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  1. in my rev 3 I put 80 mil to 5ltr of petrol
  2. you can get collapsible trailers take wheels an axle off so it will go in a shed . I think dave cooper make some
  3. on the acu web site all clubs are listed .just had a look and on the red rose link all working fine
  4. dabado64

    Petrol switch

    i think its a little arrow on the tap point to back of bike is off. strait up is on. to the front for reserve .thats on my 04
  5. Hi ToneB GWENT classic mcc got a trial 22nd april at cottage farm rockfield monmouth . only do one route and its like sportsman class.so nothing to hard you can just turn up pay and ride.some other local trials are on welsh trials.com
  6. hi im not sure of post code it is sign posted from between mcdonalds roundabout and pontypool roundabout they also got a facebook page trial starts at 1030
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