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  1. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    Full rebuild. Wonder if the bearings are spinning in the case?
  2. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    It happened right when it was shut down. It could be alot of things. Rings, bad main bearing. I suggested starting with the clutch due to the noise before the squeak. (And you have to do this in steps)
  3. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    No, grinding a spring. That is more likely to leave you in a fix. People have been shortening springs for decades. Just start off small. Another problem with soft throttle springs is they are harder to control. Just a little movement from the throttle hand or hard hit causes some in put to the carb. You could also lube the cable and tube.
  4. 2007 TXT Pro - Squeaking Noise

    Have you had the clutch cover off recently? It sounds like the fingers scratching on the cases to me. The clutch fingers.
  5. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    Just cut a few coils off the spring.
  6. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Newest Repsol we have ridden was a '15. I really do like the 300 rr.
  7. Shifting issues

    Shift shaft linkage. I believe that was similar to the Gasser type.
  8. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Have you not ridden a late model 4rt? The tech`s come on 90% of the Montesa`s sold. As being a package together with the rear shock, the suspension is quite impressive. I do not ride 4RT`s but the family that is my employer has 10 of them. So I ride them weekly. It`s night and day between the bikes with Showa`s and the newer one`s with the tech`s. Quite more lively modern feel to the whole bike.
  9. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    The techs work better.
  10. Evo 300 4t New plug?

    We got to ride the new standard 2018 300 4T. Alot more zip than the previous standards. Not as much as a Factory, but not far off. Definately louder, but a good type of louder than the sewing machine it sounded like before. Nice looking bike.
  11. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    While the exposure has been great to see a brand new trials bike on the floor at the local Honda dealer, I cannot think of a new rider that we gained. Most new riders that bought the bike came out to an event once and not returned. We do have more Montesa's than most clubs though, at least twenty. So that is a pretty good showing.
  12. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    That is a funny response as in the states the Montesa is the only trials bike that does not have a warranty.
  13. Rear suspension sag.

    Buy an Ohlins or Rieger as your shock is probably tired. But it still won`t make you bunny hop. Timing,timing and timing, is how it works.
  14. Montesa 4Rt for newbie

    Loving Hondas is not the way to choose a trials bike. The Beta 200 is the hands down choice for a newbie bike. Honda also makes a truck. That would be last on my list when looking for a truck.
  15. Paioli Fork leaking

    Oh I see the mirror image while sitting and on my a***. But I was texting and driving in the middle of no where. In the middle of a old mining district in New Mexico.