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  1. Are you sure it is not the 80?
  2. That is like going backwards. Would need new manifold and air box boot. Throttle cable too.
  3. Bent rotor?
  4. Most likely the suspension is sacked out.
  5. If it will not run unless the choke is on, the first thing would be a good carb clean. Secondly you need to check the fluid flows from the petcock and that the tank is actually clean inside.
  6. Bent rotor, loose front axle, air in the system.
  7. Or a poor way of explaining a real burnt clutch.
  8. 16 plug 15 ignition coil 13 voltage regulator 12 generator 11 ignition unit 10 fan control 9 thermometric switch 8 fan 3 connectors 1-7 just lights 14 lights power supply
  9. Sure it does increase flow, but they have had bikes suffering vapor lock for no apparent reason. I would guess this is a remedy for those few cases.
  10. You will get more response posting in the Aprilia section.
  11. Seal the inside with epoxy and Jb weld the outside, sand and paint. Twenty bucks and two hours work.
  12. You all are thinking two stroke problems. This whole thing is probably the fuel pump/vacuum lines issue along with vapor lock from a hot motor. Damn Sherco with the remote tank anyways. I was sure happy the day we sold my boys 2012.
  13. Could be something simple like the detent for the shift drum, missing, loose or broken spring. I would not even worry about the case. A sight glass is not needed.
  14. I love that Pro keeps a going. Probably has some of the most hours of any Pro. Keep making it better zippy.
  15. I gave you specs for what we ran at the nationals. Which is your elevation.