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  1. You lose leverage with bar risers. The human body is proportional. Your height has nothing to do with bar position as your arms should make up the difference. Seen Doug L`s. bar risers lately? In fact tall riders have way more advantage if they use it. Grasshopper like. My kid is over 6` 4` and he cannot ride a bike with risers as the leverage lost is valuable to basic skills. Every new Enduro rider coming into this sport wants risers! The funny thing looking back to the 70`s and 80`s bike stance, we would need 10 inch and taller bars for the new riders.
  2. The tether is still a pain in the a- - . The first loop walking the sections I forget it most of the time. Second and third loop while not getting on and off it`s easy. I have it on half of my bikes. I still prefer the kill switch.
  3. Bend your knees more. Might post a pic of your bar set up. Risers will just make you ride wrong.
  4. I thought you had a 4RT.? I think this mod was only for the early rev 3`s. Our late model 4 t`s always fire right up.
  5. The shock was not meant to be serviceable. I have a TR33 that I ride in our vintage events. As said above not near as good as the `89 TR34 I rode as new. Better off to just ride it as is or find something newer. It is not going to be much of a bike to learn trials on.
  6. Logic? There never was a 2016 Gasser, so it should never need it.
  7. We should make 15 of our modern events, 8 vintage events (6 others are on the schedule) 4 of the NATC Nationals and a two day at the Ute Cup. I rode my first event in April of `72 and became an Expert in august of 1974 at 15 years old. I rode daily then.
  8. You will look good riding that in the Rockies.
  9. Fantic, what Fantic? I thought you had a garage full.
  10. Most of the events are between Pueblo and Salida. So find housing in the Monument/Castle Rock area. Of course RMTA` s president was originally from Team New Mexico! I almost forgot to mention you would have to ride with us.
  11. The Gasser can be a great ride. Just remember most cosmetics stock is just what existing dealers still have. As far as I have heard the new company does not have any old stock. Sure all the new parts will keep the bike running, but not keep it looking good. A 2015 Beta would be way better than your Rev 3 was.
  12. It looks well done till you get to the rear brake,
  13. Trials is great for the kids and wish you both the best. I had the opposite problem with my son. He was always tall. Everyone always expected more of him since they thought he was older. My son was 6 foot tall before his 11th birthday. Luckily he has stopped at about 6 foot 4 plus, just shy of another inch. When I was a kid I could ride to our main trials area in about ten minutes. As long as I had fuel, that`s where I was daily.
  14. 30 seconds can actually be a long time. You might pull off the pipe and take a look at the piston. That is after checking the key.
  15. Not to be negative Adamd, but as Dad`s we seem to expect more out of our kids. At 7 years old the kid just wants to be out and about. Not really into an event, but is ok with being there. My kid drove me nuts till I figured out just to let him do what he wants. Every kid I have seen go the electric route seems to disappear. My kid started on the PW 50 at 3 and was on the Beta mini trial before five, which lasted about a year. Went through 2 ty 80`s and then the full size gas gas 80. About twelve he started riding full size bikes. Point is he was about 14 years old when he actually started to enjoy riding an event. At 15 he just took off and could actually ride. It was after 12 years of riding trials that he actually looked were he was going, not seeing who was scoring and who was watching and taking videos. Point is enjoy your kid, have fun with it. Just don`t expect him to take to trials like a duck does to water. My son`s 19 now and one of our club`s best riders. Best part is he is my best riding buddy. Enjoy it while you can.