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  1. Is it just me (rubbish older novice) or is grip reduced by cold weather on a trials bike? I was out yesterday and on admittedly, very soft ground I could barely move forwards, never mind anything resembling a tight turn without the front washing out, even on level ground. 4 psi front and 3.5 psi rear. Michelins.. The bike is a 2016 250 Beta Evo 2T so I can't blame the bike at all. I'm finding it very frustrating, any confidence I had is literally slipping away. Also, long steep slippery descents, what gear do you guys use? I'm using first going down, clutch engaged and as much front and rear brake as I feel comfortable with... Feel like I'm banging my head on a brick wall. Thanks in advance guys...
  2. Thanks guys! Think I'm going to enjoy this!
  3. Hi all, I'm now the proud owner of a pretty 69 model. I'm really happy with it, couple of jobs to sort out but nothing serious. Front brake is almost non existent and the air filter assembly is missing, also the left side engine cover could do with replacing. Anyway, first thing is the air filter assembly, any idea where I could get one? Cheers all!
  4. Some good points there, slowly coming along! Thanks guys!
  5. Gulp! I'll give it a try......
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll keep plugging away!
  7. Hi All, I'm a total newbie to trials, Never will be any good, too many years on tarmac, too old plus Zero ability, what the hell? It's great fun! Anyway, I've been trawling through this site gathering tips on balance (superb group of knowledgeable people here BTW) I've been trying in my garage, engine off and on, tyres nice and low and struggled to balance for even 2 seconds. Anyway, today I was walking up yo my Beta Evo 250 and thought I'd try it with the sidestand down to give me a bit of confidence, Guess what? Soon I was managing about 5 seconds! Feel I've made a minor breakthrough. I must clarify, the stand wasn't touching the ground, it was just there to give me confidence... Once that is mastered then only about a million other things to learn....