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  1. Sure someone will help you further but i have an inverter for sons Oset. Just check the watts the charger draws and make sure invertor is rated high enough. Can run it off the car/van as they have an alarm to warn you if battery is getting low but i bought a spare battery and it could easily power inverter for a full charge.
  2. I had the same, went to physio and was surprised. She said i had a rounded shoulder posture caused by bending forward and not helped by being tall. She gave me simple exercises to do to correct it and haven't had the problem since. Caused by a compressed nerve in my case. Go to a physio it cost me £45 wasn't worth waiting for a NHS appointment
  3. Petition on for a retiring police dog handler to be allowed to keep his dog, that has 138,000 signatures.. perhaps we should have an animal featured in this one and generate a bit of interest
  4. If there is a ray of light, maybe close to common sense, the European commision proposed to ammend the directive to include vehicles used "in traffic" yet to be defined and only in a public place.. public place includes place public has access to on payment but not on purely private land. Not suggesting we rely on that happening so yes keep getting people to sign petition
  5. Hi, to be honest it doesnt really matter as there is a trial every weekend run by one of the centre clubs and everyone welcome at all. I'm not far from you, joined the nearest club but ended up in one further afield just because of people i ended up riding with and i like to go out to help mark out trials.
  6. Hi, loads of opinions on bikes, everyone has theirs and none are wrong, just based on experience. A modern 125 is capable of doing pretty much anything then again a 250 is perfectly manageable with practice and many prefer the extra power.Thats before you decide on 2 stroke or 4. Assuming you want a modern bike buy the best you can justify, again people will advise on different makes depending on their experience. Beta 200 was always described as ideal starter bike but not many around. look at calendar on here and come along to any of the local trials(wooler this weekend) then you can ask people etc you will find everyone helpful, maybe find someone with bike for sale There's also a dealer in Blyth offroadmoto if you want to look at bikes new or used. local practice place is warden law at sunderland,they have an area if look up kartingnortheast you pay to use it. If get a bike join club and get licence then you'll get plenty advice if need it start on easy course and can always skip any sections you don't like at first. Best way to learn is to watch others and go do it
  7. Just read an article on an insurance law site which listed four options to deal with this, seems 3 are written as a paper exercise as the commissions preffered one, the one the government wants, is to limit the requirement of 3rd party cover to vehicles used "in traffic" suggested meaning of that is while used in transportation of people or goods, so don't use your trials bike to carry someone a can of petrol if they run out! I.e not sport/recreational use. Partly due to impact on sport and business but also as it could mean police having to deal with increased incidents as normal road accidents and the uninsured loss section of motor insurance bureau could cover the low number of claims.
  8. I have just sat and read the public consultation docs and impact assessment on the Euro directive re insurance. It's apparent that the Government do not have the option to ignore it (eu law!) and they list 2 options, the preferred one, in a nutshell would limit the number of vehicles it applies to. They acknowledge the likely collapse of motorsport if it's a requirement for 3rd party insurance across the board and the preffered option is to exclude motorsport but the frightening thing for Trials is that they talk about it being on land to which the public do not have access, I.e racing etc on a circuit. As trials courses are open to people to walk round we could be in trouble! No doubt the ACU etc are in the talks, fingers crossed for common sense!
  9. Gore wear mountain bike jacket, You get what you pair for to a great extent. If it's not goretex it's not waterproof , breathable too. Cheaper ones are shower proof and may be all you need, but a lot more money has been invested in mountain bike wear probably due to volume of sales. They fit snug enough not to get in the way but allow enough movement
  10. The standard batteries used to last a couple of hours turned up to full power,depending on use so I would charge the pack then use a volt meter to check each one on its own. They do occasionally need balancing as mentioned above, just use a 12v battery charger on each battery on its own, I had a cheep motorcycle battery charger. If after charging a battery is even showing 11.8 volts it's a dud and needs replacing, running one dud in the pack would certainly make a difference.
  11. If you are good at electronics you can buy all the stuff you need and do a lipo battery upgrade( plenty of discussions under electric bikes on this forum) I'm not so took the safer easier(yes more expensive) route of a ready made pack from boost bikes. Depending on terrain, speed etc they last up to 4 hours and save several kilos. Been worth every penny for the extra use he gets from the bike at a trial
  12. What a great present, pity car sos didn't do a programme with old bikes instead of just cars. Do you have the forks, just asking as I have just taken a pair of Bultaco Betors in excellent condition with new magicals progressive spring in off a pre 65 bike and intended trying to unite them with a Bultaco in need of some
  13. The video is what the Oset should be capable of, a few unwary adults have tried ours stood on it and opened throttle fully only to find the bike has pulled them off their feet due to the torque. Very manageable if you're expecting them. Afraid I'm no electronics expert but if you email they are very helpful
  14. There is definitely resistance when pushing the bike no doubt someone will be able to give the technical reason, but it's not like a petrol bike in neutral. Sorry to state the obvious but does yours the the power speed and response dials under the rubber cover below the key? My sons 48v 20 can still pull me along at a fair speed on flat and pulls me up a hill so I assume the 36v should still pull you ok, does it get up to speed with your son on. I haven't measured it but guess it's around 20mph. 12.7 v measured from a charged battery sounds right.
  15. My 8 year old is onto his second pair, just down to growing feet! Fit well, comfortable and 1st pair were still in great condition after 12 month when got too small. Not waterproof when paddling but they aren't chunky enough to cause any problems riding