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  1. My side stand is original as far as I can tell and is also way too short (like, it'll fall over) ... going to make up a tubular one instead, so it sits more like my Gasser (slightly more angle than a road bike, but mot much)
  2. That would make cloning bikes so easy, theives everywhere would love it if that were done!
  3. You can't transfer meaningful data over bluetooth from driving past someone, they'd have to be close for at least 20 seconds
  4. I imagine that keeping the Ossets together makes herding them easier and avoids them getting under people's feet through the rest of the day, so a saving in queing over all
  5. If they're E4 compliant does it mean they have ABS on the front? Or is that a future requirement?
  6. But trials doesn't have radical cooling requirements, so why would anyone bother? Unless it's lighter than water ...
  7. Damn, and I just bought some for the TY ...
  8. I really haven't! They were on my watch list, but the listing expired
  9. Are THESE any good or useful? Seems like a little extra travel would be nice, but I have to wonder if it comes at a cost
  10. The worst circles of hell are reserved for que jumpers I don't think challenging them sinks you to their level but rather elevates you as someone willing to stand up for common decency!
  11. I bought a car with a dual-socket tow bar on for £400, it's done about 15k miles in two years and is still going fine, just sailed through it's MOT again
  12. Avoid the NJB 'clubman' oil filled shocks, however - had some new ones on the TY when I bought it and they gave period correct performance (ie. crap by modern standards)
  13. If you're serious you could talk to the guys at TYTrials and Yamaha Majesty to see if they would buy into it. It's certainly something I'd be tempted to get if it were available! (though not right now as I have many other things to spend money on in my TY rebuild)
  14. Ah ok, I shouldn't have assumed then, lol Oh well, that means more money for other bits like alloy spacers, axles, etc Thanks guys!
  15. In a couple of weeks I'll hopefully start putting my TY back together (slowly); the wheels need some TLC anyway, so I'm wondering if it's worth saving up and going to alloy rims if I'm having them rebuilt anyway (?) Also, are there any particular brand ones that need to be avoided? I'd like to shave a little off it's stock 84Kg weight, and figured the unsprung stuff might be the best area to start in