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  1. This is probably not easy or cheap. The magnesium case has probably eaten through and you need new center cases. So take apart the water pump first to see if the case is ruined. On the positive side I saved one using JB weld and lots of patience. Good Luck.
  2. That`s basically why you see the minders riding the same bike as the competitors, Instant spare parts. It makes sense if you are chasing the Nationals, but not so much the local events. My employer always brings two spare bikes and he rides 4RT`s.
  3. Yeah, that was an old pic as that bike now has a proper exhaust. Yes we ran one rim lock in each with a set of Dunlop 803`s. You need a 9t cs or a 48 rear. Lot`s of better parts deals in the UK. or in motion. There are many others too. Just get a good skid plate as the stocker does not do much good. B and J racing in the states have parts too, but the deals are in the UK for now.
  4. If you want to learn some skills ride the Techno. Sounds like you want to make a pig look pretty. Here is a pic of one I helped to build. Still a pig.
  5. The 4RT does not track near as good as you would expect, and does not turn as well than most. It is a thirteen year old design. A Beta 200 is the best clubman bike for a lower score. Though for some owning the 4Rt is a good investment in their mind. I would love to have a 300 RR, just cannot justify it.
  6. The question is are they a trials bend.
  7. The only time most people have trouble with the kick start lever is when they can`t get it off. It is actually a clever design, since you just loosen the bolt about two turns and open the lever and it pries itself off the shaft. The bushing holds it in straight so it aligns going together. Ever figure out the seal? New seal install correctly should stop the leaking, unless something is wrong with the shaft on the inside of the motor.
  8. I have seen cases broke, ks pawls broke, idler gears broke. The only kick starter on a Pro I ever saw broke was on my Raga when my son bailed off the bike six feet in the air sideways and knocked the kicker out before it hit the ground. I`ve seen gears broke, bearing failures on the tranny shafts, shift drums cracked, shift shafts broke, multiple upgrades of parts that broke, frames cracked. And bikes that broke badly right out of the crate. And these are the 5 issues that need resolved.
  9. Wet riding vs dry hard traction is two different worlds.
  10. Top end parts are easier for the 250, just about impossible for the 350. The 250 version ran better.
  11. You said 4 laps, you never thought to refuel while getting some fluid for yourself?
  12. Yeah I can see you are in a tough spot in your chosen sport. I often wondered on the riders with bikes that blow straight to the face. Otherwise I tend to enjoy some of the exotic smells. Soldier on, but maybe find a riding buddy to always ride first to give you some breathing room.
  13. Example is the 4RT should get more MPG or hour, but only has a 2 liter tank. The Beta 4T should, but my son`s bike last week had a dripping carb and had to fill up unexpectedly. The Aprilia climber was great on fuel for a 2 stroke, thanks to the Rotax engine and the mechanical valve.
  14. Is it the picture? Or are those Not trials bars. Cannot tell what is up with the front brake cable mount, but the mod was to replace the factory mount with a short block of aluminum with it threaded for the cable. Idea was to give it a firmer pull. Also has the flywheel been shaved of weight. 8-14 oz seemed best. You can take the whole weight off, but it does not work as well. If it is an `86 it should have a remote reservoir for the rear shock. They were great bikes!
  15. Actually the Gasser is easy to work on. You have not even touched on the real faults. After taking a second look, are you missing the kick starter bushing. That washer should not be used. part MT280226068 And the leak just needs the seal seated or a new seal.