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  1. I think he was 5th in his last year as a beta rider. To be fair he was an up and coming rider at that point and his phenomenal ability was there for all to see, just ask Dougie who singled him out as a future world champ as a kid
  2. suppose it fits in with sherco's marketing philosophy. Will dominate his national championship, and sell bikes in the process
  3. Its not bou and raga's problem that there too good for the rest, its up to the others to raise there game to try and compete with them. If they've reached there potential and its not enough to beat them then that's life! The real problem is that there's no money in trials. I doubt they all go to endure because they prefer it, its where the money is (compared to trials). Look at Jarvis. Turned up to the valleys enduro last weekend. 2 hours of relatively easy riding for a man of his talents and £1000 in his hand, he could ride brit champs trials all season and not earn that!
  4. I'm in the same boat. I've worn through my gaerne boot sole and and spent £35 on a new set of soles on ebay. I cant find anyone to resole the boots. I'm in south west wales. Any ideas?
  5. To be fair I don't think he's saying that. I don't think anyone else would argue that if you took the top lads and threw them all on the same bike bou would still cream them. No one is fitter, more focused and more dedicated to his trade than him
  6. As we all agree the biggest 'one off' is bou himself. He'd probably win another title on at least 3 or 4 other brands, he's just that good. As for the others changing around, unless it's 4 back to 2 stroke or the other way round, there's so little between the bikes now. And I would have thought that if a manufacturer signs a rider like cabs or dibs and they don't gel straight away, they can soon alter the power delivery, clutch, even maybe tweak the geometry to suit. Lets face it, any rider between maybe no 4-12 in the rankings is probably just happy with a paid ride these days!!
  7. I know what you mean. Cabs is a great rider, so stylish, but ultimately dibs knocked him off the last automatic place on his better finish in trial gp and deserves to be there. I'm pretty sure that whilst there's little in the bikes know the new motivation from a change will see him back up there in the top 5 at the end of the year
  8. Glad I asked now. Didn't realise the kit was so technical.
  9. I'm p****d off with trying to bleed brakes on my bikes. Is there a device available to buy to reverse bleed the system?
  10. The rear brake on my 06 4rt rear is fine at first but after a few minutes riding starts to tighten and starts to bind, eventually seizing on. At this point there is no free play at all on the rear pedal, it's completely tight. At this point I either wait for it to cool down and release or release some fluid out of the bleed nipple. Any ideas on what is causing it?
  11. I'll send my application off with yours then, save on stamps?
  12. With mr casalas up the road to vertigo what are beta going to do for a top line gp rider? Surely a brand that probably sells more bikes than any other must need a rider to be knocking on the door of top 5?
  13. Town hall brae. Because you know you've made it!!!!
  14. Afternoon all. Anyone know if you have Gaerne boots re-soled? I've got a fairly young set that have got a hole in the sole. I seem to remember someone advertising re-soleing boots on eBay but can't find it anymore???
  15. Thanks. I'll let you know the outcome