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  1. YAMAHA have a new TY

    They really like their endos!
  2. Goggles or not?

    If the glasses are light enough you could just leave them on all the time (?) I found goggles to be a faff to be honest, and have previously worn cycling sunglasses for the entirety of a trial without issues (though obviously that was on a nice sunny day, lol)
  3. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Any idea how strong it needs to be? It looks like it's an even cheaper alternative to molasses
  4. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Well, I guess moasses has the advantage of being cheap! I think I'll have to swill out the tank and have a proper look to see how bad it is ...
  5. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    If you're completely new to motorbikes, I'd really recommend starting on a 125. A 2 stroke 125 has enough power, but not too much if you go a bit whiskey throttle, and is a bit lighter so easier to drag out of a hole should you get stuck / fall off. Some 4T bikes are apparently more harsh on the throttle compared to 2T ones of the same size (I don't know this personally, I've never been able to afford a 4T, lol), so if you're used to riding dirt bikes throw what you know about power bands out the window ...
  6. It's VERY different practicing that stuff on a trials bike, much closer to being on a mountain bike than a trail bike!
  7. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    A quick google tells me the liner is called "flowliner" ... I guess if it's worth doing it's worth doing right! I'd like to get a Majesty tank at some point, but having the original too would be nice in case of doing some distance I'll see what I can scrounge up to wash it out with, perhaps a mix of that acid and some self-tappers would be the ideal combination though - I don't really care what the inside of my tank looks like as long as it's not falling off in chunks, lol Thanks for all the replies though, it's great to see so many options!
  8. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    Had a fuel leak from my filter on Sunday, figured it wasn't a problem I'd just bypass it ... except that the filter has been doing a lot of filtering, and I could see all the rust going down to the carb after putting a new clear hose on (fortunately didn't try to start the bike, so I don't need to rebuild the carb!) So ... what's the best way to clear out the worst of the rot from a steel tank? I just want it to be ok through this summer really, not worried about a permanent fix. So far the suggestions are lead shot, vinegar, or just swill it out with fuel.
  9. Wavy discs Why ?

    On my mountain bike the wavy disks get rid of mud / water much better than the solid ones I used to have ... I used to have to pull the calipers off at least every week to clean them (crud in them caused vibration that went through the whole frame and was super noisy), after swapping they've only had to come off once since last october.
  10. TY 175 rebuild

    It's probably not worth going to an OKO unless you're changing the air box and exhaust BTW, the original carbs are very good at what they were designed for
  11. BOOTS!

    The low ankle Formas will be very different to the Boulders, they have a lot of ankle protection ... and calf protection, which was a big draw for me as I kept bruising my calves when I first started with cheap boots!
  12. YAMAHA have a new TY

    Or maybe it'll end up more affordable and thus a better seller ...?
  13. YAMAHA have a new TY

  14. Another Pensioner.

    My partner bought her old CBR from an elderly gentleman who had reached the point where it was too heavy for him to handle, he was going to get a 125 to trundle about on. Conversely, most of the road bikers with "superbikes" I know are in their 30s or 40s (I'm assuming most people think any faired bike is a "superbike" lol) I'll be on bikes one way or another until I'm either dead or not safe to ride
  15. Trials club around Lake Maggiore Italy

    Until all the trees have been cut down ...