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  1. I found that the needle position made a big difference to the low end grunt. Mine run's best with the clip almost to the bottom of the needle. (#130 Main jet)
  2. What weight oil do you guy's use on the 2016 models?
  3. Spark arrester required for U.S.A?
  4. Why don't you do what i did, turn the 2 piece fender into a one piece, then zap tie it on so it pops off rather than break off. I'm still on my 2013 fender on my 2016 evo 3004T, and i crash a lot. Remove the five bolts that hold the fender and airbox lid to the bike. Put two screw's, sideways into the hole of the airbox lid, (this makes it a one piece unit) make sure to trim about 4-5 mm off the bottom of the hole so the fender fits flush. You will need to use a shorter, lower bolt for the rear of the plastic lid that holds the air filter in place. Carry a 6 zap ties in your gear bag. I use one zap tie on the front holes, and can get one zap tie thru the rear hole beside the muffler (4t and 2T) Airbox is too close to the frame to slip one thru on the other side. So in the end you have the 3 zap ties and under the fender the lip also helps hold it on. I also melt some hot glue into the top of the hole to prevent water dribbling in thru to the filter, (remember you had to cut the bottom of the airbox lid to go over that rear filter retaining bolt)
  5. Flipped my 2016 Evo 300 4t upside down once in the bush's, took a while to get to it. Went to start it, backfired and blew the carb right out of the boot!
  6. If the bike was running good before you took the carb apart, then you have obviously done something wrong. One of your jets is blocked? Take the jets out and look thru them for a blockage. Float's properly set?
  7. I have put an Ohlins on the rear of my 2016 Factory, (after a rebuild it works pretty good, last half of the compression dampening was set 20% harder, at 245 pounds with gear i was bottoming too harsh, even with the heaviest spring) love the forks the way they are. The forks on the 2017 Factory not as good as the 2016s, but i haven't got around to playing with it. I would rather ride than didile with my knobs(suspension)!
  8. Happy with my front forks, Techs are a little better. Used to have the Marzoochies, they where crap.
  9. Beta should seriously look at putting the Reiger or Ohlins rear shock on the Factory model, now that would be a nice upgrade! I tried my friends new 2018 GG 250 with the Ohlins shock the other day, loved it, very nice. He said it worked better than the Rieger that came on his 2014 GG.
  10. No changes here, nice to know my 2016 4T 300 and my 2017 2T 250 don't need to be upgraded!
  11. You can make the bike easier to ride buy using the slow (black) throttle tube. I believe most British bikes came with a heavier flywheel. Can alway's add an extra gasket to the bottom of the barrel, lowering the compression. Ideally a 200cc Beta is the best bike out there for a newbie.
  12. I have heard of one nearly new 2016 300 2t blowing a 2 inch hole out of the top of the engine case on the right side, just under the carb. In that case the dealer sent the engine back to Beta and a new replacement motor was sent back to dealer. Never heard what caused the problem. This is the only one ever heard about out of hundreds of Beta trials bikes sold in Canada over the last twenty or more years.
  13. Don't forget your front and rear wheel bearings, if you don't peel the outer rubber cover off and add some grease they won't last 9 months.
  14. Can't go wrong with either one, newer is better, less hours? Smaller, lighter rider, or no experience would prefer the 250. Put it on a stand and feel how much play in the rear linkage and the wheel bearings, headstock. Any chips or scratches in the front forks. Leaking seals. Does it need a new chain and sprockets, any loose spokes? I all way's look at who i'm buying from. Is his garage neat and tidy? does he look after his stuff. Or is there crap and garbage laying everywhere?
  15. Why wouldn't you want to take it all apart? Everything has to be greased anyways. Not a lot of grease in there to begin with, and on two of my new Betas i found that the bushings/washers had broken a portion off, thus would have let in water in. While your at it (and you have the rear wheel off) get a couple of little picks and carefully remove the outer seal of the wheel bearings and grease them too! Unless your one of those guy's who gets a new bike every year!