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  1. I had exactly the same problem with my Montesa. New iridium plug sorted issue. Never fails to amaze me, how easy my bike starts even after weeks sat doing nothing. It is definitely a push more than Gas Gas style kick.
  2. Yes they very much do, currently at development stage, give your name to Nick at Vertigo and he will contact you when the Bike is ready to test.
  3. Agree I was an observer, the iPad scoring was interesting as well ( backed up with punchcard as stopgap until technology proven) Not sure if 4 observers per section would work for club trials however ! you could download an app to keep up to speed on who was leading, which was very interesting. This I understand is part of big picture for mass audience appeal. Thoughts on the future !
  4. I think you will be ok with a 250 bearing in mind your past off-road exp
  5. Not sure if this applies to this model but later 4rts, it is quite usual to fit a 9 front sprocket which slows bike down and may assist you..
  6. S3s arrived quickly last week courtesy of splatshop. Fitted and they are superb. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  7. I think you have to pay
  8. I moved a few months ago from a Sherco 250 2006 which was an excellent bike, just fancied a change as bike was getting old , to a 2015 mint 4rt which I got a good deal on, still getting used to it but first impressions are good, the build is excellent, brilliant on the moors ( sounds great when you open it up), best clutch I have ever had, still however going through adjustment period, as different technique required, so whilst it feels better, debate if any better in reality at this stage. Only problem I had with 4rt was starting it at outset, a new iridium plug solved that. On the basis you only ride once a month, I suspect you are like me ( no Toni Bou or jrsunt ) so adjustment may not be so critical as starting point lower for our level. I would also say go for it and join the 4rt club.
  9. Thanks everyone. I have ordered S3 hardrocks
  10. Dabba, I will have just rechecked the aftermarket ones on close examination are not apico, they sit at a different angle so yes you may be right apico ones may fit if the angle is adjustable. What pegs do you use.
  11. I noticed at the weekend the foot pegs on my Sons Sherco 2015 ( 125) are not a patch on the Apico wide studded foot pegs I have on my Montesa 4RT. The Montesa ones I have are more akin to mountain bike pedals with excellent grip, they do not fit the Sherco hence post, for alternative good foot pegs as I am going to buy new foot pegs for the Sherco. I would appreciate information on the best after market foot pegs ones everyone uses, that will fit a Sherco. I am looking from a grip perspective.
  12. To the average club rider, does the difference between your modern standard shocks and your ohlin or similar upgrade make that much difference. A expert rider told me, he doubts it. is this view shared. Fully appreciate fantic shocks and modern standard mono shocks are very different.
  13. Try a new plug iridium if tank vent is not the problem
  14. I went through the same pain with my sons bike, gas gas pro 125 I could start it ( not first kick ) he could not easily, excellent bike in superb condition, just hard to start, bit the bullet and bought Sherco 125 which starts first time. Whilst it is definitely a matter of technique, Gas Gas are clearly not the easiest bikes to start. Ironically the gas gas was previously owned and maintained by factory Kev, it was his Sons bike.
  15. Even if he had completed and the weather was normal for the Scottish, Toni admits he is not at his best in mud in commentary, but still destroys field. I suspect that James was disappointed with his result and also potentially Jack Price ( although clearly Jack is still very young and on steep learning curve and still improving rapidly) Big question is who will be next trials superstar to threaten Toni. I would be interested in thoughts.