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  1. mort

    Gear Lever

    Yes,I have orderd the correct beta one but just wanted a quick fix for today that I could find in a local non trials shop.an old steel one sawn and bent did the trick.
  2. mort

    Gear Lever

    Hello.can anyone suggest a lever off another bike,trials or mx that may fit the beta as a temporary fix. For an Evo which is the same lever as the Rev. Thanks
  3. hello. I keep knocking the rubber seal/gater of the the bottom of the rear brake master cylinder on my 2010 evo.Its not the end of the world but it is bugging me. Ive tried tie wraps and lock wire but no good. I remember seeing some after market gaurds for sale for the Rev3s to stop boots rubbing but cant find anything for the Evos. any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Aberystwyth club's Strata Florida Trial on 7th August has been canceled . Mid Wales ACU has made a mistake and issued another local club a permit for the same day. The club has unfortunatly had to abandon the event .
  5. chainsaw shops sell a type of petrol that is intended for occasional use .It is clamed not to rot rubber pipes etc. There is a demonstation they do which is good to see as it shows bits of plastic dropped into this stuff and into normal unleaded petrol,with the normal fuel dissloving the plastic before your eyes. It is expensive ,about
  6. mort

    Sticky Neutral

    75 w is the only one i tried.
  7. mort

    Sticky Neutral

    I have a 2010 evo and have found that the type of gear oil makes a huge difference. bel ray gearsaver being the best i have found and morris being real bad. try some differnt oils and you might not have to bother with clutch mods.
  8. The Aberystwyth club Trial is on this sunday 28th. with good road access to the venue and most sections set just off the mountian rally track and hard standing parking ,everything set for a good day for all what ever the weather. venus is Dolebolion, Pontrhydfenigaid. Ceredigion. off the B4343 10.30am
  9. thanks for your help. I have orderd some from trialsuk
  10. Hello. Can anyone suggest where to buy secton markers, wire ones that can go in holes in rock ,and then either clip in coloured cards or ones that are already painted. Has anyone have any other bright ideas or suggestions. i would need about fifty at least so I dont want to spend ages making them. thanks
  11. hello. the advert in TMX didnt quite go to plan so a quick note to clarify things ... The Aberystwyth ,Strata Florida Trial at Pontrhydfendigaid is on suday 1st of Feb ,10:30 start. Open to all classes. A nice venue with all sorts of terrain with easy access off the main road and hardstanding car park with hot food and drink available. please check the aberystwyth club website for contact details. http://admcc.co.uk/Front.aspx thanks
  12. I would get some trials boots. mx boots would be bulky,too ridgid and the soles are very different.dont forget that you will need to walk the sections too and trials boots have a soft sole with very good grip. but if you only ride 1 or 2 events a year then perhaps you could put up with mx boots.
  13. i spray with degreaser,then jetwash connected to hot water tap,then into the deep fat fryer filled with chain boiling grease or chainsaw chain oil.
  14. try adjusting the float level. if you are unsure how,try a search on this forum.there is also advice on drilling mods that can help but mine bikes have always been fine as long as the float it set correctly. also switch fuel off if leaving bike lying on a steep slope.
  15. mort


    the left side is spring load and right is dampining ( when sat on bike )
  16. I think these would be shims to get the correct freeplay on the push rod.if you have put new(thicker) plates in you should be fine. I hope this is right as its been a while.
  17. mort

    Rev 3 Gearing

    one tooth off the front is about 3.5 or 4 teeth onto the back which would seem quite a jump i think, but a lot quicker and cheaper to experiment withthan a range of rear sprockets.
  18. i can highly recomend them.much stronger than helicoils and very simple to use.
  19. Are replacement soles still availble for Gaerne boots.If so, has anyone one tried it and any ideas on the cost of the cobblers involvement. thanks
  20. Go for the 06.each year the small mods seem to make a lot of difference
  21. regarding the wiring, try the search function in the main beta section.I posted an attachment of a sketch of my wiring some time ago that may help but I cant rember the question it was posted under..
  22. hello. I had simaliar trouble with a 99 techno. i couldnt find an alternative source for the voltage regulator and got one from a Trials shop but the rectifer was also blown and you should check that .(if it has a sepparate one like the techno.). this only cost a few pence from a electronics supplier.
  23. mort

    Rev 3 Spare Wheel

    i think the beta hubs are un machined in width while some of the other makes are machined to reduce withd and move the center point of the hub to rim on one side to get the correct wheel alinement. I am not certain which bikes do this. so you may be lucky with just making new spacers or even having the wheel respoked
  24. mort

    Rear Brake Help!

    when bleeding ,dont remove all the freeplay in the lever.little is needed for it to seal correctly
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