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  1. Differences between years

    2012/13/14 would sometimes jump out of first and/or second gear, mid section. Not sure if the later ones still do it, as I no longer ride Beta.
  2. Nominate Emma!

    Done Trials needs a hero.
  3. How to transport on Range Rover Sport

    Keeping up appearances. Range Rover Sport poser, riding Gas Gas? Perhaps a classy Vertigo Combat Titanium would be more in keeping with the image.
  4. IRC Winner trials tyre codes

    I have just checked the tyre. TUBE TYPE! No wonder it instantly deflated. That hadn't occurred to me. Thanks. Problem solved.
  5. IRC Winner trials tyre codes

    Fitted one to a similar bike 6+ months ago - turned it too, with no issues. Motad rim. Soap lube. This new one did not seat with the loud snap that the previous IRC tyre did - or with the same loud snap that an Xtralite tyre does. Issues with OLD IRC tyres are well documented within this forum.
  6. IRC Winner trials tyre codes

    Thanks. That's was my understanding too.
  7. I have run an IRC Winner rear tyre for the last 6 months or so with no issues, Pressure has varied between 2.5 and 4 pounds an inch, depending on conditions. Just fitted a new tyre to a new bike. As soon as I hit a small step it deflates. I am wondering if the tyre is one from before IRC fixed the loose band issue. Does anyone know how the IRC tyre date of manufacture codes work? I THINK the code on this tyre is 2417 Thanks in anticipation.
  8. 2016 Sherco 300 St Guards

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Motorcycles-Scooters/422/i.html?_from=R40&LH_Auction=1&_nkw=trials bike&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684
  9. 315r or rev 3

    What people are asking for a bike on Ebay, and what they actually get are two different things. The only reliable indicator of price are the sales that are made via auction. To see this, go to: Select "trials bikes" (for instance), Auction, then select Completed Listings. Here is one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Motorcycles-Scooters/422/i.html?_from=R40&LH_Auction=1&_nkw=trials bike&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 Note that some people will get mates to bid on their bikes in an attempt to drive the price up, or encourage bidders. These bikes will often reappear the following week, claiming the bidder did not show up. Apologies if you already knew this.
  10. What bike ? Trrs?

    I rode a TRS last week up in Bury. The frame and handling were good and it felt very light and flickable, but I found the engine to be snappy and raw - my Sherco is much smoother. The bike was allegedly 2017, but it was quite rough. The rear shock had been replaced already. As I said, it was in quite a rough condition for a newish bike and did not appear to be ageing very well. I passed.
  11. Where are all the entries????

    I recon that the biggest barrier to increasing the popularity of trials is a poor mobile phone signal at venues out in the countryside! My 60 year old mate came round our place a few weeks ago. He looked at my bikes, then told me that he wanted to get a bike, but his missus told him that first they needed to get a new fitted kitchen, a new bathroom and then a new bedroom suite. No doubt there will be some other "must have" afterwards. Most folk are too busy getting "stuff" (including piles of cash) to have fun. They build a prison for themselves.
  12. Fan running continuously

    The old thermostat was stuck open. Fitted a new thermostat. Works properly now. Thanks
  13. Is it just me?

    Yep - lots and lots of jam tomorrow,
  14. Fan running continuously

    The cooling fan on my Sherco ST runs continuously. Even kicking the motor over causes the fan to spin. Faulty radiator thermostat? Thanks in anticipation.
  15. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    IRC have now sorted the issue of the tubeless tire being too loose a fit. It is now much tighter on the rim and does not deflate when you hit something. I fit my own tires and when I put an IRC on my rear wheel, about six months ago, it went on with a very loud snap - just like a Michelin x lite. I have been running mine as low as 2.5 pounds in the mud and it has been absolutely fine - even when hitting stones, rocks or logs.