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  1. M49 advice please!

    Kind words! I remember reading about a Japanese tuner in the 70s who would skim drums true, lace up the wheels then heat them up before a final skim. In my case, it's just laziness....🤣🤣
  2. M49 advice please!

    Thanks Craig, I know what you mean mate, feel like an active historian! So much I need to learn though!
  3. M49 advice please!

    It's got an interference fit, chill the liner and warm the hub to get it in. I can't see it getting particularly warm the way I ride! I put a little bit of loctite on the face just as belt and braces. I'm pretty happy with the way it's gone. I need to sort out some shoes, a brake rod and a new lever. Keeps me out of mischief... I know the finish has chatter by the way...😐
  4. M49 advice please!

  5. M49 advice please!

    Oh well, means I've got more time for other stuff! Thanks for the heads up.😎
  6. M49 advice please!

    Trying to find time to make and fit a new drum. Hopefully it'll be done this week. My mate has suggested going hydraulic on the rear, if I can find a suitable slave cylinder I'll have a bash. If I go ahead in the future I'll make a complete new brake plate to save ruining an original Bultaco part. 😎
  7. M49 advice please!

    Well, just finished machining the drum, it is indeed a cast - in liner. I've taken it out to the nominal diameter of the aluminium, I'm guessing 144 ish mm. Just got to sleeve the bearing diameter while it's set up and sort out a mild steel sleeve for the drum. Slowly getting there!
  8. M49 advice please!

    That was my worry, I won't be doing anything too demanding on the bike but I'd like it to stop!
  9. M49 advice please!

    Been too busy the last couple of days to make any progress, I'm hoping to try and get the hub bored later on. Another question, I know I'll probably get flayed alive for suggesting it but I've found some cast pipe in a scrap bin, it would only need a lick on the o/d and bore to be spot on for size. It's not cast iron, it's a nickel chrome alloy steel, basically stainless. I'm happy to try it out, thoughts guys? (The only cast iron I have is a huge chunk and it seems a waste)
  10. Trials new boy!!

    Take your own bike on an experience day, the instructions are a mine of information.
  11. Trials new boy!!

    Go up to inch perfect for the day, great fun, pretty cheap on your own bike. I'm doing the next Manchester 17 Dead easy on the 31st of March, be good to meet up!
  12. Trials new boy!!

    I started at 56, just a year ago, I'm crap and always Will be. Doesn't matter, it's fun!
  13. Trials new boy!!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Whereabouts are you? I'm based in Warrington and its normally an hours drive for anywhere to practice. Whitewell Farm is pretty good and only 9 quid for the day, Did my first trial a couple of weeks ago and they are a really friendly bunch. Manchester 17 club have a dead easy trial on the Easter Saturday, I believe it's near Buxton, they have a pretty good website too. Only other advice I can give is don't practice alone, it's more fun and safer with a partner.
  14. M49 advice please!

    I'll try and post a photo tomorrow, even if it's a cast in liner I need to do something. 😁
  15. M49 advice please!

    Just spoke to in motion, apparently the brake surface was just chromed in the factory. Mine has obviously had a cast iron sleeve fitted in the past and that is almost worn through to the aluminium! Looks like I'm going to have to bore it out and re line the hub, I'll repair the bearing diameter at the same time. It'll keep me off the streets! I'll let you guys know how it goes....