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  1. Try
  2. Also check fuel filter, happened to me and eventually realised fuel filter in tank full of crud, enough fuel getting through to ride but wouldn’t rev
  3. I used villiers services, they have a softer trials compound. Worked great and not expensive. Can’t tell you the material name if looking to do it yourself
  4. Depends what you are looking for, trophies or smiles. Also hugely depends on how much work / mods you would do. Most people riding "modern" pre 65 bikes are either using heavily modified frames or newer repro lighter frames, modern fork internals or new old style forks, rear shocks etc. Look at the work listed on a c15 for sale on here and the price! mine is a c15 and the difference between it as a slightly modified proper old bike to now is huge but it is still a big heavy lump. Now turns well, you feel the weight but sometimes that just helps make it hard to knock it offline! Haven't changed gearbox internals so first is as low as i need but result is about 25 mph in top Yes you can lift front wheel, but not the same way as your TY, needs more effort, engine has plenty of power for the stuff you would ride on an old bike. Beauty is it just plonks along and pulls great on hills, feels to have a lot of torque and grip. You can't ride it like a revvy 2 stroke, have to learn how a four stroke engine responds. My clutch is still very heavy but rarely use it in a section, it plonks down to almost dead stop and picks up well so no need to be slipping the clutch. Hard to say how much you would enjoy it, i smile more on mine than on my modern bike but some people have tried it and don't enjoy it. I ride it for fun not results (just as well or i'd be depressed) Think about how much work it needs, how far you want to go to improve it and how much you want to spend because it can become very expensive. In standard form it was never designed to do the things your Mont or TY were
  5. 10/42 works best for me, just slows down a very smooth bike already. But bigger difference is a slower action amal 80/200 throttle. That one works best as it is a straight swap with same cable just putting nipple on throttle end into the other hole i.e the hole next to standard set up on carb end. Standard throttle probably great for some but made huge difference to me
  6. 10/42 works for me and best throttle i found for it is the amal 80/200. Good throttle and simple swap. You will notice two holes for cable on the carb end of the cable. If change to amal simply put the nipple in the opposite hole to standard then the cable fits perfectly. Same action as domino slow action throttle
  7. Relays are very poor for use on trials bike in mud and water, they are open to elements, actual metal contacts exposed. After packing up twice i removed it and sealed it with tape inside old section of inner tube,but periodically check/wd40 inside.
  8. Just checking, do you say a new relay doesnt help, if it doesn't click it's duff they are prone to getting damp inside.. good clean out with wd 40 works if you email oset direct they are very helpful with problems/advice
  9. The pre 2016 models were based on 125 but the new ones are based on the 250, using 250 crankcases and a flywheel made for the 200. Remember reading that on the beta site.
  10. I think the beta rev n go/ gas gas boy/ sherco semi auto 50s will be too small either now or very quickly. Rev 50 was bigger and had 4 speed manual. Ty 80 were/are great but again will be too small before long. Beta 80 is the most up to date, hydraulic clutch 6 speed modern suspension but small wheel ones are harder to find depending on budget, more of the big wheel but best to try for size first
  11. I remember watching Rob Shepherd back in, well a long time ago, on his Honda 4stroke. People flocked to see him at the likes of the Scott to see him find grip where others were stuck it just seemed to go anywhere. Love the grip of my beta 4t just chugs away,so smooth and progressive but if it does spin it's gone
  12. Same dilema, went for the beta 80. He had a beta 50 to play on a while ago, alongside oset. It had so little power compared to the oset, clutch very heavy as not hydraulic. Rev n go are good starters if dont want to start on osets but if you have had oset stick with it until ready for medium wheel 80. It's a big step at that age and bit of backward one until gets used to controlling clutch, starting it and choosing gears after the simplicity of the oset which is so easy to ride and throw about,but kids learn quick and worth it in the long run. I didn't consider the oset 24, after 2 years on oset time to move on. Most importantly, he agrees and will keep both until fully ready
  13. I've used magicals progressive springs in other bikes, much improved over old worn springs. They are available for ty, worth the money
  14. First saw wavy discs on mountain bikes. Loads of claims regarding better heat dissipation, better self cleaning. If there is a difference that is noticeable over standard round discs, not just on a theory sheet, it is more likely to be felt on bike subject to prolonged hard breaking. Maybe someone has done a proper side by side comparison
  15. I'm no electronics guru so you will probs get a better answer, i had issues with relays due to them not being a sealed unit. If its same as my sons, under mudguard his packed in twice due to muck getting in. Once totally dead, another time intermittent cutting out( could hear it click on then go off.) i regularly take it off and clean/wd40 it. My charger also packed up with the flashing error and it would keep clicking. New one ordered and fine. Not sure where your lipos from if poss problem with the protection circuit re overcharging etc?mine are in sealed pack and reading over 48v when charged. poss try borrow a charger?