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  1. I have recently stopped using ATF because it gradually caused my Sherco's clutch to become on/off. I have gone back to using Putoline GP10. Replace every 4 trials/outings. Much more controllable.
  2. Scorpa SY 125F. Any good? Issues? Ground clearance? Handling? Bigger bore conversion = any improvement? Spares situation?
  3. I am in the south of England, near Bath. After recently seeing several other good riders of modern bikes using IRC tyres, I fitted one of the new IRC Winner rear tyres yesterday to my 2014 Sherco, with Motad type rims (standard). Fitted it myself. It was a very tight fit on the rim, so it shouldn't come off. I rode in a trial today. Muddy streams and steep hillsides, with long wet grass. It gripped very well and did not come off the rim or loose any pressure (3psi). Glad I bought it. Question: I now need a new front tyre. Micheline X11 or IRC ? Anyone fitted an IRC to the front?
  4. For the last eighteen months I have been using ATF in my Sherco ST 125. However the clutch became increasingly on/off. After doing the Beta clutch fix etc I decided to go back to using the much more expensive Putolin GP 10. It is now much nicer, more slippable and controllable.
  5. Don't worry. It will all be OK after BREXIT. I expect that Mrs May and Jacob Rees Mogg are keen motor sport enthusiasts, especially motorbikes.
  6. Probably doesn't apply to your case, but this week I fitted a new gear lever, like the one shown below. Tried it around the garden. Seemed ok. However, when I went to trials last Sunday I was unable to select anything other than neutral or first gear. On closer inspection the arm of the lever was hitting the gearbox case reinforcement. I had to reset the lever one spline lower.
  7. I have had three Beta 250s including an Evo. I changed it for a 125. The best thing I ever did. I have ridden a Sherco 125 for the last 2 years, but if I was buying a new, or late model bike now, I would probably buy a GasGas 125. I tried a new one out a few months ago and it was brilliant. You don't need a powerful bike to learn on.
  8. I wonder if you could put your original bars in a vice. put a scaffold bar on the end and put a bit more bend/upsweep on them? I haven't tried this myself, so I don't know if it would work.
  9. Yep, best in a van - and don't plaster trials stickers all over it either, otherwise one night you will have unwanted visitors.
  10. When I had a 2014 250 Beta Evo I removed two springs from the clutch. Made it much lighter. Didn't slip.
  11. I wonder how they did it?
  12. The edges on my Sherco 125 clutch basket were the same as the above basket, perhaps worse. I filed them smooth. The tangs on the clutch plates also had burrs on them, where they rubbed against the basket. I filed them smooth too. Following the Beta Clutch Fix I also scraped away all the excess glue from between the pads on the clutch plates. When I first started it up (from cold) it did not leap forward, which it was doing previously. The clutch also feels much smoother. Thanks
  13. I have two pairs of boots, both bought 3 years ago. 1. Garne Balance Oiled. Soft and comfortable, but little foot protection from stumps or rocks. Water resistant. 2. Wulfsport - brown ones. Stiffer, heavier, thicker leather. Lots more foot protection than my Garnes. Not waterproof. Very uncomfortable at first around my ankle. I had a piece of foam rubber stuffed in there for a while - perhaps a year. Now, with lots of dubbing and Duckswax they are as comfortable as my Garnes . I
  14. The clutch on my 2014 Sherco was really good. No issues at all. However, recently it has started to drag. I have started it and left it to warm up for a few minutes. Then I have pulled the clutch in and selected first. It has leaped forward. I have changed the clutch fluid. So I am thinking that either something/s have worn, or the clutch plates have swelled or warped. I am going to investigate tomorrow. I will also do the Beta clutch fix and see if that helps.