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  1. Mmm, the "pausing" really doesn't appear to make all that much difference from regular trials ... love the high-speed qualifying bit though Mr. Warner's accent really grates for me, which is a shame as it was otherwise a great video
  2. It's lighter? Also, well done for winning the prize for not reading the post you're quoting Nothing wrong with some friendly debate about this sort of thing, better than sitting on your hands!
  3. If it's a problem, mark sections out for heavy bikes and give light bikes a handicap ... people would get over it. From my point of view, I'm just not physically capable of handling a heavy bike, otherwise I'd be saving up for a Sherpa 'cause they look lush (and the left-foot rear brake and kickstart would be fantastic)
  4. A fully modern Majesty-ised TY175; 'cause it's light, nimble, reliable, easy for parts, and can be built from a cheap and cheerful regular TY175
  5. Old enough that when I say I've taken up trials most of my friends look at me funny
  6. Interesting, you learn something new every day!
  7. It's 19 for an A2 license (up to 48hp, IIRC)
  8. So is there not a choice of replacement shoes for old Montys?
  9. Emergency snow globe, 'natch
  10. Hmm, very interesting! Given that I'm very likely going to want to drag the back of the bike around by hand and very unlikely to do big drop-offs, I think it'll stay
  11. Well at the moment it's a bare frame that's getting Majest-ised, so no loss in riding time to be had
  12. Is it worth loosing the back mudguard loop, a la Majesty? Is there anything needed to brace the two sides in lieu of it? I kinda like having it for dragging the back about, but I'm also keen to shave some weight ...
  13. If you're in the UK you'll be restricted to a 125 until you're 16 IIRC (which is plenty of power anyway), a good used Gasgas or Sherco is probably the best way to go as parts and maintenance are easy for them. Trials is very different from motocross or trail riding, so be prepared for a steep learning curve!
  14. Does that help?
  15. Maybe Suzukis just use more oil then