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  1. needle jet
  2. You might have screwed it with carb cleaner and air. The o ring under the tower (torx screws) is not available. You enter at your own risk. You could try just contact cleaner through the pilot jet. There is two holes it should come out . Under the slide and in front of the slide.
  3. But back then they had bikes that gripped!
  4. You can do all that even better with just washers small enough to fit inside the springs. But you are still limited by the stock springs.
  5. I would change out the condenser first. In fact you can relocate it to the frame by the coil. Save you a lot of frustration if that is the only problem since you have no points experience.
  6. They will swap, but take different spacers. I had years of spacers laying around when I did rhe reverse of what you are doing. I used a 2001 shock while rebuilding an Ohlins.
  7. Sounds like the clutch is gone. Do you have free play at the lever? I would back off your adjustment to make sure.
  8. The Sherco is actually very easy to work on. The trouble can be the mains spin in the cases. The short cure instead of new cases was to dimple up the cases where the bearings sit. That was actually a service memo from Sherco.
  9. Complete engine teardown.
  10. That is an 03 by the way and you need new mains. That year was known for the mains to spin in the case.
  11. With a TY and all posts in twin shock I assumed you were making that better. My Evo I run gas gas 160 springs that I shortened. I have the lightest clutch that I know of that does not slip. I did this after damaging my clutch finger in a furnace fan last year..
  12. Scifi you are better off to pull everything off including clutch arm and clean and lube than to remove springs. New cable and quality lever too. If still not satisfied try to find lighter springs or add small washers under the bolt or trim the springs. Good luck.
  13. Spark plug enhancer. I know I have one from the 90's somewhere. I need to try it on my '16 Beta.
  14. Your friction plates are coming apart. Take it apart.