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  1. 2010 Evo fork seals

  2. Rear shock spring rating?

    Thanks Oni. Unfortunately I need an 81
  3. Rear shock spring rating?

    The standard rear shock spring on a 2014 Sherco ST. Make? What is the standard spring rated at? Who sells stiffer springs to suit the standard rear shock? Thanks in anticipation
  4. Another land access issue

    Snowing yesterday, so I went out for a walk, into town, then walked a mile, along roads to another village. I saw one Gasgas trials bike, a very loud pit bike and two noisy scramblers. None of these were road registered, yet were being ridden along what would usually be busy roads. There were members of the public out walking, along with a few cars. These were in 4 different locations and were not connected as far as I could tell. The next thing will be complaints in our local paper and yet more anti-bike publicity.
  5. Beta evo 250 jumping out of gear?

    The Beta Evo 250 2013 and early 2014 had this issue. It was the selector forks were too thin/springy. They would jump out of first or second, mid section. That was the main reason that I sold mine. There was plenty written about it here perhaps three years ago.
  6. Sherco air filter install

    What year? Rear tanker?
  7. Trials gloves

    You could try something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hand-Knitted-Deep-Pink-with-White-Trim-WhiteRibbon-Tie-Mittens-12-18-Months/302649125079?hash=item46774b28d7:g:iaoAAOSwuwRYLkHb
  8. Sherco 2014 st300 running lean problems

    Fuel cap cover to stop mud and dust: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/sherco-fuel-cap-cover/273005491984?hash=item3f90653710:g:~q8AAOSwyQtV3EuR Also fit one of these: www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Small-Petrol-In-Line-Universal-Clear-Fuel-Filters-Fits-Diameter-7MM-Pipe-Filter/253396996188?hash=item3affa3505c:g:~vQAAOSw9tJacCjq Before stripping the engine, your problem could be either of the reed block gaskets - especially the lower foam one. Use Instant Gasket for a temporary fix. Also check the fuel loop rubber piping that runs up to the top of the fuel tank, under the rear mudguard. This perishes and can cause all sorts of strange and curious issues. Best replace the lot with new tubing every couple of years
  9. Newer VW Caddy or Ford Connect ?

    I have a 2010 short wheelbase Connect, with a fitted bulkhead. One bike is fine. Two bikes - you need to put the first bike in backwards.
  10. Sherco 2014 st300 running lean problems

    What year? Is it a rear fuel tank model?
  11. Sherco ST 125 revs high on start

    I have a 2014 Sherco 125 rear tanker. Mine always revs high when using the choke. Push the choke off after a couple of seconds. If it starts to die then quickly pull the choke on for another couple of seconds. Mine has done it from new. I don't think it is anything to worry about. The power switch. With a SLOW throttle I didn't notice any difference. However when I refitted a QUICK throttle, it made the engine pick up faster to the higher revs (where the power is on a 125).
  12. A pair of Wulfsports for just over £100. Strong, durable, comfortable and cheap, which will last for years might be a better choice - traditional style too.. If not, then perhaps something in pink or purple might suit Sir?
  13. Glass mudguards

  14. Glass mudguards

    Do Rev 3s have glass (fragile) rear mudguards? Are all spares generally available? Thanks
  15. New to sport bike selection

    Yep, a 300 could be underpowered for you. Perhaps you could get it bored out to 500cc.