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  1. new montesa parts availability

    Thanks for the link to the 2017 , I was not finding that one yet. the advice about the chain is correct as well. i've been looking and u cant find any chain in the states as light weight and durable as the oem. Also would like to purchase the long kickstart as well so my wife can have more joy attempting to start the 2015 4rt we bought for her. im looking to keep my bike all oem , I find that's the cheapest route in the long run most of the time. noticing now what I need is more available than I thought , I had forgotten how to find the part numbers and work with them.
  2. new montesa parts availability

    thanks jimmy, I need to use google more often, didn't think of that.
  3. Montesa 4RT Idle Speed with Induction Tach

    with my single cylinder close proximity tachometer I have to set the rpm to 900/950 to achieve the proper idle of 1800/1850 . this has led me to think its only firing on the power stroke somehow
  4. new montesa parts availability

    what I was really wanting to know is if any honda dealers have made the microfiche available to the public . I would like to be able to choose my own parts and purchase and have them sent to my shop. that's how I maintain all the other bikes in my riding and racing program. im not interested in trying to communicate with a parts guy at a dealership, thats not how it works anymore . I just called my favorite parts distributor and requested that they look at making montesa parts available thru their program, hopefully that solves my problem.
  5. new montesa parts availability

    Oh , thanks lineaway I did not know that.
  6. new montesa parts availability

    Im wondering if the recent increase in new montesa 4rt bikes in the states might help with parts availability. I know I can get parts thru exclusive distributors, but I would like to be able to go on Hondas microfiche and select and purchase parts thru my own choice of distributor.
  7. Montesa 4rt Clutch clean

    I would put in new hydraulic fluid on the clutch system first if u have not yet
  8. Honda tl125

    hello , the Honda tl is a great bike, check out my wifes post in Honda as "happy new year". we love our tl's . both bikes were built from ebay parts and the 250 painted by me in the garage. the 125 is a new oem tank with original paint,
  9. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Good morning Lineaway, I hear you about the warranty, but that's not the point. the sport of trials needs new participants. I personally don't see any company beside Honda working to bring anyone new into the sport. Honda has posted up the bike on their international website and welcomed one and all to come get a bike and try this wonderful discipline of trials motorcycling, that's what started this post, Honda making a bike accessible to this gentleman.
  10. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Hey Black, I feel like everyone missed the point here. the Honda montesa cota is first and foremost designed to bring in new riders to the sport of trials. in true Honda fashion its a bike that can satisfy beginners thru expert alike. maybe its not the favorite of folks that have trialed all their life and know where to get the low volume brands that might be lighter and more maneuverable than a cota . u didn't get excited about buying a sherco or beta or gas gas , u got excited about a cota because it was accessible. and u know there is a large company behind that product to support u in case of any issues it may have. so being a Honda fan is actually a good reason to get into trials in spite of what some here might think. I had been waiting for years to get into trials as a lifetime motorcyclist having had nearly 30 new bikes in my riding career. but it wasn't till the Honda showed up that I pulled the trigger and got in as a beginner buying a 2015 260. now I practice on a trials bicycle daily and have vintage tl Hondas I built for my wife so we can ride at her level. she loves her tl125. check out the pictures in Honda forum under the "happy new year" post. I could say more but I should stop here. flame on everyone
  11. Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    I would replace the carburetor inlet needle and seat. on two stroke engines the vibration from the engine wears the inlet needle and it starts to not control the inlet fuel perfectly and will cause a rich condition. on my arctic cat snowmobile I used to have to put new inlet needles in every season or the engine would not run right thru the second season with the worn inlet needles. it would be rich and down on power. if u inspect the inlet needle and it has any visible wear at all on the tip it is bad. the wear is actually not the tip but a ring around the tip where the needle sits on the seat.
  12. TL 125s front forks

    there should be a stopper ring or a c clip visible. and the bolt is supposed to be m6x8. I think the clip has been lost and the upper spring seat has been staked into place.

    the idle mixture screw will have no effect because the engine is running rich from the main jet bleeding a small amount of fuel. when u pull the throttle u move the needle out of the main jet. and the engine runs on a combination of the idle circuit and the main circuit. when the throttle is released the needle jet has to fully plug the main jet or the engine will display all the symptoms u are talking about. because its running partly on the main with the needle jet not positively held u can never tune the carb.

    have u pulled the slide and checked that the needle is held from moving up. I think u are getting extra fuel not air causing the run on
  15. Monty 4ride oil ?

    the fluid in the clutch hose has broken down at the slave cylinder. if u look thru the inspection windows for the brake and the clutch u will notice the clutch is murky and u cant see thru the inspection window because the clutch side heats up and kills the dot 4 brake fluid. and u loose hydraulic pressure to open the clutch adequately the transmission gets notchy and hard to shift and find neutral because the clutch is dragging. my 4rt did this at around the first month of playing in the backyard. u have to use a brake bleed tool attached at the clutch slave bleed nipple and pull fresh dot 4 thru till it comes thru clean. u will then have a clutch working better than new , the bikes are delivered with fluid already contaminated from age. I found I like to change the clutch hose fluid about every month when I'm riding a lot and that is barely enough to keep it fresh.