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  1. The fork level is a 160mm without the springs and fully compressed. Pretty simple for most mechanics.
  2. Looks like a bit of other racing between the sections. The Sidi Discovery comment might just work. My son also has this problem with boots. Next time though he gets to buy them. Went through two pairs of Gaerne`s this way.
  3. Could be a cam chain tensioner. Either way, quit running it and tear her down.
  4. You might ask Gas Gas questions under Gas Gas to get a better response. Unfortunately the best video to replace the seal was removed from the internet by stupidity. A screwdriver and an allan wrench was all that was needed. I would fix it proper, as a spinning impellor could cost you in the long run.
  5. The skid plate does not need to be removed. In fact the frame bends so much that it makes it easier not too.
  6. not just IRC.
  7. Thanks Bilks helping me spend my hard earned bucks. I am a sucker for tools!
  8. Does the manual not show the level at 160mm from the top. A level is a better measurement than a capacity. PS you can probably fix the leak without taking it apart. Lift the dust seal off and use a feeler gauge around the inside of the fork seal lip. This can dislodge any dirt causing the leak. Good luck.
  9. Probably from Beta only as it`s a reverse puller.
  10. I don`t but curious, you rebuilding the motor already?
  11. Sounds more like the clutch is slipping in the higher gears.
  12. **** Billy, they just mount the bike backwards and sit on the bars! Don`t tell me you never rode a bike backwards? I started on bicycles and moved up to full size bikes. In the seventies there were a couple of guys that did this for a living in the states. Mainly doing simple things, but some could do high speed wheelies. Being right handed I sometimes crashed. At pushing 60 I only ride bicycles backwards anymore.
  13. 1984 Montesa 350. Hard to find a nice one.
  14. The only way to check the shaft is to remove it. Also the pins on the drum the selector connects too can break.
  15. It`s supposed to be the rim that is slightly off on tolerance.