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  1. Linkage Maintanence

    Femi has not been on this site for a long time. Call your Beta dealer.
  2. Donner National Labor Day Weekend

    http://www.sactopits.org/donner-summit-national-at-boreal/ Extreme riding at it's finest. Don"t miss the chance of seeing America's top talent riding incredeble sections.
  3. http://www.mototrials.com/library/images/2018_Event_Flyers/2018_CA_National_Event_Info.pdf Don't miss the exciting event. Last National of the year.
  4. Trial bike for single trail riding

    Actually the Beta 250 gets great mileage and running a 39 tooth rear sprocket makes it more trail worthy. The 250 is a low compression motor, so very forgiving. The knobbies are not needed. Unless you require a seat, I would just use a fork mounted auxiliary tank.
  5. Trs ground clearance

    To be exact, my 2016 Beta has 6mm more clearance than my son`s 2018 TRRS 300. Now look how well the linkage is protected on the TRS.
  6. Evo Map Switch

    Yeah. My son has a 4T and landed on the CDI and broke the mount for it far from our trucks. Best use ever of the tether strap to hold it in place the rest of the day.
  7. IRC tyre on a 2016 Evo 4t.

    Use a tire sealer/lubricant when mounting. I had problems with the Dunlaps and this cured it.
  8. Trs ground clearance

    The TRS balances better. Has better power. Is more stable. The gearing ratio is better. The skid plate is made to protect the linkage. Oh yah, the TRS can out turn a Beta. Whiner.
  9. Evo Map Switch

    I unexpectedly exploded the map switch in a section while riding the Nationals this spring. While splicing the wires back to a nuetral position I could not remember which to connect. I taped each wire up with no connection. Best choice I ever made. Just dumb as crap to put anything in a spot that get`s crunched. And my bike looks better uncluttered.
  10. Beta evo clutch

    And why do they sell heavier springs? For just the opposite reason. Just take two springs out to notice the effect, but the clutch will always slip in the higher gears. A clutch needs all six springs to work correctly. It is a fine line, but my lever pull is the lightest ever. I had to do it as I cut the tendon in my index finger. The no cold stick and no clutch drag was a benefit.
  11. Beta evo clutch

    I used springs from a 160 Gas Gas cut to fit. I have always run ATF in my Beta`s.
  12. Beta evo clutch

    Actually the best thing I did was go to 6 lighter springs. I first did that on my 2010 and also in my 2016. No cold stick, no drag and yes it never slips.
  13. Beta evo clutch

  14. ‘18 popping out of gear

    The results will be interesting.
  15. Difficulty finding neutral

    Turn the bike off, take a break. Get some hydration going and then find nuetral and start the bike. Repeat at the next section.Built in trainer, no charge.