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  1. thanks chaps, i did some reaseacrh and found that indeed i need a closed circuit type, new oset's use these but as ours is so old it will need that type, i have now found one so once it arrives i can sort it. did not know there were even 2 types until today!
  2. hi all just tried fitting a lanyard to my grandsons 2007 oset 16 bike. it needs one for youth trials and as it is an old bike it seems it is not a simple matter of fit and go. i have an apico lanyard here and after taking the seat off discovred 2 red wires coming from the switch that have been fitted to it as they are not standard. i have tried using the lanyard using the red wires and when the 2 red wires are joined the motor is fine, when separated it stops, all well and good, when i add in the lanyard the motor will only work when the lanyard magnet is disconected, ie as if the rider has fallen off, the reverse of what should happen? any ideas? thanks in advance
  3. i put a honda xl185 front wheel in mine it fits quite well but you will need the back plate from the brakes as they are bigger brakes it still made no real difference to my brakes they are still rubbish
  4. the casing from an xl or xr are not the same as the tlr one is more like the shape of the inside components, but it may fit as the moulding holes ect are the same, i have all 3 of them and there are differences but i think the tlr one is just a little more shaped, the only difference between an xl and xr one is tha xr one is blanked off where the rev counter goes, but it is easy to seal up the hole on an xl one. i had my xr 200 clutch casing welded as it was leaking where someone had tried to tighten it down without the clutch being right and just snapped off the botteom hole. but i am in the uk not far from a specialist welder!
  5. what a brrilliant site, great info have you tried a chinese piston/rings there are a load about and some sites even give dimensions ect. good luck
  6. excellent bit of work, looks realy neat and tidy i built myself a honda xl engined trials bike in 2000, and it served me well for 6-7 years. very good engines for classic trials, but the clutch can be a bit jerky, but reliable and easy to fix.
  7. i have an xl 185 front wheel, which has the same shoes as a 250, fitted to mine and its still rubbish, yet on the other bike the brakes were better somehow.
  8. welcome to the world of tlr's mine has rubbish brakes and i have tried lots of remidies, non have worked so far. so i dont use them much, just engine braking, which in the area where i ride it =is possible to gat away with it good luck.
  9. hondanut

    tlr200 kick start

    i have had exactly the same thing on my xl185, there could be 2 things:- the return spring is damaged or broken or the kick start gears are damaged and jaming. the first one is quite an easy fix, the second could be expensive as if the kick gears go too far they can make a hole in the inner casing. i totaled up my damage and it came to over
  10. hi, thanks for the feedback, i am not riding tomorow, i am getting the enduro bikes ready for an enduro practice day in glos on sunday, i would like to have ridden at lambs lair as i always do well in the mud, but sadly not enough time. shaun
  11. after 1 year of building and 10 years of ownership and development i have decided to sell the green trials special. those who trial in the somerset area of england may have seen it at some trials, especialy bath and somerton club ones. sadly it does not look like this anymore, and i rarely get to use it and it is in need of more work and money, so it went on ebay recently. the chap buying it hopes to do some work on it and use it in classic trials. the frame is 70's ossa mar, engine is honda xl 185, forks are xl 125 monoshock, wheels are honda xl, tank is now from a fantic, with aftermarket plastics ect. i wonder how it will look in another 10 years. sad to see it go, but running out of room, and my tlr200 is not used as much as it could be. so keep an eye out for it in the midlands centre area.
  12. could be the tlr perenial problem of a flooded float, they do seem to suffer from it, my tlr floods on its stand every now and then, but my mates was like a tap, he managed to seal the hole up, if you take the carb apart, the flaot should sound like the fuel is sloshing about in it whan shaken. you can seal them, but a new one is better, if you can find one. good luck.
  13. just trace the wires for the lights ect back, and if you just disconect them it will be ok, the cdi does not require a battery to run, so about 1/2 hour should see it done. it is quite easy to do, unless someone has mucked about with it
  14. i have used all different makes of shoe on my tlr, as well as cable, cams, even a differnet wheel and its still rubbish, so i now hardly ever use the brakes, my xl 185 however has quite good brakes for a twinshock i do sometimes compete against a chap, (in the s-west) who has a disc conversion on a tlr, but aparently it was an early 80's conversion available.
  15. just remove the gear lever, and put it direct onto the shaft out of the gear box, (after removing the linkage), the shaft size is the same, so it should go straight on.
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