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  1. Vito Compact Dualiner

    I’ve got a long and when carrying 2 bikes I just fold the seats. I know your on about the compact but there’s plenty of slack length wise and I think there’s only 9 inches of length between them
  2. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Bloody hell john, you’d lap it twice in that time!
  3. Scott trial- What to expect/how to prepare

    Truth is it is nervousness at the start, then you settle in, and it’s fine for a petrol check or 2, then reality kicks in when the top boys plough past, then the general pace takes its toll and you start to get knackered! After that it’s a case of auto pilot and hang on as best you can! Sections are of a good national standard, but the pace and general tiredness makes them a lot harder. Def try to stop and have a quick look before entering each section. Your rushing but it will pay dividends. In terms of training I found best approach was as much trials bike time as poss but what also worked for me was a lot of miles on a road push bike. Helped with fitness and stamina. Last thing I’d say is nothing can prepare you fully for it as it is unique but whilst it’s murder the atmosphere and encouragement you get from the day is as one off! just make sure your as fit as can be!
  4. Casales on Dunlop

    And what was that?
  5. Dougie Lampkin book...

    Finished it today. Best bike he’s ever had was the 99 techno. You’d think the last 315’s would have been the 🐶’s 🥜’s! And who would have thought hrc would present DL and Fuji with such a pile of 💩 4rt to start with!!
  6. Montys in Trial 2 this season

    Most of these lads run out of satellite teams and it’s fair to say the bikes are not standard. Grattarola’s bike for sure is pretty trick. I suppose the big difference is bou’s bike is covered in special factory bits that money can’t buy. These boys are mainly using parts and mods that you can buy off the shelf, if you’ve re mortgaged your house that is...
  7. How good to do ssdt?

    All I would add to that is yes Ross noble finished it but to say he had the rubb of the green is an understatement! He probably attempted/rode less than half the sections all week and would never have finished if he wasn’t a celeb and a lot of blind eyes were turned! Fair play to him for having a crack though and he did more to publicise the sport than anything over the last few years! To answer the original question I would say you need to be at least a good intermediate centre rider to stand a decent chance of finishing
  8. Bill Myers....

    He’ll like you for that. I’d say bill would be early to mid 60’s now. Must be than dark ale...
  9. Bill Myers....

    If it’s the same bill Myers I know he lives in mid wales these days. Lovely chap. Likes his bikes, golf and real ale 💪
  10. 4rt kickstart stop

    Thankyou gents
  11. 4rt kickstart stop

    Thanks for that john. I know you say he trades under al span but where would I find him?
  12. 4rt kickstart stop

    Evening all. My 06 4rt unexpectedly almost backfired and kicked back earlier which resulted in the kickstart flying back up and jamming in a more vertical position than usual. I managed to persuade it free by hitting the kickstart with the palm of my hand. The bike started ok but has a slight clicking noise around the mechanism when running. Im assuming the infamous kickstart stop has broken internally. What does this job entail? How do you fix the damage? Is the casing weldable? Thanks
  13. I think he was 5th in his last year as a beta rider. To be fair he was an up and coming rider at that point and his phenomenal ability was there for all to see, just ask Dougie who singled him out as a future world champ as a kid
  14. Karlson to sherco

    suppose it fits in with sherco's marketing philosophy. Will dominate his national championship, and sell bikes in the process
  15. Karlson to sherco

    Its not bou and raga's problem that there too good for the rest, its up to the others to raise there game to try and compete with them. If they've reached there potential and its not enough to beat them then that's life! The real problem is that there's no money in trials. I doubt they all go to endure because they prefer it, its where the money is (compared to trials). Look at Jarvis. Turned up to the valleys enduro last weekend. 2 hours of relatively easy riding for a man of his talents and £1000 in his hand, he could ride brit champs trials all season and not earn that!