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  1. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    I believe the silencer is different as well on the Super smooth model.
  2. 2018 Beta Evo 200 clutch drag

    Have yet to take my 2017 Factory 250 clutch a part and do "the fix" yet. Happy with stock.
  3. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    I'll settle for a shorter rear fender without the spear on the end made out of a less brittle plastic, and new stickers!
  4. Evo Clutch side additional weight

    On Adventure Rider, under Trials section, click on the Beta thread, there's a whole article including part #s required. I believe it's going to cost you about 300$ for both parts.
  5. Lighter clutch

    I took out one of the thicker fiber clutch plate's (3mm) and replaced it with one of the thinner 2.7mm ones. Big difference, very easy to pull now. Haven't cooked a clutch yet and i can be hard with it in 3rd gear at times. It's mentioned in the Beta Clutch fix at the top of the index page.
  6. Security screw on intake manifold

    Yep, bunch of stinkers, my 2017 Factory was the same. Do they really think your going to bring your bike back to the stealership because of a few screws?
  7. Jitsie mixture screw

    I got an aftermarket one from a Suzuki DRZ 400 (same Mikuni carb). It fell out a few day's later. Back firing, flames (unburnt gas) coming out of the pipe, as long as i kept the revs high i was able to make it back to the truck. The crappy part was having to buy a complete rebuild kit to get the replacement spring and washer. Put the original mixture screw back in and never bothered adjusting it again. It's not like you need to adjust it that often.
  8. Jumping out of 2nd Gear

    My 2013 300 2t fell out of second a lot, i would all way's shift to first then second and ride around a bit before entering a section. If i shifted into second from neutral it had a better possibility of happening. It all way's happened soon after making the shift. Didn't seem to matter if it was a warm or cold gearbox. My 2014 3002t and my 2017 2502t have only done it once or twice. My 2016 3004T never.
  9. Beta 4t

    I found the stock main jet size was way too small (stock is a 120), ended up running a 130, also noticed that the clip on the needle makes a huge difference. Mine get's a lot more low end grunt running the clip on it's 2nd lowest position. It's a 2016 300 4T Factory edition with the ti pipe.
  10. Generator/radiator fan

    Did you take the grounding bolt (under the rear fender) out and file off some of the paint, then apply some dielectric grease, worked for my 2017 Factory.
  11. Bought a new 17' factory 300! What does it need?

    Skagit Power Sports in Burlington Wash. sells Gasgas and TRS. Garry Lawyver (one of the owners) competes as well. Might want to ask him about Ioco, Squamish, Brittania, and Whistler B.C. Trials heaven.
  12. 2016 Evo 4t fork oil Quantity.

    6 wt, that's what i thought, Maxima sells a 7 wt oil, mixed it 50/50 with 5 wt. Couldn't get my plastic sleeve out of the tube on the spring side, so just put in the same amount that came out.
  13. 2011 Beta Evo 300 4T not running right

    I found that the needle position made a big difference to the low end grunt. Mine run's best with the clip almost to the bottom of the needle. (#130 Main jet)
  14. 2016 Evo 4t fork oil Quantity.

    What weight oil do you guy's use on the 2016 models?
  15. FIM North America Series

    Spark arrester required for U.S.A?