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  1. Thanks for the response. Regarding the clutch, would that be a case of worn clutch plates?
  2. Hi. I've got my 05 4rt up for sale as looking to move to a GasGas (wish id bought one instead of the 4rt) ideally i'd like the 2013/2014 250 raga rep as I like the suspension upgrades. Anything I should look out for before buying? Any common faults etc. Also what model/year would you experienced gasgas owners/riders say is the best and why? Cheers.

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    2005 Montesa Cota Honda 4RT trials bike. Lots of after market upgrades from H&D racing. Full V5. One of the first off the 4RT production line (frame number in the 900s) on a 54 reg. I've never used it on the road. SPEC: Fully braced frame around foot peg area and the top H&D Racing Nissin factory works front brake master cylinder with new Venhill hose H&D Racing uprated extended/thicker sump plate Custom made alloy engine/water pump guard SFS Performance silicone collant hoses 2021 Montesa Honda airbox cover scoop 2017 Montesa Honda plastics Brembo rear master cylinder Complete new rear caliper and hose Polished frame and fuel Tank Relocated ignition coil to keep out of the way of damage Top yoke conversion for Renthal fat bars (original HRC yoke included) Only ever run on Repsol 4t oil/genuine Honda filter and ELF HTX gear oil. Comes with spare engine cover gaskets used when changing the oil filter and a spare twin air filter. Hosed down after every ride. Air filter cleaned and changed after every ride. Chain re-lubed after every ride. Also comes with the original HRC top yoke to fit standard bars. Spare repsol rear mudguard included. It's been great fun and pulls like a train however it's time to sell as I have a 290 sherco. Will consider swap for MX bike. CRF250, KXF250, CR125, YZF250, KX125, YZ125 Contact number 07753443121

    2,000.00 GBP

  4. How often? I usually do the mont every 25 hours. Book says every 15 but the oil is almost £30 a liter and find no difference running it that extra longer.
  5. Thanks for the info. I've got a low hour 2013 250 pro lined up for sale once I sell my mont. It's been serviced by the right people and has had light use. I hate the clutch on the 05 4rt. Especially in streams. I find I have to slip the clutch because it feels like the bike wants to run away soon as I release pressure from the lever. That added on top of the hyper sensitive steering it makes riding the bike a handful. However blatting through the woods on trails it's awesome. But overall I find it much more difficult to ride than my old 2006 sherco 290 and I've always wanted a gasgas (never owned one) so it's time to try one.
  6. I've got a 2005 montesa 4rt. I find the 05 mont hyper sensitive on the front, the clutch is like a switch, the engine breaking on this particular year is very harsh and the suspension isn't as plush as a lot of the 2ts feel which makes the bike feel heavy. I've tried to give the bike a chance but it's not for me. I'm looking at getting a 2013 250 txt pro once I've sold the mont. What are they like? Any particular things to look out for?
  7. gaz12349

    4rt engine work

    Thanks. Just had a look at some of the other posts regarding the timing chain tensioner. Certainly something I'm going to check. It would be nice to replace it with a manual one and cure the mild knock. I change the oils and filter every 15 hours. However using the ELF HTX 740 in the gearbox is getting expensive!
  8. gaz12349

    4rt engine work

    It seems to have a very very mild knock on idle. I can't locate where it is. Doesn't sound like the valve clearances however I don't adjust them as often as I should. Other than that the engine performs great. Plenty of power for me.
  9. gaz12349

    4rt engine work

    Have any 4rt owners done any internal engine work on the 4rt? Reason I ask, I've got a 2005 4rt (first batch off the production line frame number low 900s) and I have no history of any internal engine work done. In my ownership I've followed the book and replaced the oils and filter every 15 hours using the recommended oils. The book says the piston is to be changed every year however this could be the original piston for all I know. The bike runs great and pulls well. Is it worth the rather large expensive of rebuilding it? I'm not concerned about the labour as I'd carry out the work myself however the parts add up to quite a lot.
  10. A loose valve would mince the engine....
  11. Have a look at the coil pack. Had exact same problem with my 2005 4rt. Turned out to be the wires on the coil pack. I relocated the coil pack to under the fuel tank instead of the side of the frame. Just a thought. Odd for a bike that's less than a year old though...
  12. I have that master cylinder on my bike (or very similar) and it's the only one I've not had to service and million times unlike the AJP. Shame They don't make a rear brake master cylinder that fits the 4rt as mine has recently decided to leak from every possible exit.
  13. Check the nose weight on the car you're using. Most little cars are around 50kg so technically it's not legal but you'd have to get pulled by a police officer on a bad day for them to actually choose action I'd imagine. Just take in to consideration a trial bike on the rack and all the gear loaded in the back will increase the chance of understeer while driving. So just take your time when driving with a bike on the back in a little car. You should be fine though.
  14. Do not take a hammer to the clutch plates....... Jeez. You can buy a new dimpled set for like £30. Mine has the dimpled clutch plates, the correct ELF HTX transmission oil and new seals In the AJP master cylinder. 315 master cylinder makes no difference. The bore/diamiter of the plunger is the same as the 4rt master cylinder so you are gaining nothing. No increase in pressure etc. I can always get it into neutral with ease while it's running. My clutch is quite switchy but I've just accepted I have to get use to it. Can't think of anything else to cure it. The engine breaking doesn't help matters either.
  15. This is all the mont needs to fix the clutch problem.
  16. The whole basket takes out so it's a simple process. Recently done mine as I had to change the kickstart return spring (along with a complete rebuild of the bike, thread/pics coming soon). Make sure the area you're working in is clean. Lay it down on a clean towel and go through the plates one by one. Insect/clean etc. I'd recommend the dimpled clutch plate set and using the recommended Elf gear oil. When you put it back together make sure to use a new gasket and make sure the surface area is clean and flush before fitting. Check the seal on the master cylinder too and make sure that's all good.
  17. Could you please explain why the 315 reservoir/master cylinder works better? I've seen this a few times on various treads. I know it holds more fluid however the plunger diameter/bore is the same so it won't be causing anymore pressure than the standard AJP one will. I just can't see how it will make a difference. I also read a thread on another forum called "improving the 2005 Montesa 4rt" and they fitted the 315 master cylinder then went on to say it was an unnecessary mod as it made no difference at all. No having a go I'd just like to know your opinion on the subject. Cheers, Gaz.
  18. Just curious to the differences throughout the years.
  19. Surely that will pull water into the transmission?
  20. Hi Jimmy. Do you have a filter on either of the head breather pipe or the transmission breather pipe? I'm currently rebuilding my 2005 4rt and noticed the strage tank is missing and both pipes were just up at the headstock above the radiator.
  21. Thanks for the clear information. I've been rebuilding the bike completely, I replaced the old airbox drain cap with a sherco one as the old one went rock hard. Im almost finished building the bike I just noticed it was missing this strage tank and the pipes where just left up at the headstock. I'll have to order a strage tank. I'm guessing the transmission breather goes into the strage tank too?
  22. Hi all. I'd like some advice on the breather system on my 2005 4rt. The previous owner must have binned off the white plastic catch tank thats fitted under the headstock. He's relocated the pipe from the left hand side of the cylinder head to the airbox. Theirs another pipe going from the right hand side of the cylinder head to the injector and a transmission breather that is just pointing down where the swing arm and rear shock is. It doesn't quite look correct to me. How should it be set up as i can't find much info on it in the manual. Cheers, Gaz.
  23. http://www.handdracing.co.uk/ as stated in the post. This is where they came from.
  24. If you know anyone who owns one then I'd recommend riding it for a full day but take the 315 as well so you can see for yourself what they're like side by side. That's the only way you are going to know what's the best option for you.
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