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  1. The guy who is teaching me to weld hates gloves as they reduce feel, but I always wear them. Last week I managed to weld a bit that was neat enough he reconned it was better than his ... I'd say reticense over gloves is just being awkward with no real benefit, but they're your hands
  2. What positive actions has Trump taken? Also, yes you're right - we should take a lead from Trump and afford him the same respect that he gave to President Obama
  3. Thanks guys, I'll double-check from now on! The Thames Valley event looks good, I may well come along (there's also one closer to me, but it's nice to have a change of scenery!)
  4. So I turned up to this event today, only to be told the trial was last week (aparently it was really good) ... a little while ago there was another trial that appeared on the list for a couple of weeks and then disappeared the day before ... I can understand how difficult it is to co-ordinate the ACU events list, but is this a common problem? Is there anywhere alse I can check for cross-club events in the UK?
  5. Also women, the Pope, Jewish people ... and anyone who likes treating others with respect ... and most of the rest of the world Meanwhile Trump supporters include Kim Jong Un, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, and Robert Mugabe - much better!
  6. Their .com site is still up, FWIW
  7. Awesome, not only did I get a bingo from Steveo's comment, but ticked every single box on my card
  8. That looks really neat - good job!
  9. I have an '04 Gasgas 125, it's pulled my ~13 stone posterior around just fine so far (I'm a novice, FWIW)
  10. I'll have a look with that in my search terms, thank you
  11. I'll just pop this link here with the results etc
  12. Mmm, I look forward to one day having a left kicker & brake (though that's more to do with have a bad right knee) Or better yet, an electric bike with nothing but footpegs down there!
  13. Maybe go to a physio then? They'd be able to tell if it's a trapped nerve or something
  14. Have you spoken to a doctor about it?
  15. Yeah, I can understand that ... though with a Latvian farm worker endangering all European motorsport maybe that kind of thinking would be the lesser of two evils