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  1. Best u.k training? Trainer?

    Stu Day Friendly down to earth no bull****, explains it well and is very supportive. Starting off with a good body warm up and then the basics, moving on to more specific tecnicques, great choice of machines and every type of terrain on his farm. Weve been twice for 3 days, 4 riders is a good number as it gives you time to take a break whilst it not being too watered down. Stu is genuine, enthusiastic and welcoming. I would not hesitate to call him, he might be out teaching or possibly milking the cows!!
  2. Beta 80 Carburettor

    thanks all very helpful
  3. Beta 80 Carburettor

    Anybody ever tried converting the beta 80 to a flatslide carb I.E Keihin, OKO etc??? I think the bike would run cleaner on a better carb, we bought my son his new 2017, its never run brilliantly, often fuelling up and idle seems to vary. I know the smaller cc bikes will suffer with pilot jets blocking up because by nature the hole is very small. However Ive had to clean out the carb much more often than on any other bike and also play with the needle height, mixture screw etc to try and retain a decent smooth running. Surely the top lads on these bikes cant have these issues? Do the likes of Hemmingways have modified bikes? or did we just get the Friday afternoon bike?
  4. Beta 80 Fuel Tap

    seems to have sorted it shorten the breather tubes and all is good
  5. Beta 80 hydraulic clutch?

    I believe the clutch casing would need to be changed to a later one with the Magura slave cylinder on. Then master and hose from later one. I pretty sure the earlier cable clutch bike still had the same Beta engine, the same as used in the KTM 65 mx bike (although different internals to make 65cc) post a photo of the motor clutch side
  6. Beta 80 Fuel Tap

    Thanks Roger Been out today after adjusting float levels and all is good with it bogging and ticking over niceley, so a combination of dirt in the carb possibly and wrong float height from new? Still terrified of the streams tho! First stream he went through which was probably 6" deep it died, yet yesturday I had it running in the yard whilst spraying hose everywhere at all angles and not a sausage of a misfire and didnt cut out. So as you say Roger it could make sense about the drain tubes, ill give it a try before I call John Lampkin and pick his brain, loads of kids in british championship and Harry Hemmingway ride these, so dont tell me none of these bikes do this its only my lads?
  7. Beta 80 Fuel Tap

    im glad Ive found this thread After a couple of used trials bikes my son was ready for a big wheel 80 and the beta seemed the bike most popular, so we decided not to fanny about and invested over 3k on a new one. Based on him riding it for about 3 yrs its well worth buying a new one. However since day one it has never ran right! My evo16 200 runs perfect and allways starts 1st time and ticks over. But this bloody 80 has never been great, it occasionally bogs on blipping to lift over an obstacle for example, riding through a stream section it starts to misfire and you have to tease the throttle to keep it running, after a few minutes its fine again until the next time its in water? Tried moving cdi away from moisture, sealing stator cover, changing plug cap because that went green within two weeks!! Im going to check the float levels again and also the fuel tap as you mention here. Beta uk hardly any help, suggesting all the stuff anyone would usually check, but no never had a problem with any other bikes! hard to believe. Puts me off another Beta TBH, gasser or TRS next time!
  8. St 80 Any Good?

    hi im looking into a big wheel 80 for my son and hadnt seen many shercos in this size are they any good?
  9. Gas Gas Cadet 80

    my boy has a gasgas cadet and whilst a great little bike, the motor definatley could do with more low down torque. Also it could do with a michelin tyre instead of vee rubber as the sidewalls dont give enough for lightweight rider
  10. Youth C Class Bike Cc

    So from reading that if my son is 9years old born march 2007, then regardless of ability or size he can only ride up to D class up to 80cc?
  11. Crankcase Breather Pipe

    there should be an right angles union which pushes into the crankcase near the front sprocket. Quite often I have found these to be missing for some reason but you can purchase the steel angled union to which you can push your hose onto, they are interference fit so you need to tap them home into the casing with a small hammer EDIT: Just realised yours in an early gasser and not a txt pro as i assumed. Sorry if that was misleading
  12. Cadet 80 Front Mudguard Stay

    Has anyone had the issue as I have had with the poor quality/design of the stock alloy mudguard stay fracturing? It seems a pretty bad idea to me to fold 3mm alloy almost at right angles and not expect it to crack. Weve welded it up before and added extra material in the affected area but it still keeps fracturing! grrrr thing is you cant fit one off an adult bike because it bolts on differently, 90 deg to the pro txt one. It has the paolli forks as on similar small bikes such as the beta 80. I can see me having to fabricate something better unless someone on here knows better?................
  13. Txt Cooling Fan Motor Replacement

    Done mine last week, ordered motor from model shop leeds. Great job, a little patience is all that is needed. I used a two part split bearing puller to support the motor housing when knocking out the fan blades. Take your time and think about it and dont be scared to hit the motor shaft with a small punch to release it from the fan blades.
  14. Evo/rev 50 Wheel Rim Stickers?

    Does anyone know if you can get the s3 style rim stickers to fit the 17" and 19" rims on a medium wheel rev 50?? If so where from or can I just use the ones for a big wheel ? Cheers Stew
  15. Trials In Southern Spain?

    Hi Does anyone know of any events going on in mainland spain in July as we are on holiday near Alicante and would like to watch some trials? Many thanks in advance Stewart