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  1. Great work as usual... The event was awesome, not sure on the format for the first lap having each rider do a different section.
  2. What size is the nozzle? does it fit regular fuel cans or only theirs? .. had a look online and can't seem to find any specs.
  3. I've had mine for 6 months now.. Love the bike, came off a couple of other 300's before getting one. The bike rides great, the different maps really make a difference to the way it puts the power down, now things are getting wetter map 2 and 3 are getting used more and more. Power delivery is very smooth in them all but there's still plenty there when you give it more throttle. I made up a jump lead for the battery so if I need to I can just pop open the fuel cover and connect an alkaline one without having to take off the airbox cover and remove the battery, but to be honest I tend to just throw it on charge for a hour or so the night before I want to go out if I've not used the bike for a couple of weeks and it starts fine. Only thing I've done on mine is change the plug once and regular oil changes, (and a couple of levers and tyres as you would on any bike) everything still feels tight and precise on it particularly the rear linkage which on a lot of bikes develop slop pretty quick. I've let a few other people ride it, who are better than me, if they've asked when I've been out, and they've all been impressed with the bike. Also I think it looks the bolloks too and if you're going to have toys they may as well be good looking :-) I'll be keeping this through next year, I don't feel the need to change which I have done on the last couple... unless I get a big bonus and I can afford the Ti version :-)
  4. Several vids from Japan, Lots of footage. Not sure they're in exactly the right order, Not mine, just found them.
  5. 52 minutes of action from X-Trial des Nations :-) :-)
  6. TV Film have put their video on YouTube edit.. According to their FB page a 52min video will be coming soon :-)édération-Internationale-de-Motocyclisme-163410151329/?fref=ts