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  1. I have just bought a 2016 Sherco 250 and it seems to be running a little rich and smoking a bit. Checking the mixture screw on the Keihin carb it is only half a turn out. Is this about right for this bike / carb set up? I am running the fuel mixture at 70:1. Thanks for any help! Jack
  2. Hey guys, My dad purchased a Suzuki B120 trials off ebay that was listed as being Gaunt, but he doesnt think it actually was. Is there anyway of telling? thanks Jack
  3. hey, does anyone still have the terrafirma 2 video from 96? if you do would it be possible for you to upload it? Heres the link to a small clip from the film of MC. thanks Jack
  4. there was a steep slope dropping down into the river at bayford woods. It was a bit muddy so I just rolled in (off the brakes). Came in a bit fast, front wheel locks in the sand I get thrown over the bars head first into the cold water. Not very nice riding a cold trial in the middle of december after going for a swim
  5. jack_h


    hey, has anybody got the results from the berkhamsted trial at brickhill on the 28th? thanks Jack
  6. Hey Fred, have you tried emailing your local club or centre? I am in a similar situation to your son and was told I am not able to ride anything bigger than a 125 (in any class) until I turn sixteen by my clubs (berkhamsted mcc) secretary though this may be different in your centre. Jack
  7. cheers for that montman!! so is anybody off here riding? look out for the kid in blue xcting gear riding an 04 Beta (see pics below)
  8. hey all, im planning on riding the Barnet trial at dues farm this weekend and need their phone number so I can get my entry in early. Does anybody off here have it? also, is anybody else riding it from here? I havent rode for about ten months so should be good fun see you there and thanks for the help Jack
  9. jack_h

    What Size Pilot Jet?

    Hey all, I know ive asked before though since i have swapped a size 50 pilot jet for a size 30 one on my beta rev 3 2004 125. The change has took the bike from being too rich to being a little bit lean. I have also rang Lampkins who think it could be 30 though are not sure. Does anybody on here know the standard size for my model? cheers Jack
  10. jack_h

    Pilot Jet

    Hey again i was a bit general with the quistion. im asking about what size should my 125 2004 come with. Its a Mikuni carb cheers for all the help Jack
  11. jack_h

    Pilot Jet

    Hi, what size pilot jet should an 04 125 Beta have? cheers, Jack
  12. jack_h

    Exhaust Packing

    hey all, what type of exhaust packing should I buy for my 2004 125 Beta Rev 3? thanks Jack
  13. hey all, the plug on my 04 beta keeps coaking up till the point in which the bike cuts out. what could be done to stop this happening also, the bike starts without any choke. thanks in advance Jack
  14. cheers for the help if you want to see my site it can be found HERE its a bit of a work in progress and only the home page is done in the new look Jack
  15. hey all, im in the middle of updating my website though have came across a small problem. my background is an image though the borders on the tables are block colours and therefore stand out. would there be a way of writing the border colour as transparent or of setting the border colour as an image e.g. border=http://www.picture.com/address thanks Jack
  16. jack_h

    Live Chat

    I'd realy like it back! It would be quite nice to be able to come on here and just chat quickly about anything. then again, it was kind of nice to have free time Jack
  17. jack_h


    hey all, would a CDI from a 2000 270 fit onto my 2004 125? thanks Jack
  18. jack_h

    Woodruff Key

    hey all, does anyone know where i could purchase a wood ruff key for my 04 125 beta (preferably this week)? i have rang lampkins though they are away at the ssdt thanks Jack
  19. is he using the P.E.P again
  20. Hey Nigel, yes I do have the Beta though im not keeping it. I'd had half a year and then the stator went. Fixed the stator and then something else went within two trials. After fixing the problem and riding the bike around the garden a loud bang comes out of the bike and know it doesn't run. The plugs (NGK BP5RES) are also turning black after one lap. I'm asking because I want my next bike to be able to finish the trial JACK
  21. hey all, im not trying to start a 'my bike is the best thread though what is considered the most reliable 125 bike between 2005 and 2007? also, what are the common problems with all the bikes? thanks Jack
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