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  1. Have you still got the head light and stock switches still on the bike? There has been issues in the past with these.
  2. The gear box, if you want performance atf. If you want nice shifting and a slow progressive clutch. Any good 2 stroke oil, Motul, Putoline, etc.
  3. The land of the Fruits and the Nuts. Can`t wait till they succeed from the Union. Unfortunately they are holding a National that I must ride.
  4. Seems like there was a thread about mountain bike springs being the same about two years ago if you do a search on here.
  5. Kick start injuries can be terrible. Always wear boots says the guy that bled for a month. Seems the left start gets blamed more. As previously stated a new condenser can do wonders for proper starting.
  6. First is good for almost all sections, second is not that bad unless you are doing big walls. My son has a 2015 with all the bells and whistles. He mainly rides first. Second when doing splatters. Do you have an aftermarket pipe? I could see going down a tooth if you are running the stock exhaust.
  7. Fork oil is done by level. If done by quantity, you could be doing it a few more times.
  8. How long seals last can be caused by many things. Correct oil level. Bushings in spec. Seals being nipped during installation. Riding muddy events. And just bad luck. There are a lot of seals on the market, but usually the stock seals last the longest.
  9. This time of year I would try a 130 if it was my bike.
  10. It is a 96 or 97. The size you will not know for sure until you measure the bore. It is more likely a 250 because Beta did not make a bigger motor until 98 and a half. They were late getting out the bigger model in 98. I did put the larger cylinder on a 96 myself, so anything is possible.
  11. That is subjective. We can ride for 3-4 hours or more on a tank of fuel. Riding 35 - 40 mph for distance is another matter.
  12. It could be a little lean. What jets are you running? You could give the outside of the carb and intake boot a quick spray to check for any leaks while running. Hard to tell by a few dings. Glad it`s better!
  13. It takes a slow steady kick. You do actually give a little throttle like you are just taking up the slack in the throttle. Helps if the bike is house temp, not outside temp.
  14. Funny, that procedure is probably what caused this mess. When you have a small particle in the pilot circuit the last thing you need is a blast of air.
  15. Soaking in water will shrink the boots. To stretch the boots, insert a gallon freezer bag (or fit to size) with water and place were needed. Place in freezer for 48 ours and thaw before removal.