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  1. motomofo1


    I've owned a 300 4T, and 290/300 2Ts... the 4T got much better fuel economy than the 2T Evos. My only real complaint about the 4T was that on hot days, the fuel would boil in the fuel tank.
  2. What elevation are you at?
  3. Was it losing water from underneath the water pump housing? When the impeller seal and shaft wear, coolant runs out of the weep hole down the outside of the cylinder.
  4. Yes, pay close attention to the water pump seal and the impeller shaft. I thought mine had blown a head gasket, but then realized the bottom of the water pump had a weep hole. None of the "experts" on this engine in the US seemed to know anything about that when my problem originally developed, though. All told me to replace the head gasket.
  5. The frame issues developed under the fuel tank, near the cylinder head mount. They did indeed start leaking fuel when problems arose. It's easy to tell if you have an early '09 frame or a replacement by the placement of the gas cap. If the gas cap is centered in the middle of the frame (when on the bike, looking down at it), it's an updated frame. The old, older ones that had cracking issues had the gap offset to one side (left side, if I remember correctly). Keep your eyes on the bottom of the swingarm, where the linkage attaches. Hard to tell on my phone screen, but I've seen plenty of aluminum welds on motorcycle frames that look like they are cracked on the edge, but aren't.
  6. motomofo1


    It's light because it is well engineered. There's nothing "cheap" about the TRS' quality. Fantastic motorcycle.
  7. motomofo1


    Clutch pull on the TRS I've ridden was absolutely fantastic. Very light, and the clutch had a great feel. As good or better than the clutch on my Gas Gas, and much better than any Sherco or Beta clutch I've experienced.
  8. motomofo1

    Trs Clutch Effort

    There must be something wrong with it.
  9. motomofo1

    Trs Clutch Effort

    I've heard rumors of the clutch pull being heavy on the TRS, but the one my buddy bought has a nice, light clutch feel, similar to a GG. Definitely lighter than any Beta I ever owned.
  10. motomofo1

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    Got to ride one yesterday. I'd heard to expect the clutch pull to be slightly heavy, but on this particular bike it was no worse than on a GG (meaning: very light). Fantastic bike, really leaning towards buying one myself.
  11. The 300RR is a huge improvement over the 250 (haven't tried a 260). Motor is awesome, and the suspension is fantastic. I liked it way more than I expected, and will seriously consider one as my next bike (current ride is a GG 300 Factory Replica).
  12. Ride report, please! Would love to hear more about how these compare/differ from the 260.
  13. motomofo1

    Ossa Future

    Makes me laugh when the Ossa riders blame GG for the brand's demise. If GG hadn't taken them on, Ossa would've simply died earlier.
  14. What year model is your bike? I remember the kickstand mounts changed mid year in 2009 when Beta updated their swingarm design. Popping on deceleration is a lean condition and can usually be corrected by turning the fuel screw out,
  15. motomofo1

    300 4T

    Really, the Beta 4T is probably the easiest trials bike to start. I've seen someone start one with their hand.
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