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  1. Thanks for that kris
  2. Can anybody tell me the wheel bearing sizes for a 2011 beta evo please
  3. ACU rule tsr 8
  4. It certainly is for ACU events don't know about AMCA
  5. Rinse in a bucket of water soak overnight in stain remover eg vanish then sneak into the washer when the boss aint looking
  6. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped in anyway at yesterdays trial, A great day out on my bike THANKYOU
  7. wulfsport trials boots for £100 Quadsinn on ebay and torx helmet £40 cambs trial centre to start with
  8. the fuel tap has two settings one is where it only works with the engine running and the other one is constant flow which tends to fill the airbox and carb with petrol and melts air filters if it gets a back spark which happened on mine hence bye bye beta
  9. as light as possible check in your local motorbike shop i believe its 5w
  10. didnt you ask him where he got them from
  11. What are they like when wet
  12. looking at a 4rt later this week how can you prove whether its a repsol or not
  13. Try Woosters at Leeds good knowledge and great service to boot
  14. I was thinking of giving up a weeks holiday to come and observe for this and the six days and was wondering what sort of cost would be involved with hotels etc, not worried about fuel expenses as i would have a plod (grin) up on my road bike. Any info would be appreciated
  15. So whats the proper jetting ?