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  1. Because now, for much less money than a trials bike, you can get a nice full suspension mountain bike which doesn't need mucking about with premix or cleaning air filters every week, can be ridden anywhere, doesn't annoy people with noise, etc etc. ... and for most people it scratches the same itch. Possibly.
  2. With the short notice is there any way to promote the event? Like email lists or something? It's a shame I'm so far away, I'd love a go at it!
  3. My local club know how useless I am, if I miss one particular gate that I don't feel confident getting around they don't mark it; it does take a bit of pressure off me, even though I'll be in last place anyway, lol
  4. Those were Imperial hours back then, much bigger than today's namby-pamby european hours!
  5. Thanks, but I'd like to avoid MSM if I can! I'll just ring around a few places and see how I get on
  6. Who is a good insurer for my TY? I need to insure it with the frame number so I can register it (got everything else ready already, just need a cover note)
  7. I find it exhausting, I can imagine someone less bloody-minded being put off by it.
  8. There's not a vast difference, some makes have specific years to avoid due to a known problem and older bikes will probably be harder to find some parts for, but the weight and handling etc will be about the same. The more modern machines like to have more regular maintenance than the old twin shocks, though - lots of oil changes and air filter cleaning. It's the price you have to pay for having a bike that's under 70Kg!
  9. The Contact is changing to electric start, with the battery under the seat (which I guess means the seat is permanent now?) There's marketing blurb about it and the TXTe maybe becoming a production bike in On the Pegs
  10. IIRC Autograss is the biggest participant motorsport for cars, and nobodies heard of that, either
  11. Trials schools seem to be very expensive and out of my price range, which is reasonable considering it's the instructors' livelihood and they usually have bikes and gear to buy / maintain. My small friendly local club has been a huge help in learning, and I count myself lucky in that! I don't understand that, either ... I average about 3000 points per trial, but love it. Perhaps that's a case of people with unrealistic expectations and being over competitive (?) in which case the last thing needed for the sport is for them to be pandered to.
  12. It'd be nice if there was a quicker way to sign on for events; eg. turn up and book in on your phone (using an app that knows your details), pay through paypal, and just collect your number. Also, if you have a listing that just says something like "Farmer's Wood" and the postcode on an events page, it's a bit offputting. Having a photo or two of previous events there, maybe a link to a video, gives people an idea of what to expect and might help encourage those who are on the fence about going. Few clubs appear to have an online guide for newbies (like, here are the nearest loos, the stages are usually around this area, you can park over there, etc etc), or an introductory video about the club ... that's the sort of thing new riders would appreciate regardless of age.
  13. I second that ... I'm up to my elbows in resto-modding my TY, if I didn't have my Gasgas to wail on I'd have been despondant by now. Also, trials in winter are great fun (apart from the odd bit when you sink up to your hubs in mud, etc) and an essential part of the experience
  14. That looks good, it's not like the chains all rusty etc ... best to start on something that's not all shiny anyway
  15. I don't have a solution, but as a new-ish 40+ rider when I look at classic trials in continental Europe it looks like a nicer setup - taped courses where you can just get from the start to the end as a beginner (or someone who isn't competitive and just wants to have fun), with a small number of tricky gates for the A and B riders. It looks like it makes it easier to understand on the day, and makes more sense when you're watching a video of it too. Is there areason why this is rare to see in the UK? Is the tape too much faff?