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  1. check the brass insert in the carb. body,which the throttle needle goes into above the main jet, has not fallen out.I had this happen and it caused me a right load of grief.I thought it was an interference fit and not ment to come out!Luckily we found it on the floor.
  2. after years of failing to seal rims I found a jitsie tape with built in valve and loads of rubber grease worked a treat.Got two rims sealed this way now with no problems
  3. Cheers curly...
  4. is the sprocket side spacer the thinner one of the two?
  5. The Isle of Man is a hotbed for sidecars. In the late 80s or early 90s, at the manx 2 day, there were few crews from Sweden competing with right hand chairs.
  6. wasp used to make trials sidecars. bks also modified 348 montesas for chairs
  7. just out of intrest is there a side car scene in NZ?
  8. Good luck to Jake next year. I wonder has he still got his signed blow up alien
  9. I hear he,s been testing a 2t and a 280 4t!
  10. at last a true trials god on trialscentral!
  11. fantastic news. well done Jack. hope you like pasta
  12. i think Barry Kinley might be out for fastest time!
  13. a word of caution. with all that lead in the paint will it be too heavy? oh and don,t put it in your mouth
  14. I work on French cars......tell me about it!!!