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  1. I wonder...

    I try to keep my carb loading a constant level the day before. (18 beers or less.) Then start the morning with water, 2 cups of coffee and move up to at least 64 oz of pedialite and more water. More water and another 32 0z of pedialite during the event. The after event doping depends on injuries and pain.
  2. Efi

    Actually your not far off in your thinking. The pilot circuit has two routes. One in front of the slide and one below the slide in front of the needle jet.
  3. Beta evo 250 gearbox- getting more than just oil out

    Looks like part of a bearing cage. Bite the bullet and split the cases.
  4. It is a very fine line in the measurement process with the sanding. I still have a couple dozen steel plates around so I rarely sand myself.
  5. Help needed with 2009 4RT

    A 200 Beta is the preferred first bike.
  6. The higher the fingers, the more leverage felt at the clutch lever. Too high of fingers they could rub on the case. Originally you could buy different thickness of steel plates. All good things go to sh-t so in todays world you have to sand the friction plates. (Or burn the clutch wildly against a wall) The 17.5 is straight down from the highest point of the fingers. That is what matters most! Sure you can measure the total thickness, but that what really matters is when it is all tightened up.
  7. The fingers have nothing to do with it besides a measurement.
  8. Rebuild 2011 txt 280 clutch

    It uses mineral oil not dot4.
  9. Fork oil

    125mm from the top with the fork compressed.
  10. Fork oil

    Your changing the oil at three months?
  11. Sherco 250 Fuel starvation?

    Make sure the choke jet (the one with the oring) is clear and that whole choke circuit is clear including the one in the float bowl.
  12. We use ATF because it hooks up better. And is also less grabby. Seems like everytime I sell a bike the NEW guy has to change to his brand of oil. And everytime they want you to ride it to see how well it works. I usually tell them how nice it feels, but you are not going to zap any ledge with that slow damn clutch.
  13. new montesa parts availability

    You have been able to order parts from any Honda dealer for three years.
  14. It is the finger height that matters. 17.5 to 18mm is the sweet spot. You can cheat and just burn the plates real hard in 4th gear or take the clutch apart to sand the friction plates.
  15. monty wont start

    The carb is not venting. Did you put vent lines on the carb?