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  1. The rear brake on my 06 4rt rear is fine at first but after a few minutes riding starts to tighten and starts to bind, eventually seizing on. At this point there is no free play at all on the rear pedal, it's completely tight. At this point I either wait for it to cool down and release or release some fluid out of the bleed nipple. Any ideas on what is causing it?
  2. I'll send my application off with yours then, save on stamps?
  3. With mr casalas up the road to vertigo what are beta going to do for a top line gp rider? Surely a brand that probably sells more bikes than any other must need a rider to be knocking on the door of top 5?
  4. Town hall brae. Because you know you've made it!!!!
  5. Afternoon all. Anyone know if you have Gaerne boots re-soled? I've got a fairly young set that have got a hole in the sole. I seem to remember someone advertising re-soleing boots on eBay but can't find it anymore???
  6. Thanks. I'll let you know the outcome
  7. Thankyou. Let me know and I'll have a look
  8. Yes, had that done last year. Would it be anything to do with the reeds?
  9. I've got an 89 GG 327 aire that runs perfectly up to 70% or so rev but then starts to splutter almost as if it's still cold and warming up. No matter how hard I rev and try to clear it out it never really gets there. I've cleaned and cleaned the carb but to no avail. Any ideas people??
  10. It was always going to happen. Gubion and ferrer will be the next 2 to knock it on the head. At the end of the day these boys, as amazing as they all are, are probably losing a fortune every year to fund the World Series. They can't keep running on fresh air. The brilliance of bou isn't the problem, it's the complete lack of money in the sport, even if your a top 12 in the world!!
  11. Ring Andy Dawson in ohlins. He'll sort you out
  12. Unless your competent expert level you won't gain any advantage from the bling bits on a factory model. Go standard as it's still a superb bike and try and find an ex clubman little used model, you'll be right for years
  13. I've got a Mitani 280 kit on my 4rt. Runs spot on, with an oversized front pipe
  14. Is it possible to convert a beta 80 cable clutch to hydraulic? Any know what year they changed? thanks