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  1. No disrespect taken, Always good to have competition though and the more brands the more the sport will grow... More bums on seats as they say. I believe very strongly in my product.. I wouldn't have stepped back into this importing game if I did not.
  2. sandifords

    montesa 311 315

    Hi, I can supply a photocopy of the original manual for
  3. 10w is the norm. Best regards, Caroline
  4. Hi Everyone, very excited about my new Mecatecno project - have a look at my website for the latest information.

  5. Hi, take a look at my site - type in the word HM - as I have long range seats and tanks available for Cota 315's and 4RT's www.jimsandiford.co.uk Regards, Caroline
  6. Absolutely NOTHING to do with what club the riders concerned rode for or whom the result affected. We received two objections (one officially) and the decision was left to the ACU Steward (NOT THE CLUB). There is a massive amount of work goes into this Trial (as with all such events) but also a great deal of emotion still and always associated with Chris's memory. Aside from the protest and exclusion from the results of the riders concerned (absolutely not at the wish of the Club or of Maragret Carter as Secretary) the event was once again an outstanding success bathed in brilliant sunshine all day. Thanks to all concerned. Caroline
  7. It's brilliant news. I've seen the bike (SSDT Centenary replica) and it looks fab. He'll really enjoy the week I'm sure. 5 weeks and counting !! Caroline
  8. Hi, Caroline @ Jim Sandiford Imports Ltd.. Montesa Specialists.. Knowledge Expertise and Committment since 1967.

  9. Hi, Should be fine in situ. Give me a ring if you have any problems. Regards, Caroline
  10. Well said Jake !!! .... and as one involved in this Industry and Sport for a long time as well (and my youthful looks disguise that also !!) I'm considering the event as a "WHOLE" weekend of Entertainment watching not only the World's best riders BUT now with the "GENIUS" of "KICKSTART" on the Friday I simply can't wait. Well worth the journey to a fabulous location - EVERYONE involved deserves a huge pat on the back (and that's before we've even got there). Bring it on !!!
  11. Each key specific to the lock I'm afraid. Regards, Caroline
  12. Mark, Can you give me a bell .. Thankyou. 01706 230396. I'm in process of converting to pdf, but you may be able to help me there. Thanks, Caroline
  13. sandifords

    Cota 311 1992

    Give me a call : 01706 230396 Regards. Caroline
  14. I'll get something organised in next couple of days and email you and let you know. Looking forward to it... should be good. Caroline
  15. Give me a bell : 01706 230396 or drop me an email : sales@jimsandiford.co.uk And I'll advise correct details. Regards, Caroline
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