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  1. Beta or Sherco. Both have great support. Montesa is a good bike, but few dealers are into the trials market. Myself it`s Beta and Team New Mexico pits this year were 80% Beta.
  2. Keep it hot wired until you figure it out. When the fan starts going bad it can be intermittent. Give it a push start with a finger.
  3. As far as cost it`s years they have too many left over. So late summer/fall. But you should wait to see what the new models have changed. All the bikes seem pretty damn good this year, so no real reason to wait.
  4. I have been out setting sections for our next event. This thing does rev, but I doubt it breaks 10,000 rpm.Suprised someone has not checked there bike yet. Now I am curious. Next week I`ll have my boy bring his Beta 4T along and do a real world comparison. I am working during the day and camping out at our next trials site for the next two weeks. Should be interesting!
  5. Now you are messing with EU law. Try annex 1 section 3.1 And to think they now have self balancing motorcycles. That law should be on the books in a decade.
  6. If the piston looks that bad, how about the main bearings. Have you checked the mains by grabbing the flywheel and giving a good tug yet.
  7. Try a diagram from a TS250. Partzilla or some other site. There should be a hole on the end and the other end attaches to a small pin.
  8. #19 sixteen is a washer. I would think it would be at the end of the arm. Not at the bolt.
  9. It works fine, he is running it hard and he know`s it, Beta know`s it and they make the parts to make it rev more.
  10. They come from the Factory very lean. We ride at over 7000 ft and up and the jetting comes pretty good. We just rode our western Nationals. The first event at 3300 ft and second event at 800 ft. We had 3 Beta 4T`s with us. A `15 with a full pipe, a `17 factory and a `17 std. Stock is a 122. We ended up at a 130 main with a 27.5 pilot. The mixture screw has quite a range of adjustment. Most people never jet these bikes as it is very difficult to get too. I have to rejett my son`s before we go back to our summer riding in the mountains. (Up to 10,000 ft).
  11. Yes, I think you are right that you are hitting the limiter. Beta used to sell a race kit for the 4T. Cam, valves and a hotter ignition. Supposedly the Factory model has these. Talk to your Beta dealer/importer and see if it is available. I have ridden one with these mods and with higher compression, it was a monster of a bike. And the owner was one of our top riders. Very fun machine Good luck.
  12. A 137 is pretty big, what pilot and elevation are you at. You have the complete Bosi exhaust?
  13. The std exhaust does not breath very well. My son has an `15 with a header pipe and the factory exhaust. I would start with the a new muffle . What jets did you go to.?
  14. The standard or the factory?