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  1. There's surely been plenty of discussion around that already on the Jgas thread as a whole? Including stories that parts weren't available which I've personally found out to be untrue before I posted on here; plus you can even order direct from the factory. Their lack of communication problem is of their own making though.
  2. As the owner of a recently acquired Jotagas 250 I can't fault Vince at Haventrialsport, great with the advice and everything I needed (which was quite a lot, courtesy of some previous owner, in no way the bike's fault), was readily available and came in a few days. Updated stuff from later models can be retrofitted to earlier models such as the improved selector mechanism which gets rid of the excess lever travel...that's next on my list. It rides and handles well, power delivery is smooth and it's generally easy to maintain, lots of components are common to other manufacturers and are industry standard. It's a shame they were let down by politics and poor communications, hopefully they can turn that around.
  3. Just looking through the various threads and there's SO many on tyres, mainly on opinion of what's best? So I thought I'd start another ??? But standing back and looking at the subject from a different angle maybe(?), current situation is that there's only two serious, worthwhile competitive options for rear tyres anyway, Michelin and Dunlop and that's the way it's been for a good while. Both retail at well over £120 a time and it's mainly down to how much you can haggle your dealer down to for the best price. Is this doing trials any favours and is it a healthy situation to have the market dominated by just two realistic choices? Obviously the current situation is it's a tiny and limited market with limited sales which is why costs are high and other manufacturers reluctant to get involved for little return, but do we need to keep it that way, especially if we're trying to bring people into the sport? Or stop it shrinking altogether? Do the tyre rules need changing to encourage more options? Years ago, Sammy Miller was banging on about reducing the section of rear tires from 4.00 to 3.50 on the grounds that sections would have to be easier because of reduced grip, and it would make more land useable for trials on the same grounds. Did he have a point? Could the tyre rules be changed to allow more options and keep costs down? Discuss...
  4. My understanding of this, and I stand to be corrected, is that Torrot (who have their major interest in scooters and electric) have closed the Girona factory and vamoosed to another plant in Cadiz in southern Spain, taking with them the electric trials bike technology that GasGas had been developing under Torrot ownership. Torrot see no future in 2T or even petrol technology. This has left the traditional petrol bike facility looking for a new owner or backing (again). Given that sales numbers (for trials) are relatively tiny and rely on the enduro and other bike sales to make operations viable, it might be difficult to find such backing? ETA There's news to be seen on "GasGas news" on Google.
  5. I'm pretty sure that MP forks used imperial dimensions, their roadrace forks certainly were.
  6. heavydabber

    Ossa Tr77

    Hi Bondy, I've got an all- green TR77, I believe that it's the 1978 model, I think they went to black frames in 1979, Woody should be able to confirm if he posts. A lot of them came with Motoplat points ignitions, mine has, I was told that Motoplat were struggling at the time and were basically sending out anything that they could manage? Mine's never given any trouble though. Steve Sell at Marlimar is your man for virtually anything. If you're looking for an Ossa tank (alloy) in any sort of reasonable condition, be prepared to dig deep.... In the name of increasing ground clearance (I think), Ossa fitted longer shocks and dropped the fork legs down through the yokes (or even fitted longer legs?) on the TR, all with the standard geometry, I personally think my Mk 1 MAR handles a lot better with a lower centre of gravity. If you check out the US website "Ossa Engineering" they've got a full gallery and specs of everything Ossa ever built, their boss man Steve Levi used to be the boss of the US Ossa importers and is very helpful with a range of Ossa products too. Hope this helps!
  7. heavydabber

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    Just been looking at pics of the TRS engineand whilst it's certainly crankcase reed valve induction as per every other carbed bike, there does also appear to be some sort of sensor or even injector mounted on top of the reed valve housing on the crankcase behind the barrel, anybody got any ideas what this might be for..?
  8. To the best of my memory...Castrol A747 is/was a synthetic based oil with some castor elements (hence the Castrol "R" smell). It was intended for highly stressed 2 stroke road race engines (Yam TZ, Honda RS etc) and was pretty pricey and also had a shelf life, I think. It had a "sister" oil for off-road and less demanding applications that was Castrol A545 that was then renamed something else... John Shirt Snr used to SWEAR by it when he was involved with Yam TY monos..Most good two stroke oils will serve well in trials applications IMO
  9. Prices that I've seen suggest that the Scorpa is priced around £5400 full retail. Shercos are being pre-order offered (Inchperfect on Ebay) at £5050, certainly for the 250 anyway (I've been looking/dreaming, lol). Don't know if there's any delivery charges involved as well though.
  10. +1. That was what I was told was the reason for the change. Plus the added complexity of needing a fuel lift pump to feed the carb..adding cost too? I wasn't at this year's SSDT but believe that there were problems for some with fuel tanks and pumps during the event? Gravity is cheap...
  11. Yup, it's called "convergent evolution"...different factories, all working towards getting bikes up sections without losing marks. Sooner or later between them they've worked through all the options and found out what works and what doesn't..so they end up with a very similar product. Plus a lot of consumers are scared of anything too radical so they stay conservative. Remember the 250 2 stroke Jap MXers? All the same except the colours, in many ways?
  12. Maybe all to do with the fact that both brands are now owned by the same man...? Bit of rationalisation maybe..?
  13. Rumour is that they reverted to "conventional" locations for the fuel tank and airbox after "noticing" the performance that Scorpa were getting out of Sherco motors with that arrangement. They look ok to me though..
  14. Chaps, would anybody know what the standard carb jetting/fittings would be for an 06 Rev 80? Carb is a Dellorto PHBG 21 BS. I need to know slide no., needle no., needle jet, main and pilot jet sizes. I have tried Eurocarb and John L's but they've both quoted numbers that are different to each others AND the butchered fittings currently in the carb (and Dellorto bits aren't that cheap to be guessing and experimenting, lol). The airbox lid appears to have had some extra holes drilled in the front edge, I believe that this is a common mod? Any info much appreciated!
  15. I,d suggest that those who are panicking about selling up are those who probably buy a new bike every year anyway and those who don't fully understand the situation. I'd suggest that there won't be a problem for many years. Half the bike is bought in from suppliers who supply other makes, brakes, controls, suspension, wheels. Linkage bearings and the like can already be bought for 3/4 of Gasgas prices from engineers merchants. Look at the industry and specialists who have sprung up around twinshock and pre65. The country is full of people who can weld, machine, turn and manufacture; if mortal man made it, mortal man can fix it. Even if push comes to shove, they've made 1000's of Pros. Even crankcases and gearbox parts will be available for years to come. Look at Bultos and Ossa,s and Fantics. When monos arrived, we couldn't wait to get rid of them. Now, nearly 40 years on we can still keep them running. Gassers will not be a problem, I'm sure.
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