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  1. Time to think about replacing my air filter again on my 2014 rear fuel tanked Sherco ST. The foam on the standard ones keeps splitting. Anyone tried one of these Jitsie air filters?
  2. Before you do any of the above, you have 6 springs in your clutch. Remove 2 of them. It will not slip, because the same clutch is used on the 300cc bikes, which have 3 times the power, but it will make your clutch pull 1/3 lighter. Make sure that the springs you remove are opposite each other.
  3. Britain - the motherland of trials. Love it!
  4. You would have thought that Sherco would have made the rebound adjustment on the rear shock easier to access on this 2014 ST. Rebound adjustment is made using an Allen key.
  5. In contrast, I live near Bath, England, Great Britain. Every single week, usually within a one hour's drive there will be at least two Trials meetings. Within a two hour drive there will be four or five, probably more. The minimum number of riders will be in the 40s - unusual. A big meet will have around 100. Usually it is 60 - 70 riders. All will have an Expert, Clubman and Novice routes, with many being further differentiated with 50/50 and/or Gentleman's etc routes. Venues include quarries, woods, moorland, gullies, steep hillsides etc Meetings will be for modern bikes, classic bikes or both. The sport is given little/no coverage in the media, despite Emma Bristow being the Ladies World Trials Champion! Often there is a tea wagon. Rarely (in the South) are there any trade stands etc.
  6. That is what I was wondering - do I have to take the silencer or the fuel tank or both off to adjust the rebound? Or, can I reach the screw without doing this? Thanks
  7. I want to adjust the rebound on the rear shock of my 2014 Sherco ST 125. How do I access the adjustment screw? Thanks
  8. NOT a Beta, because their mudguards are fragile - made of glass, I believe. Every time it rears up, you will snap the £75 rear mudguard. Sometimes when you fall off you could also snap it. The front mudguard will also snap if you ride into a bush, get it clogged with mud or swear at it. It could be expensive. Sherco mudguards are floppy. They don't break. As a then beginner, coming from Beta Techno and Evo 250s to a Sherco 125 I can tell you that the Sherco is more nimble and agile that the Betas. There is plenty of power, even for a lardarse. A 125 Gas gas is also better than a Beta and in my opinion the latest 2017 models are excellent, even better than a 3 year old 125 Sherco. I cannot vouch for their mudguards though. Additionally, with a Beta, every time you fall off, or nearly fall off you will burn the inside of your right leg and eventually burn through your trials trousers at the same point. Not so with a Sherco. Don't know about Gasgas. Further, some of the new Gasgas bikes are having various serious issues.
  9. Well, I see that you have a Sherco 290. Not really a beginner's bike - far too fiery. Something a lot less powerful might be a good start.
  10. If you look at the inside of an Airoh helmet, there are lots of big holes in the polystyrene lining, to allow ventilation. The shell also has large ventilation holes/slits in it. When I examined my own helmet, the ventilation holes in the shell were minimal and the polystyrene liner had no holes at all. No wonder I got hot and sweaty when I wore it.
  11. You could ride the Gentlemans* route, then you choose which route to ride on each section - Expert, Clubman or Novice route, or, any other route to the End gate - it's up to you. * Gentlemans = through the Start gate, then any route you wish to the End gate.
  12. Just saw this. Cambridge Trials, so I would not expect them to make unsubstantiated claims. Anyone tried the new ones yet?
  13. Try a joke or two.
  14. Thanks. Thanks
  15. I am in the process of replacing the seals and oil in my front forks. I was surprised at just how filthy and contaminated the oil was. This got me thinking about the rear shock. Question: Can the oil in the rear shock be replaced on my 2014 Sherco ST 125? Thanks.