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  1. Thanks so much for your photos. I can't believe it fits in. Is it definitely the swb you have ? It's like a TARDIS !! Would it fit without the top bulkhead removed ? Do you just roll the bike in or does it need a lean to the side to get it in? Thanks once again for the pics .
  2. If I could see a photo from the back doors that would be great with the bike in situ. Thanks
  3. My Mrs is tiny and my son is 7 so I'm not too worried about the size of the seat. She hates being in a car with me anyway!!
  4. Do you mean you remove the upper part of the bulkhead?
  5. Thanks for the info. I would really like a 3 front seats van style type. I think the doblo only comes with two front seats.
  6. Wow. I am amazed it fits. Do you have any photos from the back ? Have you removed the bulkhead to get it in or dropped the passenger seat ? What year is your van ?
  7. Hi there. I'm currently thinking of selling our motorhome which is also my motorcycle transport. I just want a small van with 3 front seats. I've been looking at the new shape Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot partner 2019 onwards. It seems they come in a short and longer wheelbase. I was wondering if anyone has any experience and maybe photos of fitting their trials bikes in one of these vans. The long wheelbase one can probably fit a bike in straight against the side? Can you fit a bike in the short wheel base model ? I see part of the passenger seat folds forward. Can you get the front wheel through there ? Have people had to remove the bulkhead to get bikes in ? I would really appreciate some opinions and photos of bikes in situ. Thanks.
  8. Ive fitted an apico lanyard this time instead of the leonelli one. It looks like the metal disc is crimped in on the edges rather than glued so hopefully it will last longer. I jb welded the leonelli one and it never came off again.
  9. The only reason I want the kill button as well is that I found the lanyard Magnet's have a short life expectancy and quickly unbond. I've been through 2 already. Therefore the kill button would isolate engine whenever needed and the lanyard would be the rare but inevitable parting company with bike .
  10. Yes i may do that at a later date. It sounds relatively straightforward how you explained it. Thanks.
  11. I wish I had read that earlier. I've just finished fitting the lanyard kill switch on its own. I just replaced like with like. Thanks anyway.
  12. Will that not work ? My limited electric knowledge suggests the kill switch is just a on off switch so by cutting into one wire and fitting another on off switch it should work ? I would be grateful if you could tell me simply what I should do. On my current kill button I have one brown and one black wire. How should I wire in the new lanyard so that both work ?
  13. Thanks for the response. Will what I'm planning work then or not ?
  14. Hi there. Just upgraded my old 2012 Evo for a newer 2020 model. It already has a press type kill switch fitted. On my old 2012 bike I replaced the dreaded original frame mounted kill button / headlight switch unit with a lanyard type kill switch. I loved it and it saved me on many occasions when I parted company with the bike. However I constantly felt it was easier just to stall the bike rather than pull the lanyard every time I wanted to stop the engine in a non emergency setting. So on this bike I want to fit a lanyard kill switch as well as the standard kill button. I have taken a photo of the existing kill button wiring. I was planning on just cutting into the brown wire circled in the photo above the snap connector and wiring the two lanyard wires to the two newly created brown wire ends. Am I right in thinking this will work and give me a working kill button and lanyard isolator together? I have circled where I plan to cut the brown wire.
  15. Many thanks. Yes sold bike yesterday and kept them.
  16. I just wonder if the paoili seals will fit the Sachs ? I would like to save them for my new bike if they fit. Has anybody fitted them ?
  17. Hi there. I bought a fork fork seal kit, retaining clip and dust seals for my 2012 Evo 125. They are for the 38mm paoili forks. Never fitted them as I don't need them yet. I'm selling the bike and buying a 2020 Evo 300. Will these seals fit the new bike or should I sell them with the old bike? I understand the 2020 has 38mm forks but not paoili.
  18. Definitely wear them. I did my ACL, MCL and pcl simultaneously on my trials bike. I haven't competed since but still ride weekly. I now wear mobius Moto X knee braces as not only do they protect ligaments but offer good patella and upper tibial protection from impacts. I brace both my good and bad knees.
  19. Thanks for that. I emailed Roger and he kindly agreed to send them in an envelope. Great advice. Thanks. Gaz
  20. Thanks for that. Sadly USA postage for these is extortionate. But that is definitely the product I need.
  21. I think I've found the problem with the idling on my Beta Evo 125. It has always been rich on idle. I changed the 55 pilot to 52 and it dramatically improved things. Now idles ok at 1.75 turns out compared to the 3.5 on the 55 jet. But I noticed when I was cleaning out the pilot circuit prior to fitting new pilot jet that when I put carb cleaner down the pilot jet hole it fizzed out of the mating surface between the jet block and the carb body. Im thinking this will cause incorrect idling due to over richness of fuel so I want to replace the o-ring for the jet tower. Problem is nobody in the UK seems to sell the genuine part and postage plus part from the USA or Europe seems to be astronomical close to £20. Was wondering if anyone has used any of the cheap rebuild kits on eBay (see photo). I can buy one for £9.99 and all the gaskets are there. Are they any good before I waste my money and time on them ?
  22. Hi there. Yes I spoke to lampkins on Thursday and they confirmed the 55 and 130 were standard jets for my 125. My needle was on the 4rth clip down and they said to put it middle. Top end and middle run perfectly with needle in middle and 130 main jet. It just seems to not idle well at low revs unless I increase the tick over. Lampkins also recommended a bp5es plug instead of the Br7es and said to set air screw at 2.5 out. I think I may drop a size in the pilot jet and see how it performs.
  23. My beta Evo seems to idle well about 3.25 turns out on the air screw. I'm convinced it's idling rich. I seem to be turning the idle screw in so much to maintain idle I think I'm bypassing the idle circuit. I'm considering a smaller pilot jet. It currently has the standard 55 pilot jet 130 main jet and middle clip on needle. Mid and top end power is perfect so I don't want to fiddle with that end. I don't want to buy a pilot jet assortment kit but instead would just like to buy one original keihin pilot jet. I'm just wondering what size should I buy ? It seems keihin sell 52, 50, 48 and further down. How much of a difference would 52 make compared to my current 55 or will I need to get lower than a 52. Any suggestions welcomed.
  24. Well I took the bike out yesterday. With exactly the same fuel all day. First hour I ran the Br7es. Took it out to check it. Black dry carbonized plug. Then fitted the br6es and rode the bike for another hour. Removed the plug and once again black dry carbonized. Im going to try 0.25 turns out in the air screw next and see if that helps. Bike is running really well though. Maybe even adjust the needle to run leaner ?
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