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  1. To the average club rider, does the difference between your modern standard shocks and your ohlin or similar upgrade make that much difference. A expert rider told me, he doubts it. is this view shared. Fully appreciate fantic shocks and modern standard mono shocks are very different.
  2. Try a new plug iridium if tank vent is not the problem
  3. I went through the same pain with my sons bike, gas gas pro 125 I could start it ( not first kick ) he could not easily, excellent bike in superb condition, just hard to start, bit the bullet and bought Sherco 125 which starts first time. Whilst it is definitely a matter of technique, Gas Gas are clearly not the easiest bikes to start. Ironically the gas gas was previously owned and maintained by factory Kev, it was his Sons bike.
  4. Even if he had completed and the weather was normal for the Scottish, Toni admits he is not at his best in mud in commentary, but still destroys field. I suspect that James was disappointed with his result and also potentially Jack Price ( although clearly Jack is still very young and on steep learning curve and still improving rapidly) Big question is who will be next trials superstar to threaten Toni. I would be interested in thoughts.
  5. Sensational, I doubt this will ever be repeated. Young Tom Minta or Jack Price clearly also did very well however Dougie takes things to a new level. As a " old " new member of the montesa 4rt club, I can only dream of performing at this level. The question now is, who is the next winner, Dougie, Minta, Price, Bou or one of the numerous younger Yorkshire riders that are getting better every week.
  6. They in the past have been non locals coming up for the trial early to get some illegal practice in. They were a complete nuisance in Glen Nevis last year. The locals know where you can practice
  7. The DC rack is excellent far better and quicker to load and safer than a trailer. I lift Bike on, then tie back wheel to rack post with rope, then as per turbofurball, next strap over the seat, tie it down, then second around the handlebars (on the side nearest the car). Takes less than a couple of minutes when you get used to it. Make sure you have decent heavy duty tie down straps, my biggest issue initially was finding decent straps as a lot of ratchet straps are not that good in my experience. I found excellent heavy weight straps in RAS Sport in Brighouse which were not that expensive.
  8. I have just done this on my sons new bike st2015, you do not need to take the exhaust off, only the fuel tank. on saying that it makes sense to take exhaust off at same time to check brake fluid level in rear reservoir and change rear brake pads if required at same time and repack exhaust ( again if read) Alternatively take to dealer
  9. Very sad, trials as we know it,only exists because of people like Michael. It has been a absolute pleasure knowing you. Rest in Peace and I am sure you will clean all the sections in the Sky for many years to come.
  10. I have got fed up with towing a 2/3 bike trailer and am planning selling it and buying a van. The van is to hold 2 trials bikes. i have a newish Fiat Doblo LWB in mind. i would welcome comments from owners of small vans , particularly Doblo owners, and smallest feasible engine size.
  11. Just about to try one tomorrow, I thought they were great starters have I been misinformed!
  12. Apico flex levers very happy with price, straight levers despite many falls and also increased ability to fine tune levers. The latter particularly on the clutch lever is particularly impressive. It was a hard choice initially but after speaking to Chris Pearson and looking at different types of levers, I settled for the Apico trials version sold by Splat Shop.
  13. Mud

    Agree with comments in addition are you giving it enough throttle at outset.
  14. Excellent place treat yourself to a new bike. Then enter a trial a lot of excellent clubs such as Darwin, Rochdale, Horsforth, Bolton and many others run easy routes to get people into trials.
  15. Thanks on balance I will change them. They are a couple of years old and getting rounded on edges.