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  1. Thanks. I no longer compete so my riding consists of riding for no more than 5 mins at a time then stop for 5 then ride again and so on. It is typical low revs trials 1st and 2nd gear with blips of throttle. It will be interesting to see what difference 1 grade hotter plugs makes.
  2. Will fit a br6es then and try that. My plug is exactly like the plug in the photo where the heat range is too high. One step down on the plug with all other variables such as fuel and carb kept the same will be an interesting experiment.
  3. Surely hotter the plug leaving less carbon on the plug will ultimately effect and improve combination?
  4. I have tried everything to get my 2012 beta Evo 125 running well and I'm almost there. I'm just wondering if I need a hotter plug. My plug is always carbonised. It is dry black not oily wet. My previous evos all had perfect colour plugs and we're light tan whenever I checked them. Im now running 80:1 Castrol power 1 fully synthetic. Air screw is 2.5 turns out. Exhaust and silencer fully decarbonized, carb standard setting and air filter spotless. I run 99 octane petrol. My current plug is a ngk Br7es. I understand the higher the number the colder the plug with ngk. So I'm tempted to drop to br6es. I'm in the UK so it's seldom warm. Does anybody think a hotter plug will help it burn better and not carbonize ?
  5. Thanks for the informative response. I can see the benefits of reversing the bushes too now that you have mentioned it. I will do that the next time I pull them apart. It really was a fiddly little job.
  6. Just spent a few hours stripping down swing arm, suspension and linkages to regrease. All bearings looked fine so used a good quality grease and reassembled. I was just wondering if it matters what orientation the bushes have to go back. Obviously one side is longer than the other. I'm pretty sure I put them all back with the wide sided bush on the outside and thinner bush on the inside. Would it matter if I have got them the other way round. I only noticed they should go back in a certain way when I looked at the beta parts diagram today. I would rather not have to take it all apart again to check if it doesn't matter.
  7. Update for anybody interested. Took the bike out yesterday. First time out since exhaust decoked and silencer repacked. Running on 80:1. I reset the air screw too and altered the idle screw to what sounded best to my limited hearing. What a difference. Loads more power and the increased revs on an incline have all but disappeared. It must have been so choked up. Although I ordered new float and throttle cable I haven't fitted them yet as the bike seems to be running so sweetly. Thanks for everybody's input.
  8. I've just ordered a new float, float valve and throttle cable. I think it's worth a punt to sort it out !!
  9. Im going to re-examine the floats again this weekend. I will check them as described in picture 2 of that link rather than picture 3 as I did. It's worth a look.
  10. Thanks for the oil info. I may lean mine out. Just mixed 5 litres at 50:1 with some in bike already so I will measure out remaining fuel in can and recalculate. Although I agree there should always be some play in the throttle cable. I can't see how not having it would affect the revs on an incline. The geometry of the bike is not being altered and nothing is being pressed or squeezed. Even when on a paddack stand and I manipulate the incline the revs increase. The cable looks standard into a standard beta throttle housing. However for the sake of £15 it is well worth trying a new throttle cable. I will measure out my cable when I remove carb to do float check and compare length to new one.
  11. No there is zero play on my cable. Revs do not increase however whatever position my handlebar is put in on either side of the opposite locks. No adjustments are possible to loosen and increase throttle cable play as all adjusters on throttle, cable and carb are round right in. No I don't pull throttle to seat it before starting. I will try it though thanks. Any opinion on Castrol power 1 racing fuel mix ratio ? Container says no leaner than 50:1.
  12. Thanks for the info. I meant parallel not horizontal. However I had also set my floats like picture 3 rather than 2. Could be worth a look. Thanks
  13. It happens when in neutral. I don't tend to notice it when I'm riding. I had been using putolene strawberry but had been recommended the Castrol so I thought I'd give it a go.
  14. Hi there. My bikes revs dramatically increase when bike is on an incline (front higher than rear). Even an incline as little as 10 %. I've checked floats and they are set properly and appear to cut off when perfectly horizontal. This has been a long running occurance. This weekend I have stripped and cleaned carb, decoked front pipe, cleaned and repacked silencer, cleaned air filter, new plug and changed premix to Castrol power 1 racing. Running 50:1. I'm going to have a play with the air screw and get that set properly as I think it's running rich. Any idea what could be causing this ? Obviously it was like this before I carried out the weekend maintenance. I just wanted to check everything was clean and functioning before I started looking for a reason for this increase in revs. I find if I stop for any reason on an incline I have to kill the engine as the revs pick up so much it annoys me. Bike runs perfectly albeit a blackish plug.
  15. Yes I may go down the adjustable route. I'll measure the nut tonight.
  16. Could someone please advise me what size c spanner i need for the steering head nut below the top triple clamp? My shock c spanner is too big. Thanks.
  17. Sorry I didn't make any record of the vin plates. For the record though, my Rtx was a direct replacement for my aging Yamaha ty175 which I had had since a schoolboy. I felt as a pure trials bike it rode a lot better than the ty175 however I was always worried about the longevity of the engine. It certainly didn't feel like a 88kg bike to ride. It felt lighter. The modern plastics were very aesthetically pleasing and complimented the all in one seat / tank unit. I know they were planning on bringing out a mono shock version. Did it ever go into production?
  18. This is me on my Rtx 125 in 1998. Excuse the photo quality as it is a photo of a photo. For some reason my dad developed the photo in black and white. The bike was red with chrome frame and yellow rtx logo. I hope this helps.
  19. I had a new rtx 125 back in 1998. It cost £999 new and I'm sure I bought it from a company called 'off road uk'. It rode ok but the fibreglass plastics were unforgiving to impacts. The frame was chromed and quite attractive. I remember the steel rims and drum brakes. There was also some odd adjuster on the clutch casing which kept coming loose. There were a few articles in tmx when it was launched. It was a fun and cheap bike. I have a few photos of me riding it that my dad took. Mine was red.
  20. Thanks for replying. Yes the pod k8 braces look a good bit of kit. I decided to order the mobius x8 in the end. Managed to get them for £373 so pleased with the price. I'm hoping they do the job. What persuaded me to buy them was the wire system which tightens the brace behind the patella. Very unique as most braces only attach above and below the knee cap with straps. Time will tell how they perform.
  21. Hi there. I've worn a donjoy armour knee brace on my left leg following a trials crash ten years ago leading to me having ACL and MCL reconstruction. The brace is very effective at protecting ligaments but doesn't protect my knee cap or shin area. You can buy an add on guard which would do this but they are expensive and would still leave my right leg totally unprotected. I recently planted my right knee and tibia on a rock and luckily escaped with mild swelling and bruising but it made me think about further protection. I don't want to be on an operating table again. I don't compete anymore and simply ride for fun so not worried particularly about bulkiness. I've been looking at the Motocross knee braces as they also act as a knee cap and shin guard. I'm looking at buying a pair of mobius x8 knee braces. They have good reviews. Has anybody here used them or something similar ?
  22. I had the Dave cooper van rack on my Freelander 2. Worked well. The van rack has a longer square box section coming out from the bracket which is housed on the towbar. I use the same rack on my Peugeot Boxer van now. Very well made.
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