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  1. Last year, during a trial in Binegar Quarry, in Somerset. The trial had just started and I had stopped and was looking at a pool of muddy water, wondering just how deep it was because on the other side of this pool was the start of the section. But not to worry, a rider who obviously already knew the answer started speeding through, making an impressive bow wave. I watched in amazement as the water first went up over the front wheel, then the handlebars, then he fell off and disappeared beneath the waves!
  2. I once had a girlfriend like that.
  3. Thanks for the replies.
  4. How do I adjust the damping on the rear shock of a 2014 Sherco ST 125? Thanks
  5. OK, so Vertigo make a titanium framed trials bike, so just imagine a titanium framed "pit bike". That really would be something! I have seen some of these bikes in action in the south of England. In the right hands they are a very capable bike. I am surprised that the Chinese don't buy the idea from Jon Bliss. I think he uses a Chinese Chongqing motor. They are always looking for new products. Make one of these "pit bike" type trials bikes - from quality materials and with quality components and it could revolutionise the trials bike market - as much as the water-cooled monoshocks did back in the late 90s. All the weight is down as low as possible for nimble handling and maximum traction. A modern 4 stroke motor for low emissions, low-end torque and smooth power delivery. What about Triumph making them in their factory in Thailand? It could be their entry into the Trials market.
  6. Here is a link. Scroll down the page a bit. I have seen several slightly different styles. One had drum brakes that had been highly modified and drilled with dozens of holes. They MAY have been Honda 50/90 hubs.
  7. IRC tyres changed their design?
  8. You most likely have dirt down in the seal. It happens sometimes. You need one of these: Watch how do use it on Youtube,
  9. I'm 16 stone. I ride a 2014 Sherco ST 125 every week in a trials competition at Novice level. I had two 250 Betas previously, the last being an Evo. I like this 125 much more than the 250s. It is easier to ride and control than the 250s. It FEELS lighter and more nimble. Is less likely to wash out on tight downhill turns, or rear up when suddenly finding grip on steep uphill sections. It won't really plod along, like a 250 will, so you keep the revs up a bit and slip the clutch. It has a power band, so you need to keep the revs within that band, if you want power - it is a slightly different technique than riding a bike with a bigger engine. (I have my tickover set high, which helps). Mine does not like long lengths of deep, sticky mud, where 3rd gear might be the best to use - it won't really pull it. Long, steep hill climbs, in 3rd are not on either. I recently had a quick ride on a brand new Gas Gas 125 Racing. That was even better than the Sherco 125, because it had more low down power and torque. I would buy one. (The older Gas Gas 125s are not the same, apparently).
  10. Do IRC rear tyres still come off the modern Motad-style rims when inflated at very low pressures, 2 - 3 psi? If so, then why don't the manufacturers make the bead a bit smaller/reduce it's circumference?
  11. A qualified First Aid person should be essential at all trials events. I am surprised that is not part of the conditions of the insurance cover for trials events..
  12. That's the problem with high technology - not suitable for us "shade tree" mechanics.
  13. If the box has been cut, then re-packed in the past,as outlined above, it could be that the new cover plate is loose, or not sealed properly.
  14. I wonder if this will come to all riders in the UK eventually, not just for Junior riders?
  15. Why not put them on Ebay or Craigslist and sell them - one at a time, rather than as one lot. Or, take them along to your next trials meeting. People are often selling bits and pieces at them.