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  1. 145 main and the 27.5 pilot
  2. I would be interested. I will pm you.
  3. These carbs are basically the same used on all the small 4 strokes for the last 30 plus years. You just are not used to this adjustment being there as they come plugged or capped. (due to emission standards) They are on 4 wheelers, three wheelers and motorcycles. They are fuel screws. You can never go by an owners manual as things are lost in translation. In is lean, out is more fuel. PS You did not move the fuel valve to prime?
  4. You are grounded somewhere. Is the bike completely put back together? Did you use a new plug.
  5. Out is more fuel, in is less fuel. It is nice as it is numbered.
  6. You really need to ride both. My son has a 300 Beta with all the bells and whistles. But the family I work for has a 2017 4rt, 4 2016`s and about 5 2006`s. For the most part I prefer the Beta. If you want full power get the Factory model. I really like the 300rr over the std 4rt which I have ridden both the 2016 and 2017. The Beta is a better fit if you are taller, my son is pushing 6 `5`. Either four stroke is a blast on the trail vs my lowly 250 Beta 2 stroke that I still prefer.
  7. That pop pop is from being lean, tartist should have tried the 127.5 while you were fiddling.
  8. A lever extension on the arm is all we ever did. Which seemed light enough. Do you have a new clutch cable? That would be the first item.
  9. Just ride more events. Do not worry about the score, and eventually you will find someone to ride with.
  11. This should help.
  12. Take a picture of each side of the motor for us too see. If not, take it to a mechanic.
  13. It leaks, replace it as you seem to have had this pronlem for awhile. That said Beta rear brakes have always sucked. Wish I knew why. My first Beta was a 89 tr34. The revs were better, and my 16 factory both brakes suck. My 04 Raga"s were always great. Gas Gas always had good brakes. My sons 15 4t are good and firm, but they have no feel. Recently I noticed that the rear wheel alignment was pretty bad and now my rear are better. I have done everything I could for the front. Time to find an ajp replacement for both the m/c and caliper. Good luck.
  14. I would say that the 250 figures are right with the 127.5 main jet. Just buy a new pilot jet as you need one. And yes that is the air screw. I believe Jitse makes a longer screw that is easily adjusted.
  15. If it still feels poorly after you bleed it you will need a rebuild kit.