations!) ?
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