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  1. 2016 factory 250 standard 2013
  2. Leisure trail uk in Nottingham normally have them ready to go
  3. Have to drop the radiator down but can leave hoses and everything attached, and from there you can just put it in and reattach the mounts. If I'm honest the rubber grommets are terrible as I ripped two out in 2 months so we put another In and then cable tied the radiator back so it doesn't have as much movement and not had a problem since
  4. I have and still use them. Have saved no end of mudguard from snapping. I'd recommended them just be careful when you cut the guard down as the template isn't the best
  5. Could it be the cam chain loose?
  6. We check our filter after every ride, if there really dirty or wet we clean but if there's tiny amount of dirt we will just get the dirt out and put the filter back in But we always take two spare filters to everywhere we go, so it's not s problem if we forget to do it
  7. Ive ridden a 16 sherco 300 15 beta evo 2t300 14 evo 4t 300 Out off all of them I'd say the sherco has to be the better one, they felt a lot better with having the fuel tank upfront I have ridden a sherco 2015 with the fuel tank at the back and it was horrible so I'd say if you get a sherco has to be a 16 since they are much easier to ride but if you don't to spend that much, I'd go with the beta 4t as they are very good bikes from a novice rider to expert rider but I really wouldn't get a beta 300 2t there just too much power for a noivce rider in my opinion as it's easy to make a mistake and just put power on where on a smaller cc bike you are able to get away with mistakes more Becuase everything happens slower
  8. iridebikes

    No Impeller ?

    I'm pretty sure I've read it somewhere, I might not be right though...
  9. iridebikes

    No Impeller ?

    Some of the bikes haven't got one on from the factory, just put one on and should be fine
  10. iridebikes

    300 4T

    Very easy to start, I've done it with left leg and it's easy, I also ride a 4t 300 and would highly recommend it
  11. Betas are a good bike, the only problems are they sometimes have a sticking clutch but that can be fixed with the clutch mod which is very simple to do , and the rear mudguard isnt very flexi and can break quite easy
  12. Have heard about frames snap/crack and radiators bend and get dented But on this post your only going to get negatives and not the positives
  13. There quite easy to replace less then an hour Bearings can go for any reason- I've had one go It's not always bad maintenance as once there in you don't have to really touch them apart from tighting them so often It also possible the previous owner have used a jet wash and blew the grease out, it nothing serious and every bike will have it at some point
  14. No you won't need a chassis plate But if I remember correctly you might need to prove it was made before the new law!
  15. On my 14 evo Our stickers started to come off so we got some superglue and cut the corners of the stickers so it not a point more of a ball and superglued them back down and put some tape over the top to hold it down it worked a treat and they have had about 30 jet washes since then so it worked
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