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  1. It'll be worth it, awesome bike when it's done
  2. They're good on trails as-is, 5th gear is a road gear and the steering angle, stability at moderate speed, etc, is all fine ... beyond that, you'd be trying to make it into something it's not, which never works very well - a better idea would be to get an old trail bike instead
  3. After 30 years of riding dirt and road, I was very happy to start on a 125 Gasgas. It could haul my 170lbs around no problem for technical stuff, and made learning a lot easier than on a larger bike - you're searching for traction, learning how to use momentum, etc, not blasting over a tabletop or dragging a knee!
  4. Maybe we just have the knack
  5. I just got Cherry brand off ebuy, I think you can get it at most cobblers and maybe even some supermarkets alongside the shoe polish
  6. It's awesome stuff
  7. A set of Magicals springs transforms the original TY175 forks, worth changing at the same time IMO There's at least one top level twinshock rider successful on the 175 forks, so I'm not worried about a little flex
  8. I only start the 349 with my left leg, far easier than using your right. It lets you tilt the bike away from you a bit, so you're less likely to slip off (I can't do that easily when sat on the bike) And yes, I'd never start that bike without decent boots on!!
  9. I hated my Formas when I got them, but TBH they've grown on me ... I wore them for a few trials and just suffered through it, then started giving them a lot of dubbin after every time they needed jet washing (I let them dry first). I also glued tough leather patches on the wear points, and by the looks of things they're going to last a long time and stay comfy now
  10. In my experience, I just keep wearing and washing my stuff like usual and the stains go away in due course - repeated washing wears clothes out, so I don't do it if I can avoid it!
  11. As a solid member of the coming last club, I commend you for your efforts! (I'm just too busy having fun at trials to be competitive )
  12. Given the amount of damage there, you really need to replace it otherwise you'll probably lose more inner tubes! Ask at your local club if anyone has a good second hand tyre kicking around, as having rounded knobbles doesn't affect beginner riding very much
  13. Next they'll be asking the deer not to make their own paths
  14. That's one of the reasons I'd love an electric bike, people in general will be more chilled when you're riding in a legally grey manner ... hopefully in the next 5 years or so I'll be able to get an off-the-shelf kit for the TY
  15. However there are lots of unpaved roads which are legal to ride on, as with green lanes here some of them have trials-y bits beside them which can be used for practice