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  1. Have you tried Mountain motorcycle? or Cascade Motorsports? Both are in BC (vancouver area) Or even The Honda Centre in Burnaby...
  2. My question is , does it matter which ATF? Is there a preferred ATF brand? I have an older Beta Rev3 250 2001 and would like to change the oil, but I see too many choices of ATF on the shelves, so I really don't know what to buy
  3. Like I said: "Discrepancies", but if it helps at all....Great! I plan on tracing out my wiring early spring, in order to compare it with those diagrams. They've been the only ones I've found so far though. Well, I do have the super blurry ones in the pdf manual I have...pretty much useless unfortunately Maybe it would be worth making a Beta rev 3 wiring thread, get people to contribute whatever wiring diagrams they have or amend them based on actual checking/testing.
  4. I just posted some wiring diagram stuff on this thread: https://www.trialscentral.com/forums/topic/62452-rev-3-00-02-wiring-please-help/?tab=comments#comment-482642 One pic is clear , one a touch blurry, and a pdf on wiring, not sure of the accuracy as there seems to be some discrepancies in the various wiring diagrams out there.
  5. I have a couple diagrams ,one clear, one a touch blurry, haven't checked yet to see if it's correct with regards to my 2001 rev 250, It seems there is some discrepancy in the various wiring schemes. Here's the pics, I also have a pdf on Beta rev wiring, not sure if I can post that here though Beta_wiring.pdf
  6. ahh_me2

    Petrol switch

    My 2001 is as above ,towards back-off, up-main, front-reserve
  7. ahh_me2


    Looks good!
  8. I'm probably going to be looking to upgrade my bike come spring, and as Michael_t above has mentioned, there are very few bikes available in the used market in Canada here. Now, if I was looking at purchasing a $5000 Can used bike, while I'm sure come spring there will be more than 20 or so up on kijiji, at $5600 new for a TW, it has certainly grabbed my attention. My concern, that I've yet to see addressed with the TW, is the resale value of it as a one or two year old bike. A $5000 used "brand" name bike will most likely hold it's value for a few years, will the TW? We can only speculate, as it depends how many are sold in Canada, how they hold up, the reputation that they will have acquired in the first few years, parts availability and the list goes on... All I can do is watch with interest at this point, and hope they maybe send one out west to be demo'd or something. From everything I have seen, they do look good, but only time will tell how they perform and hold up.
  9. ahh_me2

    Dunlop 803 or 803GP?

    Yeah, haven't figured out how to read the tire date code on this one though, I have it here at my work, I'll go look again
  10. Does anyone know what the actual difference is between the 803 and 803GP? Both are trials tires(rear), but as far as I can tell the 803 is simply the older version?
  11. I'm pretty sure he can get more of them, at the time I ordered mine he said he needed a few days to bring one in. He's a well known Trials dealer for over 30 years.... Outlaw Dave http://www.outlawtrials.com/ Not sure if you have a different plastic, I think you have the upside down forks?
  12. My 2001 didn't have a front disc guard when I got it. Recently ordered ordered one and I was surprised as it was only like $19.00 Can
  13. Your bike sounds a lot like mine, I just bought my 2001 Rev 3 back in August, and when I went to see it the seller said:"Take it for a spin!" So I straddled it, looked down in horror at the left hand kick start and proceeded to wear myself out over the next 5 minutes kicking it, without it even coming close to starting. Feeling like a fool, i asked the seller to start it for me, it took him about 4 kicks. Bought the bike and took it home. Figuring I needed some help to start it, I looked around the acreage and saw a few stumps that looked like they might make a decent bike stand. Pushed it up onto the stand, now I was able to stand on both pegs without worrying about balancing. I could now jump up and fall while kicking through with my left leg, lo and behold, it started on the second kick. Since then I use that technique when the engine is cold, when it is warm I simply lean the bike over and push through with my leg and it starts first kick. I still can't start it cold unless it's on the stand, and so today, just for a lark, since it hasn't run in a couple weeks due to the cold weather here,, I pulled it out, set it on the stand, and it started on the second kick (32F outside). As a right leg kick starter all my life, I have to use a stand to get the proper speed and power into the kick to start it with my left leg. Anyway, good luck on it! I'm really enjoying my bike now....
  14. ahh_me2

    250 Rev3

    There is a wiring diagram in this pdf, it's hard to read, but maybe if it was printed out it might be more legible Beta REV3_inglese.pdf
  15. ahh_me2

    250 Rev3

    Risers have been long gone, this was a pic when I brought the bike home!
  16. ahh_me2

    250 Rev3

    Hmm, that's odd, I don't see the side access cover. 2002 should be side airbox, pretty sure it wasn't until 2003 they moved it to the top Here's a pic of mine with the airbox cover in the yellow circle Have you removed the mudguard/fender to see exactly where the airbox is?
  17. ahh_me2

    250 Rev3

    As for your other question, what year it is , I use this link for reference: https://www.betausa.com/content/trial-model-history Yours looks more like a 2002 Is your airbox on the side? Bear in mind the color test isn't always accurate as people may have replaced the plastic with different year/color Can you post a pic from the other side of the bike? we would see the side air box cover if so
  18. ahh_me2

    250 Rev3

    Most advice is to run the handlebars so the grips are in line with fork tubes. Look at the pic and set them inline with the yellow line I added. Moving the bars forward or rearward affects the handling in different ways
  19. Thanks! I was worried they were maybe euphemisms for "whiskey throttle"
  20. Yeah, the twisting the tube less is what I am after, or at least I think that's what I'm after! lol I'll have to try it out I guess.
  21. Thanks for the offer! Since I needed a few odds and ends anyway, I put in an order with Outlaw Dave and he has the white tubes in stock. What part of Quebec you in? I lived all over the province from 70-82
  22. Ok...I have no idea what you just said lol Thanks for the carb mod info though!
  23. If I could buy one locally, I would do as you all say. They are about $30 Canadian plus shipping from the closest supplier. Might have to add one to whenever I order next then... Thanks!
  24. Hi all, Just wondering how much of a difference there is between a slow and fast throttle tube? I have a Beta Rev 250 (2001) with the black(slow) tube and have been debating whether I should move up to the white one. Thanks!
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