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  1. It's a seagoing saying referring to those who live in the country 'East of Suez'
  2. An eloquent put down of the league of imps, pimps and banjo players that make up the usual suspects
  3. http://www.tenerifetrial.es/ pero hay que saber espa
  4. A name that will be familiar to the older generation, quite a lengthy obituary in today's Torygraph here http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries...ga-Kevelos.html
  5. Allan Adamson finished The Scott last Saturday on his 162, 'nuff said!!
  6. Avoid Iris chains, my mate had 2 sideplate links fracture through the pinhole on his 290
  7. Really enjoyed the trial. Sunday afternoon's sections were brilliant, as well as the fantastic ride up Snubby's Glen to reach the sections there. Only neg feedback I would give is that quite a few of the sections had very tight turns for no-stop rules.
  8. Rubber insertion jointing (gasket material) is what you're looking for, it has a thread through it to make it strong. Without the thread it is probably known as neoprene. You'll be struggling to find it at 2mtr wide, it usually comes in rolls about 1.3 / 1.4mtr wide. Try here: http://www.ibhs.co.uk/prodtype.asp?PT_ID=8...PageHistory=cat
  9. Maybe something to do with the petrol leaking from the Rev 3 carb when stopped. Beleive it or not, I was once told by Lampkins that 'they are designed to do that'.
  10. Try here, someone might be able to help: http://www.sidecartrials.com/links.htm
  11. Dibs, barring arithmetical time errors like on Saturday '06 - doh!
  12. Or sell it and buy a Scorpa.....
  13. Looks like Bob Wright m/c's in Somerset has bought the NOS stuff from the US that was on ebay. Bound to be some scarce stuff in there.
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