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  1. 4rt repsol. Dropping engine speed

    Another possibility is a dirty fuel pump filter
  2. First Aid at Trials

    A fair few of clubs offer a free ride for providing an observer, how about a free ride for being a first aider? Certified and registered of course
  3. Faulty new kill switch?

    They're easy enough to take apart, small screwdriver between the two halves to release clips, clean up the contacts, check for any plastic flashing inhibiting movement of spring or contact, give spring a slight stretch, put back together and see if it works.
  4. Montesa 4rt new running in

    This is why every day is a school day, mystery solved cheers!
  5. Montesa 4rt new running in

    Owners manual is a bit vague regarding running in and when to change the oil etc "Operate the motorcycle for the first 20 minutes using not more than half throttle and shifting gears so that the engine does not lug" In the maintenance schedule it says to replace engine oil and oil filter after the first break in period and also to check valve clearances too. However I can't find any specification to the actual length of the break in period. I rode mine on and off for approx 2hrs then changed engine oil, gearbox oil and oil filter I did check the valve clearances after a few more hours running and was surprised to find that they were smaller than specified, which is the opposite of what I expected
  6. Kill switch

    You could try Connect your original two blue wires together, then take a wire from this connection to one wire of the lanyard and then connect the other lanyard wire to earth So that when you pull the cap off the kill switch, the current will go to earth rather than onto the coil
  7. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    Yes Berlingo has anchor points, or should have. Ratchet straps are best/easiest as is having a ramp to push it up Front wheel in first, put bike diagonally across load area, strap down bike I usually put one strap over swinging arm one side and on the other side through the frame near foot peg But depends on which bike you have Enjoy!
  8. Can someone identify these forks ?

    Possibly from a Chinese clone called a Flywing MX150 from 2004
  9. Trials Carrier - Covers

    A decent chain through the frame not the wheels (you can get a security chain through the frame just behind the front sprocket and above the chain on a 4rt) and a ground anchor bolted to the garage floor would be a good investment.
  10. SORN....

    After doing a bit of research - apparently if the last time the vehicle was taxed was prior to 1998 and has not been taxed since - then no SORN is required. However I'm not sure if this rule only applies until there is a change of owner I would have thought, that as I became the new owner in 2013, the DVLA would have chased me for not SORNing it by now, but then this is the DVLA we're talking about
  11. SORN....

    Have just checked online about my old TY175, it says tax due 1st Sept 1987 It's been registered to me for 3.5 years and I can't remember nor have I any proof that I declared a SORN So the dilemma is do I declare it SORN now before I get a letter or wait for the letter?
  12. Balance (again...)

    There's one way I found that improved my balance quite i bit, you don't need a bike and you can practice anywhere, although some folk might think you are a bit weird and that is to stand on one leg, when that leg has had enough stand on the other one.
  13. To Gas Gas Experts out there.

    I'm assuming both bikes have the same type of engine Is it A or B ?
  14. To Gas Gas Experts out there.

    I think it is a 200 made in May 2002 number 201 16 02 05 02 0201 16 = 200 (175cc) 02 = Model year 05 = Month manufactured 02 = Year of manufacture 0201 = sequential production number
  15. Riding buddy derbyshire

    Sorry not next weekend there's a trial at Loughborough, If you've got your ACU licence why not have a go, they do a beginners route and you have to start somewhere