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  1. Thanks for that. Jitsie adjuster is new so will check that. What is the standard needle position (counted from the top)?
  2. My 2012 beta Evo 125 seems to idle a bit erratically at times. Filter is regularly cleaned, carb recently cleaned, plug is new, jitsie idle adjuster fitted, air screw 2 turns out. Basically when cold it idles fast which I would expect then after it warms up idles well and appropriately. Then all of a sudden it starts idling a bit faster then after a bit of a ride the idle goes very slow to the point it dies. I often find it stalls and I'm convinced it has a bit of a bog from closed throttle to open. Could this be the idle jet ? It then seems to change from idling perfectly, to idling fast or dieing. The plug br7es is new and I often find my plug is carbonised but not oily wet. Any ideas what could be causing this idling ? Could it be the floats need a fiddle with ? Float height adjustment seems a bit of a black art to me. Does anybody have a recommendation for the needle clip position. I ride at normal altitude in the UK.
  3. I will bear that in mind. Certainly when I bought the bike it ran with a text book tan colour plug. However since I stripped and rebuilt the carb and sorted out the cold engine bogging it is now black. I'll see what it's like after my next ride at 2 turns out.
  4. Hi there. I noticed a few black drops on my garage floor. Thought it was transmission oil at first but when I sniffed it I realised it was exhaust gunk. Thought it would be coming from where the front pipe meets the silencer but when I looked the underside of the silencer had a small covering of black gunk on it and some had dropped on the floor. I cleaned up the area and fired up the bike to see where it was coming from as I couldn't see a hole. Eventually a tiny drop formed and got bigger. The hole must be tiny and must be a pin hole. Can't see any crack. Ive just got the packing to repack the silencer and I was wondering how I could fix the hole without getting it TIG welded. I was thinking about drilling a 2mm hole where the pin hole is and neatly plug it with JB weld. It could then be sanded flush. Do people think this would work ? It's not a particularly hot part of the exhaust system. Oddly no gases seem to be coming out if it. Ive also leaned out the air screw a bit. It was 1.5 turns out and I've now moved it to 2 out. Plug was blackish too. This area is probably the lowest point of the silencer to likely to pool with gunk if over rich I guess. I've included a photo of area.
  5. I've recently bought a bike 'blind' without seeing it. Never done it before but Welsh lockdown meant we couldn't leave Wales and bike was in Yorkshire. Thankfully it was perfect and as described but it did cross my mind what I would do if when delivered it was a dog of a bike. Descriptions of bikes are very subjective and what I interpret as clean and little used may be vastly different from the next person. I think try and remedy it yourself. Maybe it's just a simple thing like the carb or blocked tank breather. If all the usual suspects fail to resolve the situation contact the dealer and ask for advice. He may be able to suggest something else to fix it or assist you in any parts needed. If this can be done at distance then even better as a courier to transport a bike back will be £100. I hope you get it sorted and it's something simple.
  6. Hi there. I've always been wary using wd40 on my bike. Im sure it can swell rubber. I use gt85 with straw attachment for accuracy after I've washed the bike to displace any water. I remove flywheel cover. Fire bike up. Let it run for ten mins. Spray gt85 over engine area once engine cool enough. I then spray chain and linkage area. Avoid all brakes obviously. It leaves a nice sheen on plastics too. This has worked for me.
  7. I've got a 2012 bets evo 125. I'm 90kg. Had always ridden 250's until I retired due to injury six years ago. Wanted a little used bike to ride again at my local practice area. My bike came up and it had clearly never been trialed. Not a scratch on it. None of the usual signs of abuse for a bike costing £2500. I thought the 125 would not be enough for me but it has been perfect. Plenty of power. I've just got used to revving it a bit more. Remember how able these little bikes can be with the top schoolboys riding them in the British championships !! I haven't regretted my purchase at all. It's been a great buy.
  8. Hi there. I just couldn't adjust the tickover of my carb. Realised the old plastic tick over screw was seized solid. Is this s common fault. Looking at how little used the bike is I reckon the carb gas never been removed before I took oenership. Removed carb and tried to screw it out but the plastic piece just sheared off. I carefully drilled it out then ran a tap (or is it a dye) down it to clear the thread. I was going to replace it anyway with a dab products tick over screw. It threads in perfectly but the thread doesn't seem tight. I'm hoping I haven't damaged the delicate M5 thread but I was careful. I'm guessing i need to refit the spring to give it some tension. Is this right ? I'm surprised there is no o ring. The dab products screw came with no spring. Does the thread give it it's air tightness ? Also the air screw had no o ring either. Is this normal ?
  9. My new to me beta 125 boggs like crazy on start up. It acts like the engine is not warmed up despite it running / idling for 5 mins. It revs fine stationary then when you try and ride off it boggs. It nearly dies it boggs so much. This goes on for another 5 minutes then it just clears and runs perfectly for the rest of the session. This happens every time I have ridden it. Air screw is 2.5 turns out. I notice on a cold start up, having the choke clicked on makes it rev far too high for a cold engine and I have to feather the choke without clicking it fully on to get it to run for the first minute. Then it idles ok. I have cleaned out the bowl and lower section of the carb with compressed air a few weeks ago. Any ideas ? Is the choke adjustable or should I adjust the air screw ? Fuel cap pipe is not blocked.
  10. Wheel building is a black art and few can do it properly. Measurements should have been taken before old spokes removed to ascertain position of wheel and bias to left and right. Your wheel builder will be able to pull it back quite easily as the spokes are nice and new thus bringing it more midline to the desired position. The same thing happened to me when restoring a Montesa. Mine was 5mm out. I had to return wheel to builder. It is a quick fix for someone who knows what they are doing. Hope you get it sorted.
  11. I had a look on the bike and I could feed the pipe inside the frame for s bit more protection. However I would have to shorten it quite a bit as the void doesn't go all the way up to the fuel cap. Shortening this shouldn't affect carburetion should it ?
  12. Many thanks for your detailed response. Very helpful. I will have a look on my bike later and see if I can route it through the frame. Otherwise I will get a petrol cap vent. Gaz
  13. On my beta evo 125 2012 one of my carb breather pipes goes vertically upwards and terminates near the fuel cap under a plastic shroud which houses electrics and the throttle cable. Should this be going in this direction or should it terminate near the swingarm like the other carb pipes. Or is this a breather pipe a d the others are overflow pipes. With the pipe running down to the carb it just seems like water could be drawn in when I wash it. Any ideas ? I've just had to strip the carb after washing the bike for the first time. Bike is new to me.
  14. Just done that. Put compressed air through it. No obvious muck in the bowl but it is now running really well. I'm convinced it was my over zealous jet washing that caused it as it ran great until I washed it. I notice one of the pink breather pipes nearest the choke runs vertically upwards and follows the direction of the throttle cable towards and terminating by the fuel cap under a plastic cover. Is this the normal route if such a pipe or should it go the other way and terminate near the swing arm like all the others. It just seems vulnerable to water ingress.
  15. Just bought a 2012 125 beta evo. Took delivery of it yesterday. Fired it up in the garage and it ran sweetly. Was very pleased. Gave it a good wash yesterday to make it perfect. Tried starting it after wash and it just kept bogging when choke off. After a while it started to run ok. Thought it must have just been wet somewhere . Then today I fired it up again today. Same again. Starts with choke on but revs are very high with it on. With no choke it dies if you open throttle and just about idles with no throttle. Any ideas ? I've just put in new fuel and a new plug to rule them out. The original plug was very black. Am I going down the pulling carb apart route ? Also is the air screw that tiny flat head screw on the kickstart side?
  16. Thanks for the response. Think you've missed my point though. I'm not interested in a 2021 model. I was wondering if when the 2021 model hits the market if there will be a few left over new 2020 bikes at a reduced rate? Back in 2012 I bought a new 2011 beta evo when the 2012 came out. Got it for £4000 instead of £4600.
  17. Hi there. I'm coming back to trials after a 6 year break. Cannot believe the cost of used bikes now. What happened? I've had four stroke trials bikes before as well as two and am considering a new 2020 Montesa 260rt. Mainly due to the Honda 6.9% interest rate which would suit me. It's £5999. Dealer says he will throw in registration and road tax. Delivery will be £20. Couple of questions. 1. If I wait a few months will Montesa release a 2021 version of this and any left over new 2020 bikes drop in price? I think the Honda 6.9% offer ends in may. 2. Shall I try and strike a better deal? I'm not part exchanging anything. I stupidly gave away all my bits with the last bike I sold. Should no haggle for accessories? Any thoughts?
  18. Looks awesome. I cant even get my two year old son close to the balance bike I bought him let alone a motorbike. He just likes spinning the wheels instead. Maybe he'll be a mechanic !!!
  19. I'm no engineer but surely this gap will cause some degree of flexion and undue wear in the swingarm bearing on the sprocket side ?
  20. Cheers for coming back to me. Much appreciated.
  21. Thanks for that. I would appreciate you looking.
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