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  1. Totally. I gotta say, I think a lotta luck was on his side there. Just the head slam alone could have sent him to the hospital. He looked like a rag doll hitting that concrete. Man.......
  2. I wince every time I see this.... amazing that he walked away from it.
  3. They did say a "minimum" of 3 weeks, let's hope they're close to that estimate. Totally could have been much worse, did you see that slam?? Was hard!!
  4. Speedy recovery wishes to Toni Bou!! His X trial fall this past weekend was a wicked one... Sounds like a minimum of 3 weeks out of competition. When was the last time both the #1 & #2 riders were out from injury? Hopefully, both are completely healed up and stay healthy for the outdoor TrialGP season. Trials Life!!
  5. I am planning on driving out from NC for the event. First timer. Hope it all works out - this sounds like a Bucket List trials event!!!
  6. At 12,500 Euro, the Gas GasTXTE will be out of reach for most all riders. (And a limited run of 200 bikes) That's more than a fistful of $$$!!!!
  7. Sad news, indeed. He also messaged me that he's having surgery on March 20. (likely to repair the meniscus) Big set back for all, he's such a great talent amongst the younger trials tribe. At least youth is on his side and I'm sure he'll get the finest of care and rehab.
  8. Geeez - I'd fly there just for the mud wrestling action!!!
  9. Gave out from that landing(s) - first onto the obstacle, then the jump onto the floor certainly compounded things. He was looking good - lots of potential there!
  10. Adam posted on IG that he hopes to make the next X-Trial in Seville. Will miss the upcoming Spanish championship round. And speaking of injuries, Farre gets MRI results this coming Fri. Hard hit he took on that jump at the last X-Trial! Wishing these 2 mates a speedy recovery!!!!
  11. Good to hear, literally! Ride on and enjoy that Ice Hell!!
  12. Wondering if you've replaced the o rings and if repaired?
  13. Not sure if you have "Shout"(or similar) stain remover on your side of the pond. If so, spray on the stain, let soak 15 mins, rub fabric to lift stain, toss in the wash. Gets out all grease, petroleum, mud, blood, bad karma, etc...
  14. I too was expecting great things after Vendee. Was really excited for him at this event. Hopefully GasGas will invest in some mental sports coaching for him. They dropped a ton of $$ to recruit him. All pros can have off days, for sure. But it's how you show up and move on that counts. That he just 'gave up' is really disheartening. He's got the talent, no doubt. He can do this, with the right coaching....
  15. WOW, what happened to Busto??? Melt down?? Flu?? Unreal....