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  1. Bultacos should be red. The blue ones just don't look right.
  2. Sherco's have 5. On my 125 I only ever use 1st or 2nd in sections. Same for my Beta 250. Shercos rarely suffer from gearbox issues, unlike the 6 speed Gasgas or Betas.
  3. I had two Betas. The last being a 2013 Beta Evo 250. I tried a 2014 Sherco and found it to be more agile, nimbler and felt lighter. The Beta would wash out on tight upward turns, but the Sherco never does. Betas have expensive mudguards that are made of glass and the "stickers" don't. I would buy another Sheco, but not a Beta.
  4. My 2013 Beta Evo 250 would occasionally jump out of first or second gear, mid section. At first I thought that it was just me, but research in the Beta forum revealed that this was a common issue. Apparently it was caused by the selector fork being made of steel that was too thin and springy. 2013 was not the only year to have this issue. I have now changed to Sherco, but I understand that the newer Betas do not have this issue.
  5. Fry’s Bottom, Chelwood, Bristol, BS39 5QL Call Steve Wilcox on 07814 767259
  6. Replaced the master cylinder piston and seals, using a service kit, which I had bought for a previous bike, but only used the rubber shroud. Changed the fluid and now have a good rear brake again.
  7. Checked fluid. The reservoir was still full up.
  8. The rear brake has stopped working on my 2014 ST. Press the pedal and it just goes straight down, with little resistance and no braking. I changed the pads, just in case, but no luck. Seals? Master or caliper? Any way of telling? Thanks in anticipation
  9. Get yourself a girlfriend.
  10. I wonder why Sherco (and Gasgas) don't make a 160cc or a 200cc bike any more? Beta do.
  11. I went to Sherco after my 2013 Beta Evo developed the Beta habit of jumping out gear, due to the gear selector fork being too thin (well documented in the "Beta" section). I was also fed up with the glass mudguards, which cost a fortune and the "stickers" which didn't. Refitting the airbox on a rear tanker is just a knack. It helps if you put a spot of oil/grease on the carb outer and the airbox inner. The fuel pump is old technology that is reliable and trouble free - commonly used on garden lawn mowers, chainsaws and other such kit. Lower yokes hitting the frame are simply remedied by fitting a piece of plastic conduit as a guard, as the Sherco guard is of a poor design. All trials bikes have their good and bad points.
  12. Before you do the above... A few months ago I fitted a new Apico gear lever on my Sherco 125, after I had bent the original. I fitted the gear lever onto the gearbox shaft splines, then rode it around the garden. I could only select neutral, first and second. I could not get 3rd, 4th and 5th. When I looked very closely, I could see that the lever was hitting against part of the crank case. I repositioned the lever one spline lower on the shaft and all was ok. So, check that the lever arm is not hitting the crank case before you pull anything apart.
  13. What was it called?
  14. A drive chain is made of steel and heavy - several pounds I would guess. Anyone make a light weight titanium drive chain?
  15. I have recently stopped using ATF because it gradually caused my Sherco's clutch to become on/off. I have gone back to using Putoline GP10. Replace every 4 trials/outings. Much more controllable.