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  1. They should have called it NO CLOCK..
  2. That is all good, but normal wear for a 12 year old bike. Just how long have you owned it? I would be more concerned about the cracking around the foot peg mounts.
  3. Did the detent bolt loosen up and the starter fall out of place. That is the bolt just under the mid pipe at the top of the case.
  4. Being a Honda dealer in Texas , the chances of them having any spares is slim and none.
  5. More like the newer M/c is not near as good. If you look at most new M/C fluid levels it is black as can be.
  6. I tried to get you to call me Billy but since deleted my number. The correct way to measure yours was by the finger height. The best number to attain is 18 mm. You can do that with thinner steel plates or by skimming the friction plates. And by the way the plates seperating was very common on Gassers.
  7. Just put the front tire against an obstacle in fourth gear and burn in the clutch. Instant fix without any more work may take a couple attempts as most people are to chicken to get after it properly.
  8. Back in the day of the MAR we ran no idle. The engine had so much mass (along with the Bul and the Cota.) that it slowed it down enough the brakes almost worked. That style of riding works pretty good with more modern sections. With an idle it just runs to quick.
  9. ATF works, but seems to fade when hot.
  10. I could only tell you while I am doing it. Same in and out. At least you are doing the oil change correctly.
  11. When the TM400 was new, I used to spend my days riding quite a bit. Say over 40 hours a week. I normally practiced solo. To entertain myself we had several very hard hill climbs close by. Nothing better than to wheelie all the way to the tops of these hills on my slow 250. Then I would sit and watch the guys on the overpowered wonders crash all over the hillsides. After they had worn themselves out I would ride up to the top not on any trail and they would usually just shake there heads and go home.
  12. I clearly remember the muffler sticks out about 15mm more than the std.
  13. 2018`s? Gas Gas still do not have the parts manuals for most of the 17`s!
  14. Besides the suspension the CDI, Stator and crankshaft assembly is different. Feels awesome in the parking lot. The bike is just too much for 95% of the riders. In a real trials is where you get in trouble. Just out playing it`s a blast.
  15. I would just tap the left case hole for a bolt to hold the oil in. Just remove the clutch cover to change the oil. Do this until you need to split the cases.