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  1. at the end of the day everyone who has a gasgas will say get a gasgas everyone who has a sherco will say get a sherco ... go to appleyards or a dealer or whoever bvm would be a good bet have a dabble on a gasser and a sherco then have a look on ebay or whatever. even if you end up not 100% liking the bike you buy you can always just sell it for the same money and get a different one.
  2. any one want to chip to? ... i've got
  3. may i ask why there is only one fit bird in it? lol
  4. i don't think that urban trials will 'take off' because if you ride your bike on the street you will get it took off you...and not get it back!
  5. ned1

    Repsol Wheels

    i would say full gloss, although i think there powder coated which gives a shiny painted effect anyways i think.
  6. oreet bladi iv had a reet good think about it, maybe the pads like sink if you like slightly into the grooves on the disc, so maybe the cut outs do act like an edge. It's just i can't relly see how metal could do this, although i suppose with all the pressure from the brake maybe it does. i've just had another thought, what about mybe if the pistons in the brake are offset slightly, so that the front of the pad hits the disc first slightly, so that they dig into the grooves if you like although this would make the pads wear unevenly. hmmmm i'm not too sure now lol !
  7. well according to you he isn't you are saying that the discs with the holes in keep the discs cooler, keep the pads clean and are lighter. All these points are correct fair enough, although what baldi is saying, is that becuase the discs have holes, the pads grip to the disc more, which is actually not true, the discs are completely flat, put them on a surface plate and you will see, scoring the discs will help the brakes because you are causing more friction, although this will wear your pads down more quickly. So really scoring the discs and putting holes in them will do the same thing, although in different ways. Disc with holes will stay cooler and the pads will stay cleaner, scored discs will bite more because they will will create more friction with the pads. In theory a disc with no holes should perform better because there is more surface area for the pads to grip to, although with heat and water etc. drilled discs are better.
  8. i would only go for the montesa at the moment, it seems to be the most advanced bike of all of the four strokes and it also seems all the creases in it have been ironed out, or bide your time and wait until all of the manufacuters have their bikes up to scratch aswell (Y)
  9. my findings are, the discs are pefectly flat, unless the pads, move into the grooves, which iof you think about it can't really happen because they are usually the same height as the disc or there abouts, you can feel the edges because your fingers sing into the grooves.
  10. get renthal chain and sprockets, renthal r1 chain is about
  11. what? you do realise that the discs are flat and there is no edge for them to bite on?
  12. hahahahahahahahahahaha what a comment to make when you ride a raga rep ahahaha, well spotted that munch hahahahaha
  13. you could probs get an 1998 montesa for
  14. A baseball bat is premeditated. Whereas a full glass lemonade bottle at the side of your bed, in case you get thirsty during the night, isn't. what about an 8inch kitchen knife that's in my kitchen, on the way to my garage? lol
  15. just go on www.tartybikes.co.uk , they have all the geom's and specs for all the dengs, ie. zoo gu etc.
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