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  1. I'm no electronics guru so you will probs get a better answer, i had issues with relays due to them not being a sealed unit. If its same as my sons, under mudguard his packed in twice due to muck getting in. Once totally dead, another time intermittent cutting out( could hear it click on then go off.) i regularly take it off and clean/wd40 it. My charger also packed up with the flashing error and it would keep clicking. New one ordered and fine. Not sure where your lipos from if poss problem with the protection circuit re overcharging etc?mine are in sealed pack and reading over 48v when charged. poss try borrow a charger?
  2. Water affects oset relay and throttle big time, they aren't sealed. Not a problem motor wise but the relay is open to elements and if it gets into throttle body can cause problems although wd40 can help( been there had both issues)
  3. Try wd 40 in the throttle body, problems i've had include damp in the main relay causing it to seize, but that's obvious because you hear it click if it's ok. Also had the same issue re wheel turning a few times then cutting out. Seems to have been damp inside as wd 40 cured it by squirting in gap at side of body, i always coverl it with a bag if washing bike and made a cover for it from old inner tube to keep most of the rain out. They don't like water!
  4. As above, just come along to a trial, say hello to the group with the kids you'll be very welcome kids entry normaly just a fiver and they get loads of time to ride round and practice too most weekends. For bigpie, look on website for list of local clubs with contact details, pick one, doesn't matter which and join, can do it online on acu site for some clubs. You get a unique ref number which you need to fill in an online trials licence form, on acu site in members area. Costs a tenner. There is a downloadable form you need to print and sign for kids.
  5. You probably already know but go to and members area to fill in trials licence application, you need to join club first to get a ref number. Doesn't matter which so maybe join the nearest incase you want to go to meetings. As above most clubs have a conducted course now run seperate to main trial, there's always an easy course included for younger kids/new starters, It's a proper trial for the kids but they have great fun too.
  6. Had that once on a car, turned out to be ht lead, carbon breaking down when hot, car conked out. Soon as cool again off it went. Not sure if theres anything you havent replaced that could cause that
  7. Hi, i don't have any experience of the sherco, gasgas boy only the beta. I'm sure the first two were good bikes , assuming you're looking for geared bike not a rev n go. Beta avaiable as you say with full size wheels or smaller with 17/19 inch. They are also the only new ones available so parts availability should be a consideration. My son just moved from oset to beta junior, he's 8 but tall, great bike. Not sure if the other makes, being older had hydraulic clutches, but that also makes a big difference as we had an older beta rev 50 and clutch was awful
  8. Sure someone will help you further but i have an inverter for sons Oset. Just check the watts the charger draws and make sure invertor is rated high enough. Can run it off the car/van as they have an alarm to warn you if battery is getting low but i bought a spare battery and it could easily power inverter for a full charge.
  9. I had the same, went to physio and was surprised. She said i had a rounded shoulder posture caused by bending forward and not helped by being tall. She gave me simple exercises to do to correct it and haven't had the problem since. Caused by a compressed nerve in my case. Go to a physio it cost me £45 wasn't worth waiting for a NHS appointment
  10. Petition on for a retiring police dog handler to be allowed to keep his dog, that has 138,000 signatures.. perhaps we should have an animal featured in this one and generate a bit of interest
  11. If there is a ray of light, maybe close to common sense, the European commision proposed to ammend the directive to include vehicles used "in traffic" yet to be defined and only in a public place.. public place includes place public has access to on payment but not on purely private land. Not suggesting we rely on that happening so yes keep getting people to sign petition
  12. Hi, to be honest it doesnt really matter as there is a trial every weekend run by one of the centre clubs and everyone welcome at all. I'm not far from you, joined the nearest club but ended up in one further afield just because of people i ended up riding with and i like to go out to help mark out trials.
  13. Hi, loads of opinions on bikes, everyone has theirs and none are wrong, just based on experience. A modern 125 is capable of doing pretty much anything then again a 250 is perfectly manageable with practice and many prefer the extra power.Thats before you decide on 2 stroke or 4. Assuming you want a modern bike buy the best you can justify, again people will advise on different makes depending on their experience. Beta 200 was always described as ideal starter bike but not many around. look at calendar on here and come along to any of the local trials(wooler this weekend) then you can ask people etc you will find everyone helpful, maybe find someone with bike for sale There's also a dealer in Blyth offroadmoto if you want to look at bikes new or used. local practice place is warden law at sunderland,they have an area if look up kartingnortheast you pay to use it. If get a bike join club and get licence then you'll get plenty advice if need it start on easy course and can always skip any sections you don't like at first. Best way to learn is to watch others and go do it
  14. Just read an article on an insurance law site which listed four options to deal with this, seems 3 are written as a paper exercise as the commissions preffered one, the one the government wants, is to limit the requirement of 3rd party cover to vehicles used "in traffic" suggested meaning of that is while used in transportation of people or goods, so don't use your trials bike to carry someone a can of petrol if they run out! I.e not sport/recreational use. Partly due to impact on sport and business but also as it could mean police having to deal with increased incidents as normal road accidents and the uninsured loss section of motor insurance bureau could cover the low number of claims.
  15. I have just sat and read the public consultation docs and impact assessment on the Euro directive re insurance. It's apparent that the Government do not have the option to ignore it (eu law!) and they list 2 options, the preferred one, in a nutshell would limit the number of vehicles it applies to. They acknowledge the likely collapse of motorsport if it's a requirement for 3rd party insurance across the board and the preffered option is to exclude motorsport but the frightening thing for Trials is that they talk about it being on land to which the public do not have access, I.e racing etc on a circuit. As trials courses are open to people to walk round we could be in trouble! No doubt the ACU etc are in the talks, fingers crossed for common sense!