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Steering head bearings


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Another newbie question. I've never changed steering head bearings before. Any tips / procedure for doing these?

I've got the new bearings, just want to know if I need any specific tools / things to look out for before I start stripping the front end.

Bike is a 2020 GP 300 if that makes any difference.


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Previous owner was too handy with a pressure washer i think. After it was stood a month the bearings had seized. They freed off enough to ride but aren't smooth now. I'm hoping I can just replace the inner race when I open it up as that should help. But as I have the full bearing I may as well do it properly. Just need to know how to get the outer race out?

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Seats just tap out from behind with a long drift. Try to keep it square as you do it.

Lower bearing can be a pain to get off the stem, it's not always needed but it's common to cut the old one. Leave the new bearing seats and stem in the freezer overnight to help with reassembly.

Also check dimensions of bearings, seals and spacers against the old ones before reassembly, aftermarket kits don't always get it right.

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For lower bearing, best find someone with a press. It need 3 to 6 ton to move. See process here:


Or you can cut the bearing with a dremel. Be carefull to not damage the stem

Or you can weld some scrap metal to the beaging race and hammer it while hot. 

Any method, take care of the threads on stem.

Outer races go out easily with a long chisel.

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