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  1. For a late '50s / early '60s street bike I think that looks good, certainly more attractive of some of the other efforts of the time ... the chain cover is a nice addition
  2. This has been my experience too, false economy I'm afraid!
  3. Interesting different approach compared to EM, I wonder how it would do if sandbagged up to 65Kg (or whatever the minimum weight is ...?)
  4. Yes, colour / design is important to me; every time I pull the cover off of any of my bikes I want to be thinking "Aww yeah, that looks so cool!" The Repsol 4RTs are very pretty IMO, and the Sherco Factorys in fluro colours are perhaps the most eye catching. I'm going to be doing something interesting with my old TY, too ...
  5. Worth oiling the cable and greasing the lever pivot too ... that simple stuff has a habit of sneaking up on you! I didn't realise the arm extender was a thing though, definitely going to get me one of those
  6. Yeah, we're in the middle of rebuilding the back end now and it's taking some creative engineering to sort out! As for range, my XT250 has a desert tank on, the ideal would be if we could do 2 days of trails without needing to find a petrol station!
  7. Mmm, I'm hoping to shave a bit of weight off my 84Kg TY175 ... spoilt by the Gasgas, that's the problem!
  8. Good idea with the panniers! I'll also check in Spain ... need to brush up on my Spanish first, mind ...
  9. Does anyone know of any tanks that might fit in a Pampera that are bigger than stock? (6L) There used to be a desert tank available for them, but they're long out of production Just thought I'd check before faffing around with auxiliary tanks etc
  10. This would be Donald "I dodged the draft twice" Trump who is supposed to be brave now? The one who took the mick out of the parents of a dead serviceman? The one who won't even visit here in case protesters hurt his feelings?
  11. Hmm, that's going to be a handfull then!
  12. If I can pick up my tall 120Kg XR on my own, then I'm sure a low 138Kg would be alright (on the sort of terrain you can actually tackle on that bike!)
  13. I don't think environmentalists wanted change, they wanted things to not change ... given the failure rate of existing pipelines, and that they've caused lots of damage, it doesn't seem unreasonable to resist their installation
  14. I have a couple of JDC covers off of ebay for about £20, they're nice and thick material and have been waterproof so far! (my street and trail bikes have to live outdoors)
  15. Doesn't look like it protects the bike from road salt or prying eyes